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On the winter finale, Dallas Season 3 Episode 8, Pamela sees the video of John Ross and Emma. She's furious when she finds out that Sue Ellen and Ann knew and didn't tell her. She lashes out at Sue Ellen who hits the bottle.

Bobby is furious with Annie for not telling him and he kicks Emma out.

Elena rethinks her plan for revenge against the Ewings but when Nicolas worries she's slipping away, he pokes holes in her diaphragm before they make love.

Annie goes to Harris to make sure he'll protect Emma. When she shares how angry she is with Bobby, Harris kisses her.

Pamela interrupts John Ross and Emma in their hotel room. In a shocking twist, she's wearing lingerie under her coat and offers to join in. As the three begin to have sex, Pamela has a seizure. Turns out she took a bottle of pills before arriving. Emma calls 911 as John Ross starts CPR.

Bo takes son Michael out of school without permission. Heather and Christopher search for them. When Bo is approached by the police he puts up a fight and runs. Michael is returned to Heather and Christopher tells her he wants to take their relationship to the next level.

Blaming the Ewings for his trouble, Bo heads to Southfork and sets it on fire. Bobby and Christopher rush inside not knowing who is there. Sue Ellen is passed out drunk on the floor as the flames engulf the house. 

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I think the shock value of the threesome and Judith snorting coke were what made the show great (we dont expect to see a woman of that age and position do)! What are you expecting from the night time soap that held some of the worst and most watched plots of the past than again Dallas! I do agree to build the past links with the characters we loved to watch then and still now (que Gary and X Ewing Abby as friend to Bobby and foe to Judith)!


Watched in horror last night season 3 finale. What a mess - a threesome, Sue Ellen drinking, Bobby's wife kissing her old husband. Please get JR back from the dead to make the show good again. Season 1 and 2 were great but not 3. If you do not get good writing and guest stars from the old show this will be the end of Dallis


Dallas Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Bobby: Over my dead body, boy.
John Ross: Don't tempt me Uncle Bobby.

I let you take one wall pretty soon all of Southfork is coming down.