Castle Photo Gallery: The Hunt for the Truth

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How will Castle kick off May Sweeps?

With the investigation into a dead man that takes an unexpected turn when it's revealed that Beckett was conducting her own private surveillance investigation on him... in connection to her mother's murder.

Major Twist Alert!

Did Castle know about Kate's secret mission? Did she keep Kevin and Javier in the dark? And how will Capt. Gates react when it all hits the fan?

Worse yet, Beckett's connection to the victim may end up making her a suspect. Can she and Rick survive a manhunt in order to clear themselves.

Check out these photos from Castle Season 6 Episode 22, "Veritas," which will air Monday, May 5 on ABC.

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Did castle really die


Did castle really die or jumped out before dying tell me plz I need to know


A new "Heat" novel will be available Sept. 16th, 2014. You can pre-order RAGING HEAT on Amazon now.


I just noticed on Amazon that Castle is coming out with a new Derek Storm Novel soon. What happened to the Nikki Heat series? Isn't he due for a new Nikki Heat soon or are they ending the Castle series with episode 23 on May 12th? I have no interest in Derek Storm and literally he is a dead issue! Bring back the salacious Nikki Heat books!

Castle Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm not going to stand by while my mother's murderer becomes President of the United States.


Beckett: I love you.
Castle: Yeah, well you better. It's two weeks to the wedding and it's too late to return the tux.