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As anyone who has spent far too much of their life thinking about a stranger named Dan Harmon knows, the Community creator is obsessed with narrative--particularly the concept of the "monomyth."

Whether it was a statement on his own passion for the subject, a nod to those of us who have logged a truly shocking number of hours hearing about this topic his Harmontown podcast, or both, Community Season 5 Episode 12 was a meta-statement on the monomyth--to the point of Abed openly pointing something out as the "call to adventure," the first step in the monomythical journey.

The monomyth contains 17 separate of which we're going to go over right now (try to wipe the look of relief off your face, please).

But the episode's explanation of its own narrative workings--a lifting of the hood, so to speak--offered some excellent insight into the role narrative plays not just in our favorite TV shows, but our own lives.

Why decide to get spontaneously married to someone you've run pretty hot and cold to over the course of five years (or seasons...whatever)?

On this show and in life, it's all about the forward-momentum of narrative; it's why the study hall gang does dumb things, and it's also why we do dumb things. Crisis is movement, and though we're loathe to admit it, it feels better than just laying around.

For my money, there is zero chance that Jeff and Britta will really get married, just like there's zero chance of Greendale becoming a Sandwich University (unless this really is a trip over into the Darkest Timeline).

It's all just a master class in what makes a story a story, and how stories are what makes us human. Which, when you think of it, can be said about Community the show, as well.

Not to discount the whole episode as some kind of intellectual exercise--it was among the seasons funniest, peppered with strong Community quotes and jokes about the terrible fate of the first dean of Greendale.

But the half hour's auto-deconstruction made me want to go back to the beginning of the show, and re-watch every episode through this lens. What step is the show at on this journey, overall? And where will it end up???

But seriously:

Are Jeff and Britta actually going to get married?


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Sarah silva

I would love to see Jeff and Britta get married. I like them together way more than I like Jeff and Annie.
I am looking forward to the finale and seeing how they get Subway to back out of the deal. Will there really be treasure underneath Greendale or will they come up with another way to have Subway back out?


To come full circle it should be Jeff/Britta since he started the study group to have sex with her. In the five years, they're back in the same spot but have matured enough to go to the next level.. In my opinion, Annie/Jeff was a misdirect besides being a touch creepy. Jeff and Britta having near misses in the past actually speaks to is as if they want it but back out because of their fear of commitment. And its never been just a sex thing with them....she was in love with him, they're friends who care for each other. In her own kooky way she was there for him when he visited his father, possibly the most emotionally terrifying time of his life. And whenever they face off against each other, there is always passion. Remember the knock knock floor fight? And the biggest clue of all....Abed who is the sanest person of the whole group has always seen them together.

@ Farah

Ditto everything you said! I've always wanted Jeff and Britta to end up together - they have always had a weird, passionate chemistry. And I agree that the Jeff/Annie thing is a little creepy...there's at least a 16-17 year age difference there, which actually seems like more because Annie still seems 19 to me. The episodes where they eluded to something between them always weirded me out a little. Overall, I found this ep a bit boring, but I'm fascinated to see what happens with Jeff & Britta.


I just... Jeff and Britta? So, is that the path for Jeff? I can't keep up. One of my favourite episodes was Jeff and Annie being "pretend married" and so many other scenes with those two seemed to be something. It has me wanting them to get together. So, Jeff and Britta... I feel like they're characters on two different pages that quickly get cut to casually sleeping together. Then nothing. Cut to out of nowhere casually sleeping together once again. Then nothing. Bar stare = professing love. Nothing. Marriage proposal. Um. So, what this season has told me is that all the other Jeff and Annie "stuff" is meaningless. I think. :/


I love Dan Harmon but I have never been so bitterly pissed off about Jeff's love life as I was tonight. Jeff and Annie have been teased for so long now that I thought this might finally be the moment that things happen between them. She's not a school girl anymore and she's really matured. It is Annie that is in Jeff's heart and I at least want to see them really acknowledge it. They came so close with the quarter episode.


Since Jeff/Britta have had this running gag of getting married several times now, I'm almost of the belief that Harmon will actually make that happen. Just because it's been such a fake-out everytime, but to actually have them go through with it? I think it'll be hilarious, but also sweet. I think they're a great match together.

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Community Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

I should go clean out my locker...she said at the age of 33.


Britta: What's an insurance appraiser?
Annie: Something that sounds normal and boring, but is actually scary, like a raised mole, or a turkey deep-fryer.