The Walking Dead Review: Staying Together

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You know that new and fresh direction I was hoping for after the Governor’s defeat and the end of the prison in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8?

I don’t think we’re going to really get that until the finale, but realistically, probably not until the start of The Walking Dead Season 5.

In a lot of ways, I feel like The Walking Dead Season 4 is just a way to get us to next season. Sure, this back half of episodes are trying to build up some of the characters (sometimes decently, others not so much), but the continuous wandering through the woods and getting almost killed every time food is at hand (pudding, pigs feet, ice cream) is becoming a bit tiring.

And I appreciate that The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 tried to give us some personal moments for Sasha, Maggie and Bob; much like Beth and Daryl received in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12.

However, the trio’s decision making skills were all over the place, much like the hour.

The whole concept of being alone was front and center, and it makes sense that the characters would want to stick together. Heck, even Michonne realized that joining up with others was the right way to go in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9.

But, unfortunately, a trio united ended up falling apart.

Maggie remained dead set on finding Glenn, even getting her fingers bloody so she could write her love some directions. And she ditched Bob and Sasha.

Bob, who I’ve grown to like even more with each passing episode, tried to instill the concept of sticking together with Sasha. He was the survivor of two groups and now on his third, he’s still alive. Life isn’t so hopeless anymore and having people around makes it even better.

Except Sasha acted depressing for a good portion of this episode and was reluctant to find Maggie or even Terminus. Bob kissed her in hopes of persuading her, but she decided it was better to let him go and find an apartment by herself.

Of course, that meant an obligatory zombie fight after Sasha found Maggie lying in the street. And by that time, Maggie had come to her senses, even persuading Sasha that staying together was a good thing. Really, that's how Sasha decided to rejoin the group?

So they all teamed back up because the theme of the hour was about being alone. Yes, it was a great bookend from Bob’s sad journey at the outset to the reunited trio at the end, but it was just a ridiculous way to get there. And I was happy they did end up together, but it didn't have the emotional impact the show wanted it to.

Beth and Daryl’s story continued, too, and I’m curious as to how the show is trying to portray their relationship. Is it pushing them towards something romantic or more like a  brother and sister?

It’s great to see Beth has had an effect on Daryl, but I couldn’t help but notice those obvious things like hand holding and dare I say, carrying across the threshold?

But at least with those two there was growth and expounding on their story.

Not to mention providing a heart stopping moment where party crashing walkers surrounded Daryl to the point where I kept thinking, “Is this it? Is this when they take out Daryl?”

Luckily, Daryl managed to maneuver his way out and kill a bunch of walkers along the way, but only to see a car drive off with Beth. Who took Beth?!

On top of that, Daryl wound up meeting the gang that Rick ran into on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11. I was expecting perhaps Bob, but this turn of events could prove to be interesting. Hopefully, Daryl doesn't get into any fights over sleeping arrangements.

I definitely give major credit for what the show is trying to do with its characters, and each hour never fails to provide some entertaining moments.

However, I'm ready for the show to reach Terminus, Washington D.C., or a place that gives the characters something different to try. I just wonder how many of our main cast will get the chance to do so by the end of the season...

Will Glenn and Maggie reunite by the end of the season?

Here is your first look at The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14:


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I like the relationship with Daryl and Beth, I find it intriguing, I hope its not a big disappointment. I loved the mist part with Maggie, Sasha, & Bob, and I haft to say I have started to like Bob these last few shows.


I think people are being way to critical and unrealistic. You want everyone to meet up right away. When they all went in separate directions after a massive prison massacre! some left the prison sooner then others, few are traveling hurt, or have kids that can slow them down. So to think that they would all just find each other so easily in a zombie apocalypse world where there's nothing but woods and roads for miles is unrealistic. Plus I don't mind them being out and about. Why do they have to find another location to settle down right away. We haven't seem them travel on the road for along time. Then as much walk it. Plus I find it much more intense and riskier with them not being in a safe haven for right now.

@ Vampbarbie

with only 3(I think) episodes left this's not going to pick up until the finale..............It's obvious, to me anyway, they are all in the same area or headed in the same direction...........they are bound to happen upon one another sooner or later..................nobody said anything about them meeting up right away..........but it's obvious sooner or later (most likely later--as in next season) they will........... I haven't read the graphic novels or comic books so I know nothing about this Terminus..................

Mrs cleaver

Good luck to whomever kidnapped annoying Beth. I assume it's a Norman Bates-type mortician person who was "cleaning" the mortuary & keeping the bodies there so well dressed. And he sent the zombies in (Daryl opens the door without looking-huh? Smartest guy in the apocalypse would never do that.) to flush Beth out so he could kidnap her. Have fun pal!
Daryl joining up w/the Sons of Anarchy who were at Ricks Place last week was interesting. I think that is setting us up for him to have to make some heroic moves when the SoA find some other "group" members & threaten them. That's what Daryl does best, so I hope it turns out that way.
Glad the Maggie/Bob/Sasha group met up again at the end, that was a rare happy scene on WD.
I too wish they'd move it along and people start meeting up again as there are only 3 episodes left. Anyone else worried Terminus is "Woodbury Part Deux"?


The only thing this series is starting to make me hope for is a quick and final death if there ever is an apocalypse.


Daryl and Beth are boring. Maggie, Sasha and Bob were interesting. The only exciting part was Daryl stuck in the house with the walkers. I was hoping Beth would be eaten outside. But how dumb that a car would happen up and take her? We can only assume it was the people who lived in the house but why just take off with her? I imagine only the last episode will be really good.


This episode was a snooze fest except when Daryl was fighting off the zombies................... I get they are trying to show how each little group is coping with the aftermath of losing the prison and fellow survivors BUT this is getting rather boring..........I agree with the reviewer that things won't pick up until the finale and things will get back on course next season......

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