Arrow Review: A Flash of What's to Come

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Felicity is calling some shots! Who saw that coming?

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 19, we saw Felicity take charge more than once, as she not only came up with the plan to blow up the Applied Sciences building of Queen Consolidated, she helped carry it out. She's a bona fide bomber now! You go, girl!

There were a lot of surprising character interactions and revelations here: Laurel connected the dots. Oliver learned about his father and Isabel. He admitted he could have cured Slade but chose to kill him instead.

Lance doesn't want to know who the Arrow is and Thea realized she has two mass murderers as parents. We even got a flash of Caitlin and Cisco who will be starring on the sister series with Barry Allen.

For those of you who fast-forwarded through all of Laurel's scenes, you missed out. She may not have been able to see their faces through the little masks, but when she saw scars on Sara that matched Oliver's she knew her sister was the gal in black who has been hanging out with the Arrow.

There was a point when she almost confronted Oliver about it, but she got a call about Lance being in the hospital. Talking with her dad, she learned that he doesn't want to know who the Arrow is. 

It's The Arrow that matters. The man under the hood isn't important. Can you imagine what it's like to be him? What he has to live with day in and day out? What that's gotta be like? Hey? The least I can do is to a little bit of time for him.


It didn't stop Laurel from following up on her hunch to make sure what she believed to be true was factual, but she also seemed to make a decision to let it go. What that will mean going forward is anybody's guess, but she's obviously going to be supportive. She went to Oliver and gave him a meaningful hug to let him know how important he is to her. She's not going to tell him what she knows. Did that surprise you?

Thea was needed to sign some documents to form a trust to save what remained of the Queen assets. Imagine -- she wasn't in the mood. All of the things we've said behind her back she finally said herself to Oliver. She had a crush on her half brother and tried to kiss him, her father killed him and she's the child of two mass murderers.

She's in a really bad place that would have been a lot better if she had the guy she loved at her side, even with Mirakuru flowing through his veins. It turns out Roy just fled. Slade and Isabel found him in a shelter and were feeding him the new blood mixture of through the bio transfuser. Thanks to Oliver, he'll be worse than ever.

Kind of like Slade. We obviously need to know more of the story to understand why Oliver chose to kill Slade rather than give him the cure for Mirakuru. From what we know so far, it doesn't seem that their relationship is so far gone that they can't salvage it. Even everything that happened on the ship seems like it can be put aside for a cure.

In the big showdown where Oliver was prepared to extricate Slade from the blood delivery machine and he found Roy, he shot an explosive arrow into Slade and Diggle shot Isabel. I thought for sure she was dead, but before the credits roll, Slade has her hooked up to the machine. Looks like she's going to be very much like the Terminator soon! Familiar territory for Summer Glau.

Isabel and Slade are a perfect couple. He's out for revenge for a woman he never had a relationship with and she's seeking the same for her married professor who was her "soul mate." Good Lord. Now they'll both be pumped up on Mirakuru? Here's hoping they only have eyes for each other after it's all over.

As a side note, STAR Labs is run by kids. Barry and now Caitlin and Cisco are unbelievably young. Is The Flash a character that is more suited for children than the Green Arrow? He was in the Teen Titians and all that, right? Tell me what you know about it!

There was a lot more to love and we'll try to cover some of it in our Arrow Round Table. Until then, watch Arrow online and hit the comments to talk about your favorite bits.

Do you think a cure will be found and delivered for Mirakuru?

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Loved the episode, and I loved how Felicity came up with the plan and they were using it! Also that she is connected to Star Labs shows she knows OTHER PEOPLE outside the arrow cave. I crave for more scenes between Felicity and other cast members — Thea, Sin, Roy. I would even like to see her with Moira again! It was just nice to have her front and center again, I've missed her A LOT. It's amazing how it just is not an Arrow show if we don't get Team Arrow (Oliver, Felicity, Diggle) running things. The only Lance that matters is Quentin Lance. His scene after the brutal beat down was well acted. I love this man and really enjoy his work. And Summer Glau did an amazing job as always. For all the story line issues that Arrow has, the one thing that has maintained a steady level of excellence is the stunt work. James Bamford really deserves an Emmy for the quality of work put forth by him and his team. Well done. Oliver flipping Felicity over the side was a nice move and made my heart happy. Then the confrontation of Oliver and Slade with the metal on metal noise? Music to my ears. Keep bringing it! Now they just need to continue training Felicity so she can better defend herself! She's pretty kicka** as it is but growth in character is always a good thing.


bohohoho poor Thea, everyone is there for her, loving her, yeah, they lied too, but come on! loved Felicity comment, "berry is in a coma and he has already moved on!!" hahahaha Felicity is so cute!

Smoak and arrow

I love when Arrow episodes show that core Team Arrow trio - Oliver, Felicity, Diggle - in action, in the field, and working together. I swear, those always become my favorite parts. Quentin working with them, too. I love that. I miss the Felicity/Quentin stuff. This episode was really good. I loved the opening with the bombing of the applied sciences building. I loved Slade "coming home" to the Arrow Cave and the fight scene. Oliver and Felicity going over the railing was pretty darned hot, if I do so say myself. I also appreciated that the writers finally filled in some blanks about who people were, how they connected, who knew what. Finally! Quentin's speech about not wanting to know who the Arrow was was fantastic. Paul Blackthorne rocks. I was also happy to see Moira on again. Susanna Thompson's awesome.

@ Smoak&Arrow

Did you notice that with Slade sharing all of Oliver's lies it seems like he may be forgiving Moira a bit for hers? It's hard to hold her to standards that he doesn't keep himself, after all.


I'm really hoping the big death of the season will be Roy, I can't stand him. I'm glad this episode didn't have Flash in it, another actor I didn't like and the origin scene was out of place for the series. I'm hoping there's no residuals of the mirakuru-superhuman stuff left, it's made for some very good stories don't get me wrong, but I prefer the episodes with a more naturalistic tone.

Priestess of apollo

First great episode, and I would love the idea of Laurel becoming a darker character. She can still love her sister and Oliver, because I like the whole blackmailing thing she's got going on. I loved that move of Oliver rolling over the railing with Felicity, it was very cool. But she's the only one who cannot protect herself, and I fear for her safety. My predictions for the finale are Thea will die, I know she was kidnapped, but I throw it out there. Oliver killed Slade on the island because he "killed" Sara. Remember she asked Oliver what happened to Slade? I think the death of Sara, will be the one on the island, not as Black Canary.


Was it just me or it really felt like laurel was gonna die in the end if this episode? She should though. I cant take her anymore. As for the mirakuru i think roy and oliver will take it but only one will use the cure.

@ mitch

It will be really odd if they killed off Tommy at the end of S1 and then Laurel at the end of S2. Too predictable.


They're not so young that they are teenagers. The girl is 26 and the actor that plays Barry is 24...

@ Emy

LOL! But by CW standards, 26 is 15 and 24 is 14... LOL!


OMG! Slade and Isobel will really cause some damage in the next episodes.
I know Thea is going through a lot, but man she was annoying in this episode.
I loved Felicity and her plan, oh and Oliver chose to protect her during the shooting, love it.
I think Laurel will join the team without them knowing.


I thought it was a great episode. Thea will come around but I would still like Oliver to be the one to reveal that he is the Arrow to her. Im glad that Roy is back, I really enjoy him. Laurel going to Oliver in the end seems to be the shows way of forcing them back together. I see where they are going with it but Im still waiting fir the Felicity plot. I am a die hard Olivity shipper and although I expect Oliver to seesaw between the Lance sisters for a while still (I hope that Sara makes it to season 3 - I don't think that Laurel will do the Canary justice) I miss the Olicity moments, they are all to rare lately.

@ Gina+

I love this show. This was an excellent episode. Beginning to like Laurel. Beginning to not like Thea. I realize she feels betrayed, but, to blame Oliver and go out into the world alone after a madman threatened to kill her a few days ago is just getting on my nerves. It looks like she's going to turn Ollie in some way too. I realize Ollie took off with Thea's boyfriend, I wonder how he is going to feel about that. Especially now, that Thea's gone. I like how the writers write the characters and how they interact. ie Isabel I wonder what and who she will be after next. The show IMO is really well written to have so many characters, so many flashbacks, so many intricate story lines, and so many action sequences. It's a show that I have to watch each week.

Sarah silva

Another great episode!
The opening few moments were funny.
So it was revealed that Robert knew all along that Thea was not his biological daughter but it did not matter to him, he loved her like she was his. It was also revealed that he had an affair with Isabel! That was not his best decision but in the end he chose his family.
We all know that Thea will have a massive downward spiral, or at least the internet has said as much, but I did find myself hoping the talk Oliver had with her at the mansion would change her mind and she would sign the papers.
So Isabel now has Mirakuru in her system! That is not good for Oliver and Co!
I was not surprised at all by Laurel's reaction to finding out that Oliver is the Arrow and Sara is the Canary. I knew she would handle it just fine. I am sure one day she will tell them she knows.
I also loved Laurel getting her dad released from jail! So great. A lot of people do not like Laurel but I do.
I hope Star Labs can make a cure and it is given to Roy ONCE he defeats Slade and his minions! I have this feeling that Oliver will inject himself with Mirakuru so he and Roy can fight and defeat Slade and then the two of them will take the cure.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

No! We don't "all know" what's gonna happen to Thea!! This is a review about an episode that has AIRED, and thus the comments should be about COMMENTING SAID AIRED EPISODE not divulging SPOILERS!!!!
Because if you don't, you end up spoiling MAJOR EVENTS for people, such as someone's death on Game of Thrones!!!
You like reading spoilers, thats fine for you, some other people have patience and don't want to find out beforehand the events of an upcoming episode! PS: Not the first time Im complaining about spoilering people!

@ Didine34790

You're forgiven. I was spoiled on The Good Wife on Twitter just trying to find out how late the episode was. Sometimes secrets are good, other times it's better to know ahead of time to stay away from public places if a big event is coming. There was no warning (I sound like I'm in the movie Twister. LOL).

@ Didine34790

No need to toss out the F-bomb in this instance. We can surmise from Thea's behavior last night that she's not doing great. Her parents are murderers and she tried to kiss her brother who is now dead. Her whole world is in upheaval -- spiraling would be an obvious next step. It definitely doesn't qualify as a major event, or even a minor one.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Yes, true, there was no need in this instance. That was misplaced anger, I admit to that.
It wasn't the minor Thea spiraling that set me off, it was the "at least the internet has said as much". Not so long ago someone 'innocently' spoiled the last GoT episode litterally minutes before I watched the ep. Hence the anger. I apologise for the "f-" parts of it.

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