The Vampire Diaries Review: Spring Breakers

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So everyone knew immediately that Elena was dreaming in the opening scene of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 16, right?

I mean, c'mon, they were having way too much fun. Also, Elena tossed her stripped off shirt to her brother and that's just...ew. Hello, hallucinations!

After three weeks of having her mind hijacked by Katherine Pierce, Elena wakes back up in her own body. Only not everything is quite as normal as she'd hoped.

As a parting gift in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15, Katherine plunged a Ripper virus/Werewolf venom cocktail into Elena's chest. Kat gives the best gifts!

Well you know Katherine. She's not about to go out without some grand finale.


So while Damon suffers in the Salvatore basement from the desire to feed off of his friends, Elena has that need plus the added bonus of hallucinations and body deterioration.

Stefan and Bonnie got Liv to do a boundary spell so Elena would be quarantined to the dorms while everyone was away on Spring Break.

It was interesting to see werewolf venom break Elena apart differently than it has everyone else. We've only seen it in the form of a bite, so normally the audience is treated with the picture of a nasty skin rash and then the rest follows.

Elena skipped all that and went straight to crazy-town. However, never fear, the Salvatore brothers will always be here.

Once again, the famous duo was tasked with saving Elena's life... even though Damon was still struggling on his own. Damon's been suffering with the Ripper virus for how many episodes now and was still not cured? Elena has it for less than one and everyone flies into action to save her ASAP.

Another day spent rescuing Elena Gilbert. Sigh.

Well, at least Enzo cared enough about Damon and has been working towards a cure. After getting trapped with the travelers, they found a way to work together, coming up with an antidote. In exchange, they needed Stefan's brain to track his remaining doppelganger. Wait -- Stefan still has ANOTHER doppelganger?

I know, I thought we were done with that storyline too...

To be honest, I really have no clue why the travelers are still around. If you have an interest in this storyline and are really truly digging it... bravo, you have a better attention span than myself.

I thought Tessa was pretty kick ass and am a fan of Janina Gavankar, but the rest of the posse really should've split when she did. At the very least ,it looks like Enzo and Caroline are off on a little road trip together and, dare I say, I agreed with Damon when he told Enzo that Caroline can't resist an accent.

Perhaps the best part of this episode was meeting Luke, who had a sob story about his boyfriend dumping him on spring break and claimed that he and Elena were friends.

Then we found out that Liv and Luke are siblings and Liv is not some newbie witch. Better than that, they know Bonnie is the anchor to the other side and apparently the group is in danger. NOW you have my attention!

Before we wrap it up, of course, Elena and Damon were cured. After all, they are the principles of this show. Damon ran to rescue her, then revealed he killed Aaron Whitmore, they fought, they broke up - and then they promptly had some sure-to-be-hot makeup sex. 

Damon: The second we're cured of this and don't wanna rip each other's heads off, I am gonna hunt you down and give you the most mind blowing night of your life.
Elena: I think I can schedule you in.

Aside from much of the lagging and repetitive storylines I will say two things for The Vampire Diaries: 

  1. It knows how to do a sex scene.
  2. Nina Dobrev killed it in this episode.

Going forward, what storyline are you the most interested in watching on TVD?

Here is your first look at The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17:


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I am so disappointed the show keeps breaking up Damon and Elena. I've been waiting 5 years for them to get together. And they get 10 episodes of happiness and now all this torment. I just hope the show decides at some point to get them together and keep them together. The Delena fans deserve that. We've waited long enough.


What a stinking pile of crap this episode turned out to be,as most of this horrid season has :/ The whole "Stop loving me"/"I can't" between Damon and Elena was about as bad as i remember my High Schools drama class being.Also i just plain out hate the travlers,all they do is chant and stand around like they have a stick up there ass.


Wonderful episode ,I love the relationship between Damon and Elena ,it's so exciting because it's wrong , toxic , and not healthy and the fact that they know that make it more interesting , I can see the power of LOVE in this relationship ,it's amazing .




All i can say its ... ANOTHER doppelganger of stefan!!!??? c'mon this is getting ridiculus and boring , there are like 5 versions of stefan (1-stefan in love of katerine,2- ripper stefan 3- normal stefan 4- no memory stefan 4- silas 5- the human doppelganger!!!) poor paul i dont know how he can do this anymore stop it already !!! at least if you wanna change a little bit you could made a doppelganger for damon :/


This episode was terrible. Am so sick of Delena. It makes no sense for Elena to keep wanting to be with Damon. He is terrible, give it up already. Poor Stafan, he is going through so much again to save the girl he loves and she is schaking up with his brother. The whole thing is so stupid. When is Elena going to realize that Stefan is her true love, not Damon?

@ B

Never this is Chair all over again. Writers have no back bone so the fanbase decides everything. Even if it means sleeping and being in love with the guy who killed your brother, slept with your mom and numerous other things. So pathetic.


Truth be told, I love Ian Somehalder. I know why they rip his shirt off because a lot of women want to do the same. He plays bad so well. His take it or leave it stance is also very attractive. He is the bad boy incarnate and we love it. Whether he survives with Elena in the long run, who knows. Don't get me wrong. I like Stefan too, but not for Elena. Caroline in his future definitely see that. Stefan even noticed his taste runs towards blondes. Don't forget, he did not love Katherine Pierce. Damon was the one that loved her through the ages. Stefan moved on without her. Caroline and Stefan will happen but you will have to wait for season 6 for that to happen. I will hand it to the casting crew, where do they find these guys. Enzo is so darling and his accent is irresistible. Plus they can act. I definitely want him to stick around.

@ Aykme

Omg Thank you...Finally someone who understand! Back in the entertainment Stelena Power lol.
And I agree with everything you just said!


Why is it the Julie Plec and Shondaland shows seem to bring out people's ire. Here I thought the Scandal reviews stirred up trouble. As one reviewer reminded me, it IS a soap opera. It is meant to stir up a dialogue, but it is still just a TV show. Remember in this day and age, if it's not controversial its not TV. Don't get caught up. The writers want to give us something to talk about, it means were are watching. However, we are just fishes in a really large net.


Yeah, first off, I think we have to give a standing ovation to Nina Dobrev in this episode. She was killing it! Despite all the saving Elena and lackluster storylines, she ALWAYS brings her A game. I hope Elena and Damon don't actually break up. I know a lot of damage has been done, but I love them together. Seeing as it appears they're never going to hook Caroline and Stefan up, I wouldn't mind exploring the possibility of pairing her with Enzo. They could be pretty good together, and I'm hoping he sticks around for a bit. I'm pretty curious about the Luke and Liv storyline. I didn't actually see that one coming! Doesn't seem like we will be getting rid of the travelers anytime soon, because isn't that Markos that she mentioned supposed to be the new bad guy coming on the show? Hopefully they'll start to actually serve some sort of purpose then.

Sarah silva

This was a good episode!
So Liv and Luke will be the bad guys for the rest of this season. I really did not want Liv to be bad but I always thought there was something off about her. We now know she is a very powerful witch if she can control her power when she with Bonnie to make it seem like she is still a newbie witch and then light all the candles in her dorm as soon as she walks in.
Then we have Luke.
How much would I love for Ian Somerhalder to give me the most mind blowing night of my life! I know it was Damon that said it but that was one sexy moment! Not to mention the Damon and Elena scene at the end!
They explained that the travelers are still around because they want to do something with Elena and Stefan's blood but that it is only useful once all the doppelganger's are dead and just Stefan and Elena remain. So having one last Stefan doppelganger left served two purposes, one to wrap up that storyline and tell us there will be no more left and to set up the reason for having the travelers stick around.
Jeremy having some fun with Damon was great.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

I wanted to fight for you. I still do.

Elena [to Damon]

Well you know Katherine. She's not about to go out without some grand finale.


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