NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Look Who's Back

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Kensi's back on NCIS: Los Angeles, but it's not back to business as usual.

The team's transition back to Los Angeles from Afghanistan felt very disjointed. Deeks didn't seem to have had much contact with Kensi since she was rescued. Given their relationship, that doesn't make sense at all.

Plus, wouldn't they have all flown back on the same flight?

On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 20, Kensi's return was awkward for her and the team. Hetty decided that she wasn't ready to return to the field and assigned her to work hang out with Eric in Ops. Her skills were of no use there, besides giving Eric a back rub.

Since Kensi was working with Eric, Nell partnered with Deeks out in the field. She's gradually increased her experience outside of Ops throughout NCIS: Los Angeles season 5. She proved she's a capable agent, but she was uncomfortable with replacing Kensi. When she stopped by Ops and sat down at the computer, a weight lifted and she shined.

Nell's done a great job on her assignments in the field, but I'm not sure that's where she belongs permanently. She seemed much happier in that moment when she stepped in to help out in Ops. That's her gravy. Perhaps there's a way for her to get the best of both worlds. I'm not sure what that would be, but it would be a shame to waste her tech abilities.

I was disappointed in the lack of mention of what happened in Afghanistan. Both Hetty and Granger made questionable decisions about the mission there and neither were addressed at all. And what happened to Jack? Given Hetty's concern for Kensi, I expected some sort of conversation between them about him. Hetty send Kensi to Afghanistan to find her ex-fiance after all.

All Hetty did was send Kensi to work in Ops where she was out of her element and a basket case. Whether or not she was ready to return to the field, sending her to Ops was not the solution. There wasn't anything there to help her acclimate back into her job. I hope we do get some resolution of the outstanding issues from Afghanistan.

The case of the week was intriguing. Millions of dollars were embezzled from Iraq and Al Qaeda wanted to get their hands on it. When the former marine, Adrian Davis, was released from prison for embezzling the money, the terrorists targeted him.

The motive behind taking the money was the main interest point. One of their fellow marines was injured in duty and they wanted him to get care better than what the VA offered, so they took the money, They stole for a noble purpose. That didn't make it right, but at least it wasn't about selfishness and greed. In the end, Davis was let off with time served for assisting in the investigation. 

The team solved the case and Hetty decided to allow Kensi back into the field. When Kensi told Deeks that she was back,  joy was written across their faces. Whether their personal relationship will be renewed or not is still up in the air, but they are back where they belong as partners.

Deeks: And there she is.
Kensi: Here I am.

Is Kensi ready to be back in the field with Deeks?


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Kensi was clearly traumatized by the ordeal in Afghanistan. No Nate to counsel her? Evaluate her? Like they did with Deeks? I agree, too soon for her to realistically be put back in the field, but she clearly doesn't belong in Ops. Nell is showing her capabilities in the field, but an elite team needs to keep their people in their natural environments. Nell belongs in Ops. NCIS has plenty of agents. One could take Kensi's place while she recovers. But of course, tv shows revolve around their cast, not necessarily reality. I do agree though, a big lack of conversation about the whole Afghanistan operation. And not one word from Vance?

@ Justin Sayn

Also, they've pretty much ignored Vance since Granger first appeared.

@ Justin Sayn

I was hoping Nate would make an appearance. But at least he made more appearances than usual.

@ Justin Sayn

NCIS LA is no longer a part of the NCIS world just like JAG is no longer a part of NCIS world

@ Michael

NCIS: LA could be considered to still be in the NCIS world, as the show has continued to make references to events occurring in NCIS. Examples include the death of Lara Macy, the bombing of NCIS headquarters, and the blood diamonds episode with Ilan Bodnar.


I believe Hetty sent Kensi to Ops so Eric can evaluate her. She knows she is very maternal with her agents and wanted a third party opinion that she will trust. Did you notice Eric smile when he was answering to Hetty inquiries when he realized she wanted and valued his opinions. What i wonder about is ig Deeks knew Jack was Kensi ex fiance. I have not been able to catch that so far. If yes, that will explain why they have not really chat. She was physically hurt and emotionally shaken. Having experienced it himself, he gave her the space she needed.


I think that Deeks and Kensi have been together..Deeks was not going to admit that to Sam and G. Did you see the smirk on their faces?? :) I also think that when deeks told kensi at the end that they had not have a chance to "chat" since she was back to work he ment that dont look at each other like that and just not see each everyone knows something is going on with them

@ Bernadette

They are in love I hope he tell her

@ sendye

Deeks pretty much did say that to Kensi. He said that in the episode before Kensi went to Afghanistan.


"And what happened to Jack? " -- He stayed in Afghanistan, took charge of the orphan girl... he was told to take off before Granger got back to the base... did you not see that in part 2 of the rescue episode?

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