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Damn, that Slade Wilson is a lot of fun!

Slade made it pretty clear on Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 that his idea of making Oliver suffer is a little different than what one might have expected. He's not necessarily interested in overtly killing people, but in sharing his truths with them. I like it!

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 17, it felt like there were just too many lies and they were at the heart of all of the hurt going down in Starling City. Slade may not see things the same way, as he's using truths to hurt those who love Oliver, but in the end he's probably doing Oliver a favor.

Slade let Thea go right quick and let his minions take over. She wasn't to be harmed, but was used to scare the hell out of Oliver and his family and to force Oliver to sign Queen Consolidated over to Isabel Rochev. As soon as Oliver did that I knew she was working with Slade and he had orchestrated everything with her. It made perfect sense.

Slade also took the opportunity to tell Thea about Malcolm Merlyn. He did tell a little lie of his own by suggesting Oliver has known about her birth for years, but the timing of it doesn't even matter. It's interesting to whom he chose to tell what truths. To Thea it was about her father and to Laurel it was about Oliver's secret identity. 

Since Slade has already confronted both Laurel and Thea and didn't seem in any hurry to harm them, it feels like we can cross them off the list of a Shado/Sara type showdown if that's even in his playbook. We also learned by Slade is still so anry about Shado -- because she's always with him. Thanks to the Mirakuru she's alive and well in his mind, and driving his actions. I can appreciate that being enough to drive him batty with the need for revenge.

Laurel's knowledge of Oliver's identity might be what saves Lance from his imprisonment. Sara already told daddy that Oliver didn't know anything about the Arrow, so it seems doubtful she'll be willing to give him up now to save Lance from facing charges. Laurel could be angry enough about the lies to turn on Oliver to save her father. 

Sara keeps proving again and again how willing she is to kill and somehow I think that will be her downfall. Roy had every right to be upset and question Oliver's judgment about Thea after what he forced him to do. Roy very possibly could have saved Thea had they been together, but he'll never know. 

Angsty Roy was an enjoyable Roy, though, wasn't he? He got some zinger lines in about King Queen before he ended up driving out of town. Where the hell is he going?

You're special forces, she's an international assassin. You'd think that between the three of us we could have gotten answers out of Slade ourselves instead of turning him into the police. Here's what's really sick, is we didn't even question him because he said it was the right thing to do. Just like he said I had to break up with Thea one week after telling me to leave her alone!


When it came down to it, the people who had Oliver's back when he needed support the most were his two trusted companions, Diggle and Felicity. Felicity was also the only team member who gave him the OK to go out on his own. It's what he needed to do and there wasn't going to be any stopping him, so why not give him a feeling of security as he goes out?

The entire hour just came together fabulously. Slade's calm demeanor rattled Oliver and threw him even further off of his game. He has had nothing but time to craft this elaborate plan and Oliver has been blindsided. How are Sara and Felicity going to protect him from the pain of Laurel knowing his secret and Thea knowing about Malcolm?

I wonder how long until Thea learns Moira's bigger secret -- that Malcolm is still alive. Similarly, I wonder whether Laurel will immediately let on that she knows Oliver's secret identity and if it will cause her to question who Canary is and if that will, in turn, ruin her relationship with Sara once again.

I asked last week at what price so many lies, and we're starting to see some answers tonight. We're in a rerun next week before finishing out the season with all new episodes so watch Arrow online in the meantime!

What secret that Slade told surprised you most?


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This episode was intense !!!! Loved every single bits ! I cannot believe Slade told Thea about Malcom ! But worse was her blaming Ollie. I mean WTF ?! Now, Slade telling Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow, I mean COME ON !!!! Her not realizing that The Black Canary is her sister is already hard to swallow. But now that her father is in jail... What is he gonna do !
I absolutely loved Felicity . She knew what he needed. That ship cannot sink ! Sara and Oliver just don't work anymore...
Oh yeah, btw, what's up with Slade seeing Shado ! That is so wrong. She would have never said things like that, or even approved of what he is doing ! Yup, the man is far gone !
Sebastian Blood is back. I have to admit, Laurel apologizing to him rubbed me the wrong way !


Mark Guggenheim just confirmed that Rochev is not Slades daughter. Also, look at the jacket that Felicity is wearing in a still photo from next episode. Just sayin......get ready for some crazy ass drama. :)

@ All+Knowing

im with u, there are some clues like her hair color, afraid of kangaroo, abundenment issues..

@ All+Knowing

What is important about the jacket? Am I missing something? It has roses on it.


I can't take it anymore I've tried to get past it but every time slade says something like I know heartbreak kid it gets harder for me to buy his rage. Were him and Shado even good friends. I remember a couple jealous looks from Slade. Did the two of them ever have an intimate non Oliver conversation. Other than her father and shes a good fighter what does Slade know about Shado that would let him hold onto a 5 year grudge like this. The writers knew Slade was going to be Deathstroke from the beginning and they should have planned for his villain arc better they should have either came up with a different reason for him to turn against oliver or they should have built up that relationship to where you could feel a connection between them. I think it would be funny if Oliver told slade that you and shado barely had any kind of relationship together.

@ jerseyboy9085

I completely agree with you. It dosen't feel right.


what is wrong with Thea??? I mean a bad guy as Slade, who kidnapped her, tell her that Malcom is her father, and what' does she do? go back and blame Oliver...excuse me...don't you wanna ask some questions to your beloved mommy????? come on!
Thanks God Roy left...cannot stand him whining anymore!


The show was a guilty pleasure last season but now it has become a bad soap opera. I enjoyed when Arrow took down the bad guys of the city and it was good, light super hero fun with a season long story arc popping up occasionally. Now there is so much angst and the season long arc is the entire show, it's just not fun anymore. I'm actually going weeks between episodes and, just like a soap opera, I don't miss anything. The scenes on the island are getting way to much air time and are boring. Sarah is so NOT enjoyable to watch. I never liked Laurel (bad actress/terrible character) and she's getting worse. And, I'm sorry, but if I had the woman who cheated on the man who I loved as my father in the room at the same time as my brother, it would not be my brother who I would be blaming. That is a stretch even for this show. The reveals aren't even that surprising anymore. It's more like, "Oh there's another." It's like eating cheesecake three meals a day -- after a while it's just as boring as brocoli. They need to add some real levity back into the show.

@ RM

I completely agree. I couldn't put my finger on the issue but you are right on the money its the full season arc which is funny because when I watched Smallville I was upset at the freak of the week concept but its really unsustainable to have every week be about the main boss. Because you cant resolve it until the end. The episodes with Slade you might as well have them sit in a room and have a stare down because that's what its been. Even though a lot of things have happened nothing has happened. Yea it really is a soap opera. I don't like how the characters are so irrational. Like characters will just get really unlikeable out of nowhere. Like Laurel I feel the writers have even forgot who she was in season 1. And I bet thea gets cold and mean to everyone for like 3 episodes. I feel like they have to make sure every character has a story line all of that just causes to much drama and takes away time from the good stuff.

@ RM

Preach! Sara and Laurel and their drama has ruined this show. The only way to redeem is to kill one or both of them.

@ Lucy

I think Oliver losing his backbone has done a lot to kill the momentum. Roy was right on the mark about Oliver's behavior and poor choices. His head in the clouds lost him Queen Consolidated. Sara and Laurel didn't do that.

Sarah silva

So Slade really meant what he said, he wants to make Oliver suffer, and he is going that!
I knew it was not going to be good when Oliver signed over Queen Consolidated temporarily to Isobel. However I did not expect her to be working with Slade. I bet Oliver regrets sleeping with her.
Also I did not think that the secret that Slade would tell Thea was who her father is. He made it sound like Oliver knew for years, but he just found out a few weeks ago.
Then he tells Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow!
We have 5 episodes left and I really hope they take down Slade, Sebastian and Isobel by seasons end.
I was annoyed at Roy and I am glad he left town, he will be back when he realizes that Oliver is right. Roy is young and a little immature and feels that he knows best and does not have to listen to anyone. Yes he has the right to be upset when Oliver told him to stay away from Thea, but everything Oliver has done for and with Roy is in his best interest.
However I laughed at the King Queen moniker he gave Oliver.
This whole situation with Thea may bring Moira and Oliver closer again.
Quentin Larry Lance was arrested, I wonder how that is all going to play out. We know that it will not be revealed that Oliver is the Arrow as then the show would basically be over. Laurel will probably tell her dad but I do not think he will say anything just to get out of jail, but we will see.
I think it said a lot about Felicity when she was the one that told Oliver to go and do what ever he had to. She has complete faith in him as does Diggle. Sara and Roy not so much.


I knew Isabel Rochev was a baddy- but with Summer Glau being under utilized for this entire quarter of the season- I thought the writers were holding back to maybe next season to reveal who she really is and what her intentions towards Oliver and his company are. I WAS WRONG. For that matter I didn't see her working with/for Slade. I didn't realize it until Ollie was signing away the company- all the while I was yelling at Oliver on the TV, "Don't do it! Don't trust her!" Clearly Ollie's not seeing or thinking straight. But the fact the rest of Team Arrow didn't see this coming either makes it a whole lot scarier. I am so glad that writers are doing the slow burn with the new queen of Queen consolidated. For those not in the know, that is all I will say except- Fasten your seatbelt!

@ Jack

I'm really interested to see what their take on the Queen will be...


Is it just me or would it be great for the police to question Oliver about being the arrow, with Laurels info of course, and then Diggle wear the hood again, it will help limit Laurels credibility again, which I love coz its not a secret how much I dislike her. However, I think it would also be a perfect opportunity for Felicity to don the Canary outfit to ensure that Sara is safe. I don't expect her to fight or become a fighter at all, I think she is prefect as is, but it would be great to see her in costume. Just a thought, I would love to know if anyone agrees!

@ Gina+

I respectfully disagree that would be really really really bad. That would be the laziest writing ever to just waste an episode to do what they did in like episode 8 especially so late in this season when there is a ton to resolve. And I dont think Felicity would need to dress up as Sara no one seems to be after her. Also Laurel just got her credibility back it would make no sense to strip it from her 2 episodes after. However I didn't like her i'm a big shot DA's attorney vibe in this episode like she didn't spend the last 2 months unemployed with a substance problem. But the reason laurel is so unlikeable is because she lost her credibility, they need to get her closer to the season 1 laurel which seems so long ago.

@ jerseyboy9085

I cant stand Laurel wither way, I think she is self-centred and irritating. I know the reality of having Dig and Felicity dress in the costumes is unlikely, I would just really like to see her dressed up for once and I would love to see Oliver's reaction to it. But then I am probably getting ahead of myself and that would not turn out well for the series, maybe ill post it on a fanfic site instead.

@ Gina+

yah i totally agree with you


Im so glad that the original trio is back and that Felicity is back in full force, finally! Oliver needs her. I am looking forward to see where the story goes with Roy he could still go either way and it will be interesting to watch. Isobel working with Slade was foreseeable but i'm glad that it's now in the open and I will enjoy watching Oliver get his company back.
Laurel, well I still hate her, she really adds nothing to the show, but I am curious to see what she does with the information.
I really hope that Thea and Oliver can work out their issues and i'm hoping for Oliver to go full disclosure on her and tell her about being the arrow and Roy.
I'm really looking foreword to the next episode. I'm sure it will be the Sara/Oliver break up, they just don't work and I think that they have finally come to fully understand that in this episode.
I think Lance will find out the truth and I think he will surprise everyone wit his acceptance. I'm hoping that with finding out that Oliver is the Arrow, Sara is the Canary and that her father knew about Sara that Laurel will finally snap and go full villain. I think there will be an epic fight between the two sisters in the next season or two.
I loved this episode, I think the writers lost the plot there for two episodes and they are now back to the star quality we expect from the show. Props to everyone involved.

Fearless diva
@ Gina+

yeah, it finally felt like they went back to focusing on the trinity instead of Oliver/Sara so much

@ Fearless Diva

I agree and the episode was sooo much better for it


Wow Laurels forehead looked massive at the ending of this episode.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Oliver: They're calling you Deathstroke.
Slade: That's a bit flamboyant. I like it.

Well, I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightening. To be fair, it probably won't happen again. Statistically.