Grey's Anatomy Review: Sick Day

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While last week's installment centered around CristinaGrey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18 was all about the totally unpredictable and pesky flu.

Much like the doctors, I am not feeling my best right now. Personally, it's definitely the allergy season that's got me out for the count, as I'll be calling in sick tomorrow.

As for the surgeons, each could have used a sick day because they were exposed to flu-inflected patients. Too bad; it's their duty, though, to push through regardless of how crappy they feel. 

Side note: Call me crazy, but haven't any of the docs considered getting the flu shot? 

Despite claiming that he never gets sick, Derek fell ill while preparing to give a speech on brain mapping. By the way, how cute was it when he was rehearsing with baby Bailey? Thank goodness, McDreamy still found a way to help a young patient.

I absolutely loved that Meredith saved the day and stood in to give Derek's speech while he was resting.  

Elsewhere, we saw several very cool and different medical cases. From a man who refused to put toxins into his body and simply get a Tetanus shot to a youngster who basically was a bubble boy, it's awesome that Shonda and company are still bringing their A-game even after all this time.

Another case that I found intriguing was Cristina's, as she worked with Owen to help a family with two daughters that both had failing hearts. It was no surprise that the son also had similar symptoms, but I'm very curious to find out what's going on with this family.  

Meanwhile, a new physician who knew a thing or two about having fun in the OR introduced Alex to the world of private practice. With perks such as having time to unwind, a hefty salary and even having more time and money to give back, would Alex take the doc up on his offer and consider a change?

Of course, I think that GSMH needs Alex and the grass is always greener on the other side, but I like the possibility of Alex at least trying out something new and totally different. 

Other Thoughts:

  • It's a no-brainer how quickly germs and an infection can spread, but I really liked how it was portrayed in the opening minutes of the installment. Nicely done, writers.
  • I wish I had Arizona's superpower and knew exactly when I was getting sick and how long it would be until I would be perfectly fine again.  
  • Did you know that Grey's Anatomy has its own line of scrubs? How cool is that?! This was news to me as I recently realized that the entire staff at my allergy office sports them. 
  • Don't forget to return next week to chime in our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

All in all, "You Be Illin" was certainly fun and featured a slew of storylines that kept me guessing who'd get sick next. Keep it coming, Grey's Anatomy. I'm stoked to see what else you have up your sleeve. 

Did you enjoy this installment?

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what is up with the Sims-like, alternate reality practice of dr. butthole?


Is it stupid of me to think of Munchausen By Proxy for the Mom of the kids with the heart conditions? When it cut to her on the phone telling her husband not to come, I though maybe it was because she wanted all the sympathy/attention for herself...Just my first thought. Although I have o idea if it is possible for her to do something to cause that type of condition.


WOW!!! AWESOME!!! EPIC!!! Grey's Anatomy is back this week! I loved this episode because it had everything in it, cool medical stories, character development, and there were lessons to be learned from all the doctors and stuff. Love how Meredith and Derek work and get each other. P-E-R-F-E-C-T
I am loving Callie and Jo on ortho, yay!! #BoneBreakers
And they both are involved with a peds surgeon, how awesome is that.
Alex and the sphincter fairy that was CLASSIC AWESOME!!! Alex needs some male friends and that offer was SWEET!! I think he will do it but he will still spend most of his time at the GSM and be in the office when he doesn't have any patients. This opportunity is AMAZING and Alex deserves it. I loved his quote and his face, "This place is disgusting." and "How much do you make, as an attending, your salary?" I loved Arizona's reaction to him. And Alex watching Arizona dance and bop her head in the OR. AWESOME!!! Finally, Alex and Jo at the house doing their finances so adorable!!! Are they living together? Because Jo was going through his mail. They are so getting very very serious. ;) EPIC, AWESOME, AND AMAZING EPISODE!!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT AND CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!

@ ryden20

I loved it too! I also think Alex will at least give the other opportunity some serious thought, especially with the money issues mounting up that Jo mentioned. What was the promise Derek made to Meredith she was referring to? I might have missed something.


Grey's Anatomy could be used when I have to do my Infection Control training next year! LOL

Sarah silva

I guess there is a fine line having a patient that needs major surgery having a doctor who is sick operate on you and then having a high risk of infection or having them make an error because they are sick OR having the surgery put on hold that may also not be a good idea! Tough call.
I know that Webber did not know that Owen told them that if they were sick to go home, but him telling them to stay no matter what was WRONG! In the end Leah staying did not do a lot for the patient and she had to leave when she got sick and then Webber went home at the end when he felt sick!
I too loved that Meredith did a speech when Derek fell ill.
I do not want to see Alex leave but I can see him going over to the private practice so if he does I hope we get that incorporated to episodes next season.
I really like the idea of Jo and ortho, her and Callie make a great team and it was cute to see how excited Callie was, however does that mean that they can only have one ortho surgeon per hospital? If that is the case I do not want to see Jo or Arizona leave.
Once again loved the music, I have to try and download lots of songs from the last few weeks.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I thought we covered the whole not being sick in the OR last season with Bailey and MRSA. You cannot bring germs into the OR, liability aside, it defeats the purpose of scrubbing in the first place when you are an incubus of pathogens. I know every medical person laughed at the the absurdity of this scenario. Come on, Greys. I too liked Alex being woed. Its realistic, they all can't stay and Alex has about a quarter of a million in student loans to pay off. That's the going rate to be a doctor these days. The backstory of Joe and violence is disturbing to say the least. Where are they going with this. She is trained to defend herself, I get that but three men in the hospital. WTF. The story families of children with Cardiomyopathy is unfortunately very realistic. Some families have had as many as five kids come down with this disease. I hope they cover this story with great insight and compassion, otherwise leave it alone. But if anyone can do this story line justice, its Sandra Oh.


i love the 80's covers they've had in the last several episodes!


? !? did anything of any importance happen in the episode ? plot twist ? un-check. character development ? (what's that?!) un-check. unusual medical situation ? un-check. significant set-up for next episode ? uncheck. terrific acting opps ? un-check. etc. ? disgruntled, snoozing audience, here? check.

@ guest

The show was setting up a storyline about families where all their children come down with cardiomyopathy and all the kids may need heart transplants. This is a realistic scenerio unfortunately and can be Christina's best case to date and be her grand finale. You should watch. You might like it

@ guest

If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it or better yet stop watching the show. I thought that this episode was AWESOME and that it had everything. I don't know what your thoughts were on last weeks episode, but that one was SUPER BORING.


I forgot to mention how amazing the music was again. The covers just keep getting better and better!


I thought this episode was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the doctors in the OR when "Atomic Dog" was playing. Arizona shaking her head was priceless.

@ B.C

I completely agree. That was hilarious and I hope to see more of "Dr. Butthole" in the future.


I'm guessing the heart patients will be the reason for Dr Burke's return.

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Meredith: I’m taking my son with me because I don’t want his first word to be hypothalamus.
Derek: There are worst first words.

I still got it. My superpowers are intact.


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