Grey's Anatomy Review: Raise Your Glass

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 19, Cristina was nominated for a Harper Avery Award. Let's say it together now: Finally!

While everyone was super excited for her, she was just trying her best to not get too overwhelmed by the possible honor.

I will honestly be shocked if Cristina doesn't win. Heck, I actually think everyone at GSMH will be. Furthermore, I totally understood how even her greatest supporters were a bit jealous. We're only human.

I liked that Meredith planned a champagne toast to hide her seething jealousy as everyone raised their glasses cheering Cristina on. Clever, Mer. 

Once again, medical cases were at the forefront as we learned more about the bubble boy and family with heart conditions from last week's Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18.

While the former storyline has only been done a million times, I still was nervous when the young boy escaped from his protective bubble and ran out into the hallway. I loved what Alex did for the kid with his toy car, and I hope the bubble boy story isn't over just yet.

I feel the same way about the latter, as the doctors still haven't figured out the reasoning behind why the children keep experiencing heart failures. 

Elsewhere, Bailey and Webber worked together to transplant an HIV positive organ. I thought it was predictable when the best friend backed out at first only to change his mind later. The operation sparked something in Bailey and she's ready to step up her game with her genome research.

(By the way, where is Ben?!?)

Thanks to Derek and Callie's new toy that reads emotions, Callie realized she wanted another baby. Arizona wants the same thing and I'm kind of excited for Calzona. Although, I have to say I thought it was so strange that Arizona's first guess as to why Callie wanted to talk to her was because she thought she might have slept with someone else. Say what?!?

Moreover, I would love to play with Derek and Callie's new machine. It's like taking truth serum. Let's see more of this, please!

Other Thoughts:

  • Japril continued to disagree about everyday life issues. I try to care but I just don't. 
  • I'm glad Alex called Dr. Butthole back to let him know that he's considering the offer. Good for him and for us! It'll be fun to see more of Dr. Butthole and see how Alex manages at a private practice.
  • While some of my favorite shows are on hiatus right now, it's so awesome that Grey's Anatomy isn't. I love having back-to-back episodes all season long.
  • Don't forget to return next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, "I'm Winning" was full of medical storylines that kept me interested, but I wouldn't say it was "winning" by any means. It was simply good but not great. 

What was your favorite medical case?

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Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode!
We all know that Christina will win the Harper Avery award.
That is great that Arizona and Callie want another baby.
I see many issues ahead for Jackson and April, they seem to have a good way of dealing with issues so far but the whole money issue is major and lots of couples fight over that! It will be interesting to see how they deal with that. Jackson doing April's laundry was so cute!
Great Owen and Christina scene! I miss them as a couple!


I just rewatched season one and two and I now more than ever miss the good old times. The magic is somehow gone.. Maybe that's just me... but I miss the old heart and drama.
As for now I really like Jackson and April together. I somehow always liked April. She was annoying but in a kind of funny and lovely way. And I think she grew up now and to me Japril is just a cute and lovely couple. That money "issue" seemed like enforced trouble for me, a bit unrealistic and not really needed.


I disagree with the reviewer on this point: I think we have to care about the lifestyle and core issue differences between Jackson and April. Get the feeling this won't end well. Still can't get enough of Yang and Hunt sitting in the space with the steam. Old school


The cardiomyopathy family is going to be Christina's final case and the fact that they are all children is telling of what the writers think of this character. They have great respect for her. She will undoubtedly go down in Grey's fictional history. If you wanted to be a double doctor surgeon, it would be Dr. Yang. It has always been Dr. Yang. She is a M.D.-Ph.D bet some of you missed that. Where will Grey's be without her? Well, Alex and Meredith will have a chance to shine and maybe Jackson and April will get out of this marriage storyline that seems to be bogging them down. The storyline not the marriage. Derek and Meredith did not harp this long on incidentals. They got on with it, we didn't even get a wedding. Move on, already. I've said before that April is brilliant, always has been. They need to give her some medical cases. Anything that will keep them from getting on our nerves. I fear for them, money is one of the number one reasons people divorce whether they have it or not. Since when did she become so finicky about Jackson's money? She's known him seven plus years even lived with him, Alex and Lexie. She must have known some of his habits. The fact that he lives modestly should tell her alot about his character. Its nice to see the residents being residents. fighting over cases and thinking about their futures and where they will be in 10 years. Its a beautiful thing.


hmmm. on the contrary, i really enjoy seeing April and Jackson work out their issues. it's more bearable than watching Stephanie and sometimes Leah. both are unbearable at times. i do not understand why the actor playing Shane is leaving. sigh.


A second couple got married without really knowing each other.
I'm disappointed that Mer's clinical trial seems to be a forgotten SL.
I think Burke will get involved in the children's heart failure cases.

@ uklass

I agree with all of your statements. I hope Meredith's clinical trial is far from over though.


grey's has had such great 80's covers in the last several episodes. did anyone else notice that debbie allen directed this episode and they played a fame cover? what a tribute!!

@ debbie

Actually, debbie allen directed Scandal episode and Kevin McKidd directed that episode, but the fame cover was totally a nice debbie allen reference.


Owen should make a chold with Calzona and then be happy with Cristina

@ b

good idea,Calzona's kid will have a dad, Cristina's not worry Owen have to marry to someone else!

@ b

a child


Unfortunately I now simply cannot disassociate Grey's mother with Scandals's Sally L. I know it's the same actress but the characters are both such jerks that they have now completely cross-contaminated in my head so when I hear all these references to 'my mother' I think about Sally. :-(


How come there was no mention what so ever about the vent scene?

@ Dil

I'm with you Dil

@ Dil

For me, it was definitely an afterthought.

@ Christina Tran

Yeah we know what a Crowen hater you are. At least you admit it.

@ Christina Tran

That scene signified that Owen was the only person she could open up to about being truly excited about the nomination and harbouring hopes fir actually winning as a) it's Owen and b) anything can happen on the vent At least that's what I deduced.

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