Continuum Review: Two Isn't Better Than One

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Time travel is really complicated. Let's just get that out of the way right up front.

If you haven't been watching Continuum, then you've been missing out - and it's time to catch up because Continuum Season 3 Episode 1 didn't waste any time trying to explain to newcomers what the hell was going on, any more than it intended to explain to you in detail the ins and outs of the space time continuum. 

You just need to jump in and get your feet wet!

This hour was presented brilliantly... with very few hiccups. Kiera found herself in her little glass cage captured by the Freelancers and Alec was off in a new timeline-- one week previous to the events from the end of Continuum Season 2.

Continuum Season Premiere Pic

Kiera's time in the cage was brief, as the Freelancer's realized Alec's abandoning of their timeline meant it was about to disappear. Since he removed himself from the line, everything he later achieved in the timeline (such as inventing time travel) ceases to exist in short order. The Freelancers, it turns out, aren't the big bad, but rather the guardians of the timeline. Traveling through it is prohibited unless for extreme purposes.

They explain to Kiera the only way she'll ever find her way back is to help them by going to the new timeline Alec created to try to fix his mistakes. Some people live and die without consequence. Alec isn't one of them and apparently, they're realizing, Kiera isn't one either. She's necessary. 

It takes her a while to agree to work with them and in the interim she makes an escape attempt with Garza. They make a good team. Although Garza was fairly lethal, there was always something about her that made her appealing. She wasn't rotten to the core, but perhaps misunderstood. Garza sacrifices herself trying to create a diversion for Kiera and her fate is sealed.

I was a little confused about the current, disintegrating timeline because Freelancer Curtis Chen was alive after having been killed by Kiera last season. He mentioned he would explain that, but I think I missed it. Other than the removal of Alec in the timeline, what else had changed?

Kiera agrees to work on behalf of the Freelancers, learning there are two Alec Sadlers in the new past timeline and there will be two Kieras. Her job will be to determine which Alec will be the one to go on to create the future they need to keep the timeline in tact (as in tact as it can be since it's fairly frakked up). What will she do with the other Alec?

When Alec lands a week earlier in what becomes our new baseline for the series, he buries his time ball under some brush in a park (and he's a genius?). Then he strikes out to find Emily. He's thinking mainly with the little brain, but once he finds Emily and assures her that he loves her no matter what and -- Hey! Let's go to Thailand! -- he remembers Kiera.

He settles things so that Kiera doesn't get set up for Gardiner's murder, Travis never gets his hands on the second suit, Kellog gets angry at the news of what Escher has accomplished and sets him up for a great fall. Whether Alec imagined Kellog would have Emily kill Escher? Who knows. He probably didn't care thinking they'd be off in Thailand.

I'm assuming Jason (Alec's son) is keeping FauxAlec (what else can we call him at this point, poor bastard?) busy while original Alec takes care of business since he found him on the street. Other assumptions are that Carlos and Betty are fine as wine since that timeline's Kiera is no longer in trouble.

As this is going down, our Kiera arrives in her massive time machine and immediately frees Garza after sharing a story she couldn't know unless they had experienced something deeply personal. Garza will likely be an ally of Kiera and be free of Liber8's clutches down the line. Kiera then surrenders to the Freelancers and through the verified dots on her hand she's now a part of their group(ish). She can always use more people on her team.

The thing is, Kiera is a little different. She's not the happy go lucky Kiera who thought she was close to going home. Alec betrayed her for a teen's wet dream and now she has to deal with two of them. Back in Alec's lair he discovers Kiera dead, a bullet through the head. He's distraught and apologizing, weeping that he's sorry and he changed something. But did he change something that got her killed?

I'm betting that Kiera killed herself. She did wonder if she might be her best ally, but in thinking it over, she could have also realized that she might be her biggest hindrance. She would have to agree with herself about everything. She has a lot more knowledge about things than she did even a week ago causing her decision-making scope to be off kilter. In order to have full, unfettered access to all of the information she needs, she has to be Kiera Cameron. Running interference with herself won't work.

I could be wrong.

How is it going to play out with two Alecs? One a little hardened, a murderer after seeing his girlfriend killed. A time traveler. The other betrayed by himself. His girlfriend stolen out from under his nose -- by himself. How can that end well?

Kiera is pissed and she has a right to be. I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the always incredible Rachel (Mrs. Kershaw) Nichols. She solidly plays Kiera but allows her supporting players to shine as well. We can always use another show with a strong, yet compassionate woman who can kick some ass.

This is going to be an amazing season. 

Which Alec will usher them to the right future?


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I thought at first she killed herself, but Travis could have done it too since we probably didn't have his actions disrupted and he did enter Kellogg's lair there and got the second suit...didn't he? I think even though she is mad at him, Kiera will be trying to save her Alec (the one she came face to face with and who is screwing with the timeline) even though that timeline's Alec is innocent and hasn't made the decisions yet (I don't know if he has even met Escher yet). I mean, we will be too especially since we spent like no time with this timeline's Alec. But I think Kiera will have a hard time actually killing FauxAlec, as pissed as she is, he is kind of like her little brother. I don't know if we will see Travis (he was killed off Arrow earlier in the season) or even Julien (I am thinking he might not be long for the 100). My only big concern...Continuum has almost made is a running joke that they don't think too hard about the timeline issues, like I remember at least three conversations where some character has started a conversation about it and the other has just basically shrugged. Like basically Kellogg and Kiera never really focused on why Kellogg is still around after his grandmother was killed other than just being like okay...and I distinctly remember Carlos trying to engage Kiera about it.

@ Kate

The Freelancers basically addressed the timeline issue with their tree. Once you step into a new timeline, you're in it from then on. Two of you can exist because you're completely new to it and a different version of yourself. So Alec isn't really Jason's father because Jason isn't Jason yet. It's all interconnected but not the same. Unless you're necessary, like Alec. If Alec leaves a line it crumbles because of his impact on it. Kellog had no such impact and leaving it didn't make a difference. So even when Kiera Returns to her timeline, it might not necessarily be the exact timeline she's returning to. It would have to be to the nanosecond, and what are the odds of that? It's a cool way of looking at time, really.


Time travel shows are always confusing and need multiple watches to get them...


"As this is going down, our Kiera arrives in her massive time machine and immediately frees Garza after sharing a story she couldn't know unless they had experienced something deeply personal." I have to go back and watch again but I think the story that Kiera told Garza was the one that mentioned when they were running through the halls during the original escape (which is where Kiera gained the knowledge to tell Garza how to get to the outlet that Garza dove from). Also, the time traveling Alec had nothing to do with the Gardner killing frame-up not occurring - That was due to Kiera telling the 1 week before Freelances to not frame her.

@ bobr

By "experiencing something deeply personal" I'm alluding to their escape attempt and Garza telling Kiera her story which she wouldn't have done under normal circumstances. She said something like "Remember the time you were caught at the end of the team that got outflanked and survived? This is like that." I think what Alec said to Carlos at the precinct already set the stage for Kiera not be in trouble for Gardiner, because he was there before the Freelancers had any idea who she was.

@ Carissa Pavlica

The story that Garza reveals to Kiera was about when Garza recommended to her superior about making a flanking attempt. Garza had apparently tripped and fell, which is why she fell behind and wasn't captured with the rest of her team. Man, I thought I knew what was going on at the end of last season but this season premier, it has sent my head spinning.


Nice review. It's Alec Sadler though not Sandler.

@ Chris

Whoops! Typo. Thanks for catching it. I had a devil of a time typing Alec, too, because my fingers wanted to type Alex!

@ Carissa Pavlica

I know the feeling. Years of watching Will & Grace make me automatically Alex Adler (like Grace Adler Designs), rather that Sadler.

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