Game of Thrones Review: Justice Trumps Mercy

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We caught back up with Dany and company to start this week off on Game of Thrones.

Thanks to Grey Worm, Meereen fell from the inside out. When it came to deciding the fate of its slave owner inhabitants, Dany took a page out of John Kreese's handbook and showed them no mercy.

Dany crucifying the 163 slave owners as retribution for what they did to as many slave children was the right move.

Dany's reputation is still growing throughout the seven kingdoms. We know her to be a kind leader of her people, but she was smart to send a message like she did on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4. It marked a pivotal point in her march to the throne, the significance of which was emphasized by the shot of her flag flying from the city heights.

As Tyrion got a visit from Jaime, he went for broke and asked his brother to bust him out of prison. Jaime refused, still clinging to some sense of duty to the throne. He doesn't want the book to close on his legacy yet.

By sending Brienne to uphold his oath, he showed he possesses the character to be remembered for something other than slaying the Mad King, though. His farewell to Brienne was both touching and humorous, but still lingering was the stain from his controversial rape scene with Cersei.

I want to believe the good in his twisted heart can someday straighten him out, but for the moment any good will he shows comes with an asterisk if you ask me.

Tyrion: So, should I turn around and close my eyes?
Jaime: Depends, did you do it?
Tyrion: The King Slayer Brothers, you like it? I like it. You really asking if I killed your son?
Jaime: You really asking if I'd kill my brother?

Another man of many faces is Little Finger, who revealed his involvement in Joffrey's murder to Sansa this week. He also gave her a lesson that Sun Tzu would have appreciated:

A man with no motive is a man no one suspects. Always keep your foes confused.


Back on land, Olenna also came clean and let Margaery in on her secret. We continued to see just how complex and powerful a player Olenna is. Despite being engaged to a Targaryen, which was all the rage back then, she seduced her sister's husband-to-be. Margaery may prove to be even better at the game than her grandmother, though.

I liked how she didn't just throw herself at Tommen. Her brand of seduction looked like it will be rather effective with the young future king, who has a much softer heart than his brother. A sign of which was the appearance of Sir Pounce, who may or may not be the same cat who plays Lord Tubbington on Glee.

Back at the wall, Jon Snow had himself a little Jerry Maguire moment as he looked for volunteers to go with him to Craster's Keep. No sign of Dorothy Boyd, but a good number of men stood up for him. Among those was Locke, whose skill with a sword will be valuable - but he only joined the fight to find Jon's lost brothers.

There is a new master at Craster's Keep, yet things are just as despicable inside its walls, as we saw Karl drinking from the skull of his former Lord Commander. His new prized prisoners will make things even more interesting when Jon Snow and his men arrive on the scene.

Jon will be excited to see Ghost as I was. Was it me or was that best we've seen Ghost and Summer look on the show?

Ghost's glowing eyes made me wonder if perhaps the series is using some new CGI. Either way, I 'm glad to see the remaining direwolves return to the fold. Here's to hoping Bran wargs back into Summer at some point and does work on Rast and the others who were torturing Hodor. Either that or have Hodor hulk out and do it himself.

As the episode came to a close, another major question was answered, as we saw just what the white walkers have been doing with Craster's babies. I knew they could bolster their numbers by turning the dead into wights, but it had remained a question as to how actual white walkers were created.

This was a big revelation about one of the least known aspects of the show.

Dany continues to look impressive and the favorite to come out of the East, but the North is the most stacked conference in Westeros. Those updating their Game of Thrones brackets certainly were forced to rethink their picks after this week.

Who are you currently giving the best odds to come out on top?

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cersei you are such a two faced horrid bitch...I wish you were rather dead than your bastard son...but oh well...someone must like you enough to keep you around...I do hope you are suffering...for all the suffering you caused the starks, you still can't get enough...if it was not for daenerys, tyrion or arya, then I would not have been watching this show at all. they have been seen as the underdogs and I pray that they will rise and bring those that deserve it to justice, as greyworm so aptly put it in this episode when he went to free the slaves: "valar morghulis"


I really enjoyed that episode ! Sure it lacked the panache of the previous 3, but nonetheless was great.
I think Dany's "justice" made sense. She was right to do it, the freed slaves deserves to see their captors suffer the way they children did. Now we can move on !
It was so nice to see Grey Worm talking and all. Ha he does like that girl.
Now Olenna, I knew how it all went down for Joffrey and who did it. The way they used Sansa was different but still similar. Margery's face when she realized what truly happened was priceless. Loved it. Olenna's little tale on how she snatched her sister's fiancee was interesting. Her "I was good, really good. But you are better" was awesome. And indeed Margery has some nice game of her own. Loved her interaction with Tommen. She did seduce him, but not in an "adult" way. I cannot wait to see more.
Jaimie and Tyrion's talk was really interesting. Loved it. Cersei and Jaimie are done now. He knows Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey and realized that Cersei just wants Tyrion dead.
Now Jaimie and Brienne ? LOVED LOVED LOVED ! I will miss these 2 together. Podrick, what a loyal little lad. That was a sad moment when he said goodbye to Tyrion. I cannot wait to see how Brienne and him interact.
Jon needs to get to his brother asap ! Man, the whole part beyond the wall was plain wrong. Now, that was rape what happened to the Craster's girls. The drinking from Mormont's skull was just... yeah, disgusting. Poor Hodor as well...
Cannot wait to see how Bran gets out of that situation.
AND the White Walkers took that baby and di what ? Thurned it into one of their own ! Does it mean that they grow older and all ? I'm intrigued...


Certain things got away from the book but I enjoyed it anyway. Whenever the next book comes I will forget half of what was in the last book I guess it's ok to get some spoilers from the show


I also loved the dialog between the two brothers, especially when Tyrion said"she hasn't killed anyone yet!" Waiting & hoping for Snow to meet up with his brothers!


1) I liked the scene in which Ser Selmy asked Daenerys to show mercy, and the look on his face when she decided not to. The mother of dragons has to learn a lot about diplomacy if she ever wants to rule the kingdoms for longer than a few months. 2) Tyrion's and Jamie's dialogue was great, but I liked the last sentence the most. Tyrion stated Sansa hasn't killed anyone... yet!! 3) Littlefinger already starting to teach Sansa about hidden schemes and political tactics. And Sansa slowly beginning to understand the game of thrones.

@ San

I too thought that 2- was quite a nice twist. Very interesting indeed.
3) Sansa is smart but was always so naive. She is starting to harden. And with it, cunning senses are starting to show. I cannot wait to see how they develop her character in the show.

@ Emy

Sansa will need development in that area. They are heading for the Eyrie, she will need "smarts" in dealing with Lysa,

@ rush

I know !!! Lysa, what an awful/crazy woman ! I cannot wait !

C f ohara
@ San

I think Dany knows plenty about diplomacy and what she doesn't know Jorah does. He has never shied away from speaking his mind to her, so if he thought she was making a bad move I think he would have spoken up. She had to show her followers she is capable of handing out justice. Her army is one of freed slaves. Seeing those 163 crucified slave children I'm sure had them all wanting blood as well. Now is not the time for hand holding. She needs to get the throne, then she can put down the sword and be more diplomatic.

@ Chris O'Hara

Don't you mean Ser Selmy ? Jorah is the other one...

@ Emy

No, Chris said, Jorah didn't speak up, meaning, I took it to indicate that he (Jorah) agrees with her "Justice."


For readers, the moment that Jon said he knew about Brans travel was the WTF moment of the whole TV series
Dany, are you sure u are mentally sane, or u have more conections with Viserys and Aerys?
Sam, thats why u never sent gilly to that village
Tyrion, u are the "little brother" of Cercei
Cercei, u are the monument of golddiggers
The boltons try to infiltrate someone in the Night watch? again WTF?


Game Of Thrones: Oath-Keeper. Hmmmm, well, I love it, I hated it...after watching this weeks production, I think I wish now, that I haven't read the books. The reveal at the end regarding the White Walkers was intriguing, to say the least. Would that be consider a reverse spoiler? Maybe GRRM green-lit the reveal because maybe he realizes he won't finish his book series. Certain scenes during last nights episode really swayed wayyy far away of the book, here is hoping they at least stay within canon. Loved Jamie and Tyrion's interlude, Margaery's face upon realizing the truth in Joffery's death, enjoyed Tommen's late night surprise. Locke at the wall, remember he was commissioned by Roose Bolton to locate Bran and Rickon. Not my favorite episode, but still, very, very worthy.

@ rush

Oh my god, you're totally right! I was asking myself the entire time 'who's this guy and why does he seem so familiar...'. He's also the one who cut off Jamie's hand, right?

@ San

Locke, the little bugger ! I kept telling myself that I wasn't crazy, that this was Lord Bolton's man, the one who cut Jamie's hand. But it didn't make any sense as he is not even supposed to be anywhere near Castle Black... But it is him. Very strange. But oh well !

@ San

Another thing so different from the book, In the book saga, Lockes was not even closer to the swamps of the house Reed lands

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Tyrion: So, should I turn around and close my eyes?
Jaime: Depends, did you do it?
Tyrion: The King Slayer Brothers, you like it? I like it. You really asking if I killed your son?
Jaime: You really asking if I'd kill my brother?

Sansa's not a killer. Not yet anyway.