Justified Review: Going For the Jugular

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Darryl isn't a dummy! That's a bit of a surprise.

I've underestimated his smarts since he arrived in Kentucky.  On Justified Season 5 Episode 12, Darryl Crowe proved that he's the smartest of the bunch, while Dewey continued to get himself in trouble with his poor decisions. The future of the Crowe family appears to be in Darryl's hands.

Boyd and Ava's journeys took troubling turns. Their lives are at greater risk than ever before and there's not much they can do to protect themselves. Could Raylan be their best hope for a happy future?

"Starvation" was an excellent penultimate episode. Justified Season 5 has been building to several confrontations and they were all brought to the brink. It's unlikely everyone will make it out unscathed. After the botched drug deal in Mexico, Judith's death and Art's shooting, the Crowders and the Crowes have plenty to be worried about.

The Mexico drug deal wreaked havoc all around. Everyone wants to get their hands on the drugs and the Mexicans want payback for the killings. Wynn Duffy's lie about Boyd would have worked, if only Boyd stayed out of sight until the Mexicans left town. That was a big mistake. 

In the aftermath of Art's shooting and Kendal's confession, Darryl became a target. Raylan believes he's responsible for the shooting and compromised with his team to get the Crowe for drugs. It was a decent plan until Wendy showed up at the barn instead of Darryl.

I never expected Darryl to use Wendy to get the drugs. He's keeping his hands clean and using his family to take the fall for him. She's desperate to protect her son and only gave in because she thought it was the best way to help Kendal. I was glad to see she wised up and didn't go through with it. She shouldn't have to pay for her brother's crimes.

The plan failed, but Raylan had a back up. Boyd had to be a snitch and wear a wire. He wouldn't have agreed, except that the Mexicans spotted him. Snitch or be dead ... Boyd decided to live. Surprise surprise Darryl was saved again only this time by Dewey. 

It will be a sad day when Dewey is locked up again, since he provides some needed comedy relief on the show. Darryl's not as grating to watch as Danny was, but it's annoying to see him succeed at the expense of others. Boyd's also a criminal, but he has a unique charm that makes his conquests endearing, whereas Darryl is just a mean-spirited thug. 

Going into the finale, Boyd is free, but he's walking into a trap at the bar where Jimmy is being held by the Mexicans. It's going to be tough to see how he'll get out of this one without being skinned. There's got to be a way, because the show can't go on without Boyd, right?

I fear for Jimmy. He's been there for Boyd and even killed for his boss. I'm afraid he may end up sacrificing his life, while Boyd escapes and lives. No matter what, I expect Jimmy to be loyal to the end. Perhaps Raylan will come to the rescue, since he's played his last card with Darryl.

Did Raylan and the Marshals make the right call by charging Kendal as an adult for shooting Art? That's a tough one to decide and it will depend on what Wendy and Darryl do next. Since it was a law enforcement officer that was shot, it makes sense. Though, if the plan doesn't work, Kendal will be paying the price.

Those are the two storylines I'm most intrigued by and looking forward to seeing play out in the finale. Ava's time in prison continues to be disappointing. Honestly, I hope she either gets out or is killed. I have no interest in seeing another season of her in jail. Ideally, she'll find her way back to Boyd. I've missed them.

Did Raylan make the right call regarding Kendal's charges?


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Clearly, Darryl is no dummy. However, he is a user and a manipulator, with no moral compass, but then so are the majority of sociopaths.
That he's the smartest of the Crowes bunch is not saying much when we remember who we're talking about.
I also think that by the time this finale is over he'll either be dead or on his way to prison.
I'm thinking that some very ugly things will happen on the finale. I'll be sorry if Jimmy is killed due to his loyalty to Boyd. I mean this guy took a snake bite the the face for heaven's sake. That right there should give him a pass.
I'll not be surprised if the cartel dudes die. Those guys are a dime a dozen. Besides, without Boyd in the final season, it wouldn't be interesting enough.
The Katherine Hale storyline feels like a silly filler when compared to everything else. Steenburgen is a fairly good actress, so perhaps she and Wynn Duffy will do something interesting, which will then make her interesting.
Then there's Ava. The only thing we know is that it's been implied in interviews that the final season will be more Raylan, Boyd and Ava.
That's good news since the whole jail/prison storyline bored me to the point of resorting to reading a book, magazine or newspaper during those scenes.
Like so many others that post on the message boards, I'd love to see Ian McShane be an important presence on the final season, but as Mick has told us repeatedly, "We can't always get what we want."


I'm surprised so many agree to the Kendall maneuver. People forget sometimes that Raylan is also smart. He is always killing people but he also has a tactical mind. He is splitting the ranks, period. Darryl will look out for himself. Wendy MUST choose either her son or Darryl, no more wishy washiness. Either she is a mother or not. Kendall will probably be scared into telling the truth. What would be ironic is if Kendall was telling the truth, though I doubt it. Boyd and Raylan face off, I am not buying it. This is a weak link at best. The cartel, the Crowes and Wynn. What Raylan wants is Darryl Crowes head on a platter for murder. Boyd also wants Darryl's head on a platter for the drug debacle. Why face off now? They want the same thing. They are not even adversaries. Boyd even cooperated. What I see is Raylan's guilt eating away at him and taking out on everyone else. What is with the cartel on this show? Are we supposed to believe that they are mad about americans killing americans. OK, so the federalis took the truck, but they never explained what happened after that. Did the federalis bust the cartel for the deaths? Did they raid the compound and steal the money and the drugs. Did they levy a death tax on them?
If nothing happened, what the hell are they doing there? What's also crazy is so many people chasing after drugs usually cash is what people are chasing. Drugs are worthless without the system to turn into cash. Breaking Bad taught us that. What I see coming is the death of Darryl Crowe, The cartel henchmen being killed and Wendy possibly taking Kendall away. Not much of an ending. What does fascinate me is when exactly will Boyd become the Harlan crime boss, so far it hasn't happened yet


Looks like Wynn Duffy may have bought the farm, now that the Mexicans know he lied about Boyd. Too bad too - because that's a beautiful name. : ) For a long time I've hated the idea of keeping Ava in prison but right now things just turned interesting: not only does she have that gang after her, the entire prison thinks she's a snitch. My prediction: she'll end up killing her nemesis in the joint, right before Raylan comes through with the promised protection.


This was the best episode of the season for me. As usual, Dewey Crowe provided a laugh a minute. It was inevitable that his crime spree was coming to an end, but he truly was entertaining to watch.
For the first time, I didn't enjoy the confrontation between Boyd and Raylan. Their meeting got pretty serious after Boyd’s J. Edgar Hoover comment to Raylan. They usually have a fun banter with tinges of animosity. There wasn't much humor; instead there were a lot of ill feelings.
Darryl Crowe proved himself to be the smartest Crowe, but it doesn't take much to be smarter than any of that clan including Wendy. The guy doesn't plan well and he has no finesse. He’s reckless and doesn't think his plans through. He totally botched the deal with the Mexicans. He killed Hot Rod’s men, delegated Dewey and Danny to bring the drugs to Harlan. Dewey takes off with the drugs and turns against everyone. In the end, most of the shipment is confiscated. The Mexican cartel is ticked off, Detroit is upset and now Raylan and company are involved. He’s letting his younger brother take the fall for a shooting he committed or orchestrated. And, he sends his sister after the drugs. Darryl wanted a seat at the table with the Big Boys and he has no right to be there.
It will be interesting to see Boyd and Jimmy get away from the Mexicans. (I hope) Next week there is going to be a lot more bloodshed, and surprises.

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