White Collar to End After Shortened Sixth Season

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USA Network has announced the impending end of White Collar.

According to Deadline, the Matt Bomer-anchor drama will conclude after a shortened sixth season that will be comprised of six episode.

Controlling Interest Scene

White Collar Season 5 wrapped up in late January, with Bomer's Neal Caffrey abducted by unknown assailants.

No details regarding any storylines, or a Season 6 premiere date, have been announced at this time.

But where do you stand, TV Fanatics? Is this the right time for White Collar to bow out?

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Please !!! Don't cancel the show ! It is a great one ! Six episodes ! That is just wrong. I guess it is better than nothing but still !


This really does sadden me, despite how badly the writing has been, cuz after all, I never really want a disappointing show to end.. I just want ~better writing! Why is that so much to ask?? WHY must these series only continue to ~torture their chars before finally running out of ideas (of "drama for the sake of drama") or plain ol' steam to keep it going?? HOW can they not just FiGURE OUT a way ~around that cliche burnout.. a way to keep the awesomeness coming (& do it ~without relying on same old angst).. siigh. So many more possibilities left unexplored, so many more storylines to work with.. if we could just get Peter & Neal working together, side-by-side, with their own lil Team Awesome helping out here & there, catching real bad guys & saving the day, keeping all the soapy crap on the outside, away from them.. just gimme ~that, PLEASE. Oh, but I forgot, that's considered "boring", pfft. Well, now we will get ~nothing, so great. And just like many shows before it, the loss of such epic potential literally ~hurts.. >.>


This is a great,intelligent show. We need a full season. Please, please, please.


Nooo.... it's way too soon, it can't end now. And with only six episodes left! They should have at least given us a last full season.


Nooooo, I don't want it to end... :( I'll miss this show, it's awesome!