The Walking Dead Sneak Peeks: Now What?!?

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So... that happened onĀ The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14.

In what has to be considered the most shocking development this year on the AMC smash, Carol killed Lizzie because the little girl had lost her mind and was considered a danger to the other survivors.

She brought Lizzie out in the woods and shot her in the head. Simple as that.

While viewers grapple with this development and wonder where the show could go from here, AMC has released an official promo and a special sneak peek at The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15.

Check them out now:

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The signs of Lizzy's mental instability were evident back at the prison when she cried over a dead walker rather than her father. Carol should have let Mika get revenge though.


I missed last episode where can I go to see it?

@ Calin dakotis

I believe they may show it again or search it on T.V. and you should find past episodes you can watch. You can also go the AMC website online and watch episodes there...Hope this helps...I always record it.

@ Brenda Capo

in order to watch on amc you have to sign in with your cable provider


I missed last episode where can I go to watch it???


Powerful episode. Probably my favorite of this season so far. Lizzie ( last name Borden?) definitely had to go after murdering her little sister. They both were a little off, but look at their environment. Carol did the right thing.


Wow??,I'm always watching walking dead...whheeww....!!!


My poor baby

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