NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Gut Feeling

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The NCIS investigation into stolen plans for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) got personal when a connection was made to the disappearance of a girl Sam protected when he was in Saudi Arabia.

The situation became tense when Granger was convinced that the girl wasn't involved and even Callen questioned Sam's conviction on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 22.

The robbery of the plans was well orchestrated with an escape plan choreographed to a flare flash mob set up through Craig's List. The masks on the attendees allowed the criminals to get away even with the police showing up right away. Without a solid lead, NCIS started with the employees of the UAV program.

Jessica Peyton, the program's lead engineer, was protected by Sam in Saudia Arabia. When she was questioned about her daughter's abduction by her father, Jessica played it off as a misunderstanding. She claimed that he was keeping her is a safe location and home-schooling her.

Her explanation didn't make much sense and I thought she was covering for something, but Sam didn't believe she was lying. Even after evidence that Riley was kidnapped was found in the robber's van, Sam didn't think she knew her daughter was taken.

NCIS traced a huge order of the chrome masks to an Edgar Ramirez. When Deeks and Kensi arrived at the mobile home, they saw what they thought was a man on the floor and entered. It wasn't a man, it was a dummy set to explode! Deeks pushed Kensi out just in time to save them both.

The two partners were back to their regular banter after being reunited. It was fun to see them fall back into the groove of harassing each other a bit. Deeks definitely saved her this time, but we'd have to do a full review of their work history to see which of them has the life-saving record.

It wasn't just a dummy found in the explosion. They also found Ramirez's arm and a computer with a video that proved that Riley was kidnapped. This was the clue they needed to solve the case and to save Riley. When Jessica was contacted by the kidnappers, it appeared the case would be quickly resolved, but they outsmarted NCIS.

The message for Jessica was painted on the wall rather than sent my phone. She wasn't about to tip off NCIS and risk her husband and daughter's lives. It was fortunate that NCIS had a secret weapon they could use. The kidnapper's driver was in their custody and they used him to find the kidnappers.

It was an intense bit between the time they lost Jessica and conned their way to find Jessica. It could easily have gone bad. When Sam found Riley, their reunion was touching. She knew he would find her and gave him the CD cover for good luck.

Case solved. While it wasn't a particularly exciting episode, the case went in unexpected directions which made it engaging. The highlight was the interaction between Sam and Callen. Even though Callen questioned Sam, he ultimately believed and supported his gut feeling that Riley was taken.

As Callen left for his date, Sam gave him the lucky charm that he received from Riley. A truly touching gift and a sign that maybe Callen has finally found his perfect mate. Wouldn't that be exciting? 

In contrast, Hetty and Granger continue to be at odds. Ever since they returned from Afghanistan, their working relationship has been strained. It was awesome to see that Hetty wasn't going to hold back after her made her send bad news up the line. She made sure to get the credit for the successful mission as payback.

With only a few episodes left in NCIS: Los Angeles season 5, there's still more to be uncovered about Deek and Kensi's relationship and the White Ghost case in Afghanistan hasn't been entirely resolved.  One main character has been rumored to be leaving the show this season. If I had to chose someone, it would be Granger. He's been a sore spot on the team since he arrived, but I doubt it's him.

Which main character do you think won't return next season?

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I liked this episode! I have to say that Callen dating someone is fine, especially since she is a teacher. The only problem is that he is not being totally honest about who he is so it is like he is playing a role, undercover in his own way. Though, I know this is a long shot, I really like him with Kensi (season 1 and 2). I have heard rumors as well about someone leaving. I do wonder how long Linda aka Hetty will work. She has talked about retiring. I was thinking that she could get pushed out for her undercover operation with Kensi vrs the CIA. Then Granger would take over? But then the gang could "visit" her for advice etc..... I did hear they filmed the last episode and first episode of Season 6 at once since it involved a sub washing ashore. One thing I do not like is Nell being a field agent. It just doesn't fit. Sorry but they are trying to make her the young Hetty and it is not working for me.


I was really glad that Kensi and Deeks were again acting normally towards each other. Still dislike the idea of Callen dating someone. He is not the man for a relationship.
I really hope that Hetty (Linda Hunt) doen't leave. It would be hard to find a right replacement for the position. She is the soul of NCIS LA.
If Hetty, Sam or Callen (for whichever reason) leave it would be very difficult and sad to watch - at least for me.


If you have been following the ShareNShow pictures/posts this week, which they are in the middle of shooting the Season 6 opener, all of the main characters are posting things and at filmings, so I highly doubt as if it's one of the main characters. If anything, maybe it's Sabatino or Michelle (though she would be random, as we have seen nothing of her this season)?

@ Caitlin

Nothing ever said they were shooting the Season 6 opener. I think I found the pictures you're talking about, and no mention of Season 6. Besides, I'm pretty sure they start filming in July, and use the weeks before it to write scripts, and for the actors to take a break, and be with family.

@ PatrickC

"Granger" Tweeted about doing the S6E1 table read...

@ PatrickC

I follow alot of the people who work on the show on Instagram and Twitter (not just the actors), and just this morning, Dennis Smith, one of the directors tweeted a picture up in a helicopter and I quote "Ok, this was the start of my #NCISLA last day of shooting season premier". They do take a couple months off, but I'm guessing they shoot the season finale and opener before the break so the actors look the same, instead of tanner/skinnier/hair chopped off/etc.


I think they are all under contract for next year , but it could be linda hunt retiring. Did they say someone would leave the show? or leave the team in season 5? kensi left the team so maybe that's what they are talking about

@ jj

during the summer shane who run NCIS LA said someone would be killed off in the season fianle

@ Michael

He never said anyone would be killed. He only said someone was leaving.


What if the exiting character is Sam's wife taking a job in Langley at 'The Agency' HQ?


Hetty's going to be the one leaving. She'll be driven out by people in higher positions because of the White Ghost mission.

@ PatrickC

I hope you're wrong. The show's ratings will crash through the floor without her. My money's on Granger--I don't think viewers will miss him much.

@ MrWriteSF

I agree :)

@ martinelli

I also agree. I hope Hetty (Linda) does not leave it will leave a terrible and irreplaceable gap. Nell and Granger I would not miss.

@ MrWriteSF

A lot of people do not like Hetty and wish they lady from the two part with NCIS was still in charge.. I think it either Nell or Kenis Nell I think because it will make Eric take life more grown up or Kenis because the actress want to be home with her child

@ Michael

Not sure what you're basing that on, but if you're right, it's too late to reverse that decision. The woman in charge during the "back door" two-parter with NCIS was the "victim of the week" on an episode of NCIS.