Arrow Spoilers: Andrew Kreisberg on What Laurel Knows, a "F-cking Insane" Finale & More

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Here’s where we left things at the end of Arrow Season 2 Episode 18

Thea found out she’s a Merlyn; Mirakuru-filled Roy left town; Ollie learned Isabel is working with Slade and Laurel discovered - from Slade, of course - that Ollie and the Arrow are one in the same.

As all Arrow Fanatics can guess, Arrow Season 2 Episode 19, “The Man Under The Hood,” picks up where all those delicious nuggets left off - and TV Fanatic had a front row seat at a special screening at The CW offices yesterday to watch both this installment and Arrow Season 2 Episode 20, “Seeing Red.”

As an added bonus, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg sat down to answer questions, so here are some high points of what you’ll see in Wednesday’s all-new episode and beyond.

  • With Laurel finally knowing Ollie’s alter ego, she will definitely be a changed woman, which harkens back to another character finding out last season.

“It’s funny because it was sort of the same experience with Colin Donnell’s character,” Kreisberg explained, “where once he knew it changed his character so much. There was just so much more you could write for him and just the way he looked at everything in the world, every scene just became super charged, even if it was  small scene that didn’t have anything to do with the main plot.”

  • Scenes moving forward with Ms. Lance will have a much different feel, he previewed.

“With Laurel, now that she knows, whatever she’s doing, whenever she’s in a scene with someone, her world view has shifted and it’s different and I think Katie [Cassidy] has really risen to it and it’s real exciting to see how it plays out in the last 3 episodes.”

  • The Flash characters Caitlin and Cisco show up in this episode, as was previously announced, but play a very important part, Kreisberg teased.

“It was actually Keto Shimizu, one of our writers, who, when we were talking about the idea of the cure, said ‘What if Star Labs is the one who starts trying to figure out the cure?’ and it became Cisco and Caitlin coming to the show.

"It just felt like a fun way to bring up Barry, remember where he’s at and give a little taste of the show.” Kreisberg did confirm that this is the only time we’ll see Caitlin and Cisco on Arrow this season.

  • Poor Thea. She’s been put through the ringer lately with Roy breaking up with her and the revelation of her true parentage so, without giving too much away, be warned that she’s not going to be in a good place anytime soon.

And, if you follow John Barrowman’s Twitter account, you already know that he is going to be back on the show as Malcolm Merlyn in the very near future.

  • We now know that Isabel Rochev is working with Slade, so she’s definitely on the bad side of things. Did Kreisberg and the other writers always know that she was a baddie?

“Isabel was the one thing that we weren’t entirely sure about as we were developing the season,” Kreisberg admitted. “Truthfully, there was a very early iteration of the series where Sara started the season as Ravager and then we switched over..."

Kreisberg also explained why Ms. Rochev was off the canvas for a lot of the recent episodes.

“Part of the reason Isabel disappeared for awhile was we still weren’t sure which way to go whether she should be an ally or a villain and we’d kind of written it where it could turn out either way.”

Also, Kreisberg revealed that Summer Glau was very happy to find out Isabel was going to be on Team Slade so she could finally kick some rear end.

  • Also, concerning Isabel, since she’s now essentially taken over Queen Consolidated, expect the Queen’s financial woes to be a big part of the story moving forward.

“That plays out in the last five episodes,” Kreisberg said. “And we’re going to start Season 3 with Oliver in very different circumstances than he’s been before, which, obviously, him being in different circumstances changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard [Diggle] and his paid assistant [Felicity] since he can no longer pay them.”

  • Kreisberg also said Arrow Season 3 will have a different feel than previous seasons, comparing it to classic series like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel where you can now tune in for different seasons and see the varied feel and tone to them.

And, yes, he also mentioned there will be new sets in the third season, too.

  • For those of you Arrow Fanatics wanting Oliver with Laurel in a romantic sense, don’t give up hope.

“It’s Oliver and Laurel! It’s Lois and Clark!” Kreisberg said to the question about their romantic future. “They can break up, get together, sleep together, break up, get married, get divorced, she forgets him…the one thing success has enabled us to do is to slow play some things and I think that we’ve really adopted this mantra of we give people what they need even if that’s not what they want.”

He added: “Having Oliver and Laurel get together in Season 1 was, I think, that’s what people needed then and then they needed to go on a break so Oliver could have his storyline with Sara for this season, which is what felt right to us.”

Of what the future holds for the former lovers, he would only tease: “Laurel is always going to be one of the closest people to him whether that’s romantic or not.”

  • Kreisberg also said that the last episodes of Arrow Season 2 would be mostly in real time.
  • And while we have a handful of episodes before the May 14 finale, Kreisberg did say that he’s seen dailies of the episode and practically giggled in delight when he said that the finale is “F***ing insane!”

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8pm on The CW. 

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Seriously, I know it's not TV Fanatics fault, you can only report on what the shows give you, but I can't keep reading your Arrow updates when they've stopped containing info on the show that I'd like to know more about. There's nothing to even discuss regarding this interview. Come on guys. Push for what your readers are interested in knowing about and nag you for details on. *shakes head*


I'm all in on the Laurel comments. She was marginal in season 1 and terrible in season 2 - it's time to give up. That Oliver would be interested in Laurel makes me think less of him as a person. And I think it's pretty nervy for Kreisberg to compare Arrow to Buffy. Buffy was as much about young people learning to grow up and deal with life as it was about fighting demons. Characters were distinctive and the writing was original. Arrow feels like it's given up on any kind of character development in the rush to introduce more DC comic characters and the writing is all cliches. Amell is really talented and it is painful to watch the show use only half of his acting ability. I get it if the producers don't want to ship Olicity, but there is enough attraction/friction with the two characters as friends to keep it interesting. Amell and Rickards have such great chemistry it seems a shame to waste it. And I need more Digg, too.

@ FFLMom

I'm just going to piggy back on to you and add that this man should really stop trying to make Laurel happen. At this point, I'm sick to death of the constant, "but look what's going on with her now, you'll really like her now!" Um, no. Almost into season three and I'm still wondering why I'm being pushed for not giving a damn.


That's gotta be the worst interview i have ever read .i mean admitting that you didn't know where isobel's character was going !
And saying that laurel and oliver are lois and clark !
Come on !,,stop involving laurel in story lines to force us to like her.
Getting her kidnapped a dozen times ,the drinking thing ,the whole boring sister drama . It's like every scene she's in she's crying and being miserable
You need to stop this forcing laurel on us as well as the sara oliver thing .i mean it's creepy .He cheated on laurel with her sister who died then got together with laurel and then sara came back to life and he's with her again !,,And everybody is cool with it !!
That is a messed up story !.
Please more diggle and felicity and less lance sisters.


I really think Oliver needs to untangle himself from the Lance sisters once and for all. They both deserve better, and it's just not fair on either of them, if Oliver is always going to have a thing for Laurel it's not fair to lead Sara on just because he's lonely and no one else 'understands him'. Laurel isn't going to sit around and wait either, he needs to MOVE ON. He's never had the chance to do so because he feels so responsible for everything that goes on in their family, and he unnecessarily sticks his nose into their business and whilst he obviously does it because he cares he's not allowing himself or them to move on with their lives. Yes Laurel has a fear of abandonment, but why can't she just find a nice guy that doesn't have assassins tracking his every move?! I know that he's involved with Sara since the GA/BC have this partnership going on but he doesn't need to cater to their every need. I mean turning up at their family dinner? He needs to leave this family be, he's created enough drama and caused enough suffering. I want them to at least move to a place where they can be entirely civil, there is no threat of a relationship on the horizon and it can be as platonic as any affair involving sisters can be. EVERYONE JUST NEEDS TO MOVE ON.

@ speedy

I can understand people not clicking with Laurel, and i get that in a way the series is telling a different story in the Green Arrow anthology that is "Arrow", but we also have to remember that Laurel Lance in all aspects of the story has been an important figure even marrying Oliver, so a Lois and Clark comparrison is not far off. I suppose if you disavow every story ever written in regards to Green Arrow and and accept Arrow as being the Only Green Arrow story can we then just write Laurel/Black Cannary off


I really wanted Laurel and Oliver to re-ignite their romance in Season 1 coming back together as adults. I was then diappointed that the writers then depicted Laurel as this woman who, having grived for her dead boyfriend sees him alive and then decides that he must be punished for surviing by developing a relationship with his best friend (whilst still making a play for Oliver). I was glad when that was over and Oliver came along after and said he was still free and she lept into his arms...yay I thought let love bloom. But no, best friend dies, Laurel is suddenly overcome with grief/guilt and pushes Oliver away again. Writers then deliberately start sexing up Felicity and Oliver....why (did not really ship them as I was enjoying their friendship) until it was shoved up my nose. and, I liked them - two extremely attractive people dancing around each other....yummy. Then, bham....enter Sara. Enter toxic and extremely unhealthy triangle. Ugh. I was disconcerted to say the least. And then I saw Birds of Prey and had to admit I like the softness between Oliver and Sara. And now.....the writers want us to ship Laurel and Oliver again. Really????? Is the Felicity/Oliver angle now going to be put on hold.....for what purpose? Can Oliver not be allowed to have a mature relationship with any woman? Why could the writers have not kept Oliver and Felicity as friends and confidants?


Enough Laurel. She drags down the show and every character she interacts with. Why on earth she'd get back to get together with Oliver after all of this shows just how much of a crappy character she is. It is beyond repulsive that Oliver and the Lance sisters continue to be intimate with each other. This isn't 'Sister Wives' and is sure as hell isn't remotely comic canon. From the way this interview comes off, I'm done with the show after this season. I haven't watched an episode Live since the show came back after New Year's. It's amazing how much better it is when you can Fast Forward through all of her scenes. The show created Sara as Black Canary. The only canon thing about Laurel is her name, and she doesn't even use that name, her mother does. I feel very bad for Stephen Amell - he's doing a great job in the role, promoting the show and working with fans. But he can't make it watchable for me if Laurel remains on it.


I honestly don't understand why people who love laurel still like oliver/laurel? the way he treated her ..... disgusted me, that's not true love, you don't date her little sister if you love her, you don't leave her when she need someone to support her, you don't lie to her just tell me why you still like laurel/oliver and don't say it because it's comic canon or even because she was the reason he survived on that island, because after season 2, it's just a pure crap, with shado and sara, he barely remember her on the flashback this season


This interview worries me a bit. It sounds like they don't have a real plan. Maybe that's why the second half of the season felt so disjointed to me.
Also Laurel/Oliver, massive turn off.


sometimes i'm wondering if the producers are stuck in a big contract with katie cassidy. because with absolute certainty, they know that about 90-95% of arrow fans DO NOT LIKE laurel/katie cassidy, but surprisingly they still are stubbornly forcing the laurel/oliver storyline. i agree with one comment upstairs, the HELL with some fanboys crying if they don't see GA and laurel/BC together. with this particular arrow tv universe, it is obviously much better and makes more sense to stray away from the comic canon -- "much better" because fans obviously likes it; "makes more sense" because the background story of the oliver/laurel/sara love triangle is so toxic and twisted and frankly i think it's beyond moral values, considering that this is a superhero show right???

@ reindeer

Sara/Oliver will always trump any other following ship!

@ Ackerlover

make yourself happy.

@ reindeer

90-95%?!... you know you cant bs facts to validate your point right. I know very a many people who think quite differently than you. You should check the imdb polls.

@ Ryan

imbd is for'The den of trolls' Laurel's entire fan base is there made up of about 10 posters lol

@ Ryan

ya like 10 people perhaps? and there are like hundreds or even thousands out there who think otherwise. just check out every review site including this thread we're on right now. doesn't that validate my point already. even the comments section in youtube reviews (not the ones that are made for olicity obviously, because imo, youtube olicity fans went a little bit way over their heads as well). show me a review site that has more laurel fans than not. come on.

@ reindeer

LOL really why watch the show if not for the comic book stuff

@ Michael

LOL? really? why watch the show if you already know what's gonna happen?


I never hated Laurel, but i do think the writers didn't do well with her character. Oliver and Laurel = Clark and Lois WTF? Maybe in comics to some extend, but not even there, they were always on and off, never epic like Clark and Lois. But in Arrow Oliver and Laurel are absolutely horrible. If they make her go back to him after what he did to her with Sara...

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

For the record, I hated her before we found out she was a super villain.


I don't think my eye holes line up properly. Is anyone else having this problem?