14 TV Doctors We Diagnose as Totally Awesome

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Shots. Physicals. Pills. Prescriptions. Long waits.

No one likes to visit the doctor. Not in real life, that is.

On television, however, some of our most pleasant experiences each week take place while watching those in a white coat, whether they are making us laugh, swoon or squirm.

For the following physicians, we'd gladly book a trip to the hospital. STAT!

Did we leave anyone out? Who is your favorite fictional doctor and why? Sound off below!

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you've gone for current ones i presume 'cause greg house has better bedside manners than hannibal lecter ! my first choice would be alan alda's BF "hawkeye" pierce 😀

Matt richenthal
@ niet braaf hond

Correct. Perhaps we should do a former doctor one next, huh?


That last one is Cooper Freedman from Private Practice


I'd say Dr. Doug Ross.. George Clooney can be my doctor any day ;)

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