Game of Thrones Wedding Pics: Death Becomes Him

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Talk about a major Game (of Thrones) changer!

On Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2, the HBO drama killed off its main villain, as King Joffrey Baratheon... not via the sword of one of his many sworn enemies, but via a poisoned glass of wine.

On his wedding day, no less!

Who is the culprit? 

Olenna Tyrell, hoping to set her granddaughter up with the ultimate power in Westeros? Prince Oberyn, as an act of revenge? The team of Dontos/Sansa, as a means to her ending her stay in King's Landing?

While viewers ponder the possibilities, let's take a moment to relive the final few moments of King Joffrey's life.

Love him, hate him or really, really, really hate him, one of television's greatest antagonists has joined the list of recent shocking small screen deaths... 


OBLIGATORY NOTE: If you have read the books, please do not be a jerk and spoil this mystery for fans of the TV show.

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It was his mom. Hear me out, she's mad because she can't control his new woman, it's talked about repeatedly in the episode. Then it's repeatedly brought up that she will no longer be the Queen regent, her father even says at the wedding better her than you. She did it to remain in control.

@ Crystal Larrison

And she knew she would be in trouble for ordering the food be fed to the dogs, if the new queen were to remain queen, but she knew she wasn't going to remain queen....


Say what you will but you have to applaud Jack Gleeson. It's got to be pretty hard to know that everyone who knows who you are hates your guts. He's taken the role of Joffrey in stride, and I have a lot of respect for him for that. And I think Lady Olenna did it. I think Littlefinger must have had something to do with it as well, due to Sansa being escorted out of the capital. I wouldn't be surprised if they both had a hand in Joffrey's demise.


Who cares who did,it, he or she should get a medal for killing that f-ing puny sociopath - I have never enjoyed watching someone die on a tv show as much as I did with Joffery, it was a pure delight.and the icing on the cake was that his mother witnessed it also. Oh I love this show.......

@ Jonas

Yes!!! I felt the same way. I was so glad he died. I could stand to look at him for another episode. I feel bad for the actor though. Because if most people are like me they won't like him in anything based on his character on GoT


i was wondering about rickon myself. when i watched for the second time i noticed joffrey sat his cup down in front of olenna before having tirion fill it again. we shall see!

@ debbie

Yes, but Tyrion picked up Margaery's cup to fill..


It was the Red Witch! Last season she burnt the 3 false kings, all of which died.


Lady Olenna and Peyter 'Littlefinger' Balish


As a reader, i know who did it, (at least on the books) but the real question is, who are gonna live until the season finale?
And a more important question, where the hell rickon is?

@ cthun

as a book reader you should know we're not going to see rickon for a long time. It wouldn't surprise me if they end up recasting him.


Even though I read the books (a long time ago), Joffrey's death came as a shock. My money's on Oberyn, who has sworn revenge. The thing is: the agent of poison might not have been the wine, but the pie or whatever it is he was munching on. Did you notice that right after Joffrey cleaved the dessert with his sword, the camera swung back to the food, only for a moment? This show is not known for making mistakes or having continuity or edit problems. Each act is deliberate and has meaning.

@ Douglas Wolfe

The camera returned to the cake to show that a dove's head had been chopped off, since the doves were inside and the cake wasn't meant to be hacked into. It's probably also symbolic for end of the temporary truce. The cake wasn't poisoned since everyone ate it... but only Joffrey drank that particular glass of wine.

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