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John Ross was told he was just like his father often in Dallas Season 3 Episode 6.

At times he appeared to aspire to the comparison while at others he regretted it. But one thing was for certain: As he told Sue Ellen, you hear that enough eventually you start to believe it. 

Was John Ross right? Were Sue Ellen's decisions being fueled by alcohol and did she go too far in helping Bobby make an end run around her own son?

What was sad was that, although John Ross felt his mother's attack was personal, he couldn't see how his threatening Southfork was equally personal to Bobby. 

Apparently, having Bobby become the Railroad Commissioner could end up being more fun that originally expected, especially after his conversation with Nicolas…

Bobby: There's nothing dishonorable about making sure that every single rule and regulation is followed to the letter of the law. Is there?
Nicolas: Take your best shot Mr. Ewing.
Bobby: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Both the girls and boys nights out were fun for different reasons. I loved that there was an office pool about Candace's short skirts and tight outfits and that Elena had pictures.

And when Emma told Pamela that John Ross loved her, I believe she meant it. I think she even believed it when she said John Ross wouldn't cheat on his wife, at least not with a bimbo like Candace. As she said, Emma wants to be his only other woman. 

The boys night out was interesting because of the blast from the past. I can recall when Carter McKay waged a war against the Ewings on their own property after he took control of Ray's section of the ranch.  Now his grandson is more interested video games than war games with anyone, including Ewings.

Of course, the only reason that Hunter McKay seemed to be there was to give John Ross the idea to take Ewing Global public. That entire plot requires a certain amount of suspension of disbelief.

Taking a company public is a complicated process that can take years. It would never happen quickly enough to get the cash for those leases no matter how many votes John Ross had. But this is TV, so we'll have to set that aside and move on.

John Ross finally felt as though he had what he needed to move this deal forward, only to have his mother pull the rug out from under him once again.

I was so proud of John Ross when he turned down Candace, although I wish he would have fired her for failure to keep her clothes on. It was a shame that Sue Ellen misinterpreted what she saw.

When a drunk Sue Ellen turned on him later, he was really hurt. Sue Ellen really does seem to be plagued by the ghost of JR and all of the pain his lying and cheating caused her.

Unfortunately, she's making the wrong person pay for it, as John Ross asked in this Dallas quote

I'm your son. Do you remember that or are you too damned addled to remember who I am?

John Ross

It made me wonder how many times he'd watched his mother get drunk while growing up. The wounds run deep for both of them. But John Ross was right. Sue Ellen was quick to blame him and his father for her drinking but that's all on her. 

There's so much pain there, on both sides. Sue Ellen's addiction to alcohol has always been a slippery slope and this time John Ross used it to his advantage. As Sue Ellen was led away in an ambulance to have a psychological evaluation, I couldn't help but recall how JR had her locked up when she was drunk and pregnant with John Ross. 

Sue Ellen is locked up against her will as history repeats itself once again. What do you think? Is John Ross just like his father?


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Is this a mid season finale coming up or regular season finale? I can't believe John Ross stooped to the level he did, but on the other hand as was the theme of this episode, he is just like his father...................no matter how he tries to sugar coat it. I was actually surprised he sent Candace packing.........however, Elena has a tape of this ........will she show it to Pamela and show it where it suits what she's after?


I wish they had more john ross pamela scenes! And I am waiting for pamela to find out about him&emma but I hope that doesn't mean the End of johnross&pamela because I love them as a couple- they are perfect for each other& I do believe he loves her despite his greed for power. Sue Ellen is confusing him with JR because of her own demons. Brilliant season so far can't believe only 2 more episodes& then nothing until August! Wish they'd show them one shot-May help keep the viewers interested&give the show better ratings. Network think about it!


When will we get the real Pamela back . OMG WHEN WILL PAMELA COME BACK to us. With Her own Story lines and More Air Time.
The Scene with John Ross and Sue Ellen was very good .


I think John Ross is worse than his father. Miss Ellie would have torn JR 957 different versions of a new one if he had EVER tried to put her away!


Very interested in what Elena is going to do with the info that John Ross is having an affair with Emma. I'm even more curious to see Pamela's reaction to being deceived by John Ross and Emma.
Major dumb move on Chris's part to tell Elena what they know about Nicholas' past. She hasn't given an overwhelming amount of evidence that she is working in the best interest of the Ewings. Not to mention, that Chris knows Elena is seeing Nicholas.


I can't believe you did not talk about 2 majors things that happened! The shift in power in the relationship with Emma and John Ross and how it will probably played out in his defense against Ryland twisted plot (with Candace) to have him framed! (i.e.: a recording from Elena and nicolas that he did not do anything to Candace saving him from jail I guess,in exchange of an alliance for Ewing stakes in the company or something like that. while they will still get him in the end because they also have him fooling Pamela on camera.


They are doing solid work on this show but on the surface, the ratings seem low.. It's tough for a totally serialized show like Dallas to make much headway... Tough to get new audience..

Frank filipek

Great episode. Linda Gray deserves an Emmy for her performance.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I may be drunk on power but you, you're just drunk.

John Ross

You would cheat on your wife and start a war within this family just to get your deal done, wouldn't you. You're trying so hard to fill JR's shoes. You've become drunk on power.

Sue Ellen