Continuum Review: Can the Future Survive Two Alecs?

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As Current Alec is straying farther from the man Kiera needs him to be in the future, Continuum Season 3 Episode 3 starts to point to him as the Alec that will have to go.

Or does it?

It's kind of sad, really, because CAlec (can we go with that for now?) is still so wide-eyed and innocent. He even took the news that Escher was his father relatively well.

It helped that Escher left him controlling interest in Piron and made his dreams come true, but that's also why I think he won't be able to create the future Kiera needs in this timeline.

At the beginning of the hour, Kiera was chatting with Freelancer Catherine and she thought things seemed like they were going in the direction of her future. If she looks really hard, she has to know that's not the case. Alec coming back in time really messed things up. 

CAlec having so much technology at his fingertips and being a happy guy will surely keep him from making the same decisions that he did to create SadTech. Now that both corporations are in the family, however, one has to wonder if there will be a good and evil Alec and CAlec (which is which is unknown at this point) with one running his father's business and one running his own. It seems like a viable possibility, even though Alec doesn't think CAlec should know about him.

Alec choosing to out himself as a future version of himself to Emily was pretty ballsy. What CAlec does with his newfound information about her Maya Hartwell criminal identity could also flip everything between the Alecs even more topsy turvy than it already is. 

Emily/Maya was put into a pretty good position, really. There are two versions of the guy she loves. If one turns on her she can land in the other ones arms. Or is there information that could turn Alec against her, too, leaving her without either?

Liber8 was busily getting their terrorist hands on civilians and turning them into remote controlled drones and explosives. That was truly terrible to witness. Kidnapping a handicapped guy was bad enough, but to see them drilling holes in their backs to implant the robots was horrifying. There was tech in the bank vaults that seemed to come from another timeline. Who else might be wandering around with tech? Will we encounter even more versions of characters we already know?

I didn't much like Lucas before he was taken away but prison didn't do him any good, did it? Even Travis is repulsed by him and he used to be fond of killing. It seems like something might be happening within the Liber8 organization that could turn the tides and that will be far more difficult for Kiera to manipulate than the two Alecs.

Carlos just wants everything he has seen recently to go away. Who can blame him? He's with Kiera, but Kiera is also dead. He keeps picturing her dead body, but there she is in front of him. They're not easy waters to navigate and I'm glad he decided to smash the crap out of a bad buy without robotics instead of holding it in and doing something he might really regret.

I'm really excited at all of the possibilities opening up, not only with the two Alecs but the idea of both companies being in the hands of an Alec. Would the timeline survive if the Alecs remained alive if both companies continued on their chosen paths? Couldn't one of them stand in for Escher's role in building the future or will that fall to someone like Kellog? I can't wait to find out.

Is there a chance Kiera will let both Alecs live?


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I do so feel bad for Kiera and the decisions facing her. I mean, her heart is with Alec as she knows he is the one she knows, but he is also the one who betrayed her. But on yet another hand, he is clearly the Alec she has met in the future. But CaAlec (thank you for that, I was having trouble, I'm hoping they took note of the make up of Dylan O'Brien in Teen Wolf because you could almost always tell Stiles and the Nogistune, I mean his whole demeanor was different and that was actually amazing) is so innocent and is likely to still be on board with getting Kiera home, though she has to recognize the 2077 that is being created is not her home anymore. I wonder other than knowing she has a dark past, does Alec know the details of Emily's past? I think he saw her kick some butt, but I don't think I knew that much about her . I actually think Alec might be able to see the value of her. I almost wonder if this Carlos needs the introduction of Julien and all of that avenue of information (including that Betty is a mole!!) would kick some of his doldrums out. Or maybe he gets recruited by the Freelancers as I was taking it that he helped basically found Liber8. I am glad they are reintroducing this aspect of Travis. He and Kiera are basically the opposite sides of the same coin and he just is more resentful of the things he was made to do (which I bet Kiera is getting close to). But, I guess I have always kind of like Travis and Garza, but I kind of hate Lucas and Sonya (is that her name?).

@ Kate

The thing with Alec and CAlec is that they are essentially the same person. If he plays them too differently right now, it wouldn't make a lot of sense. Stiles and the Nogitsune were good and evil, so that was easier. Maybe as these two separate their personalities a bit it will be easier than a dark hoodie. I'm afraid Carlos might kill Betty now if he finds out she's engaged with Liber8. He's not really into criminals at this particular point, given his Kiera being dead. Totally agree on Travis and Garza. The other two are the morally empty terrorists I wouldn't want anywhere near me. And yes, her name is Sonya.

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It feels like the future I come from started here.


Kiera: These robberies started after Lucas escaped. What does he bring to the party that nobody else does?
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