NCIS: Los Angeles Review: End of the Beginning

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If you were hoping for a hug, a smooch or something more between Deeks and Kensi, you were likely left disappointed at the end of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 21.

If you wanted the partners to honor their agreement to be patient and take things slow, then you were probably left satisfied. There definitely weren't any fireworks; instead it was a slow burning fire between the two. They are both the masters of subtlety. 

Immediately after "Three Hearts" ended, I wasn't sure how to read the final interactions between Kensi and Deeks. He wanted to talk and she ... didn't? After some consideration, I decided what happened was quite beautiful and demonstrated the special and unique language the two of them speak with each other.

Hetty was up to her games again by having the two of them interrogate Agent Angelo. I didn't like him one bit. He was smarmy and full of himself. He may have been able to read them well, but they didn't let him get the best of them. They maintained control of the room for the most part.

In the end, Angelo was a compromised agent. When he was given the opportunity to help Olivia to turn on her husband, Angelo used it to warn her instead. That was a choice that cost several men their lives, landed Olivia in prison, and caused Angelo to lose his true identity. He paid a hefty price for his misplaced loyalty.

Hetty let him go to suffer as Angelo, but warned him she would call on him in the future. I hope she doesn't. I don't want to see him ever again, though her threat was an added torture for him to suffer.

After finishing the case, Kensi and Deeks talked. I find it a bit odd that they haven't hung out at all since they returned from Afghanistan. They used to be friends and go out for dinner and hang out all them time. Now, there's a weird awkwardness between them. I really want them to get over that and quick.

Angelo's story of the three hearts, provided the lead-in that Kensi needed. She asked him, "What's your third heart tell you?" And, he responded by giving back her father's knife. At first thought, I took it as him giving back a class ring. He was ending it with her, but then it took on a different meaning.

He wants to believe raccoons mate for life after all. He gave her the knife back because he didn't need it any more. It was a reminder of her while she was gone and now she's back. He has her and he doesn't need to keep her proxy. In response, Kensi used the knife to open the box that he's been curious about all this time.

The box has taken on the representation of their relationship. It's been boxed up. She cut it open. Instead of ending their relationship, they moved it forward to the next level. It got even better when the contents were revealed. Kensi, she's a smart one. Deeks pulled out the contents and it was another sealed box. "Touche." Too bad he doesn't have knife to open it!

It was poetic, but wouldn't you just rather have them go out for a drink? Maybe next week!

Even Hetty realizes they have taken a step forward, even if Granger can't see it. It's definitely "The end of the beginning." 

Were you happy with the box reveal and all that went with it?

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I didn't see it like a lot of people I guess, I thought they took a huge step forward. The scene about her gym bag in the evidence locker was cute and she was not upset in the least at him for monkeying with her bras like she was in season 3 neighbourhood watch. the part about his not needing to tell her he has superman underwear was funny. my guess is she has already seen it. He was always going to return the knife as it was her fathers and it was and if the box was ever going to get opened she needed to do it. I thought it was quite clear when she asked him about their thing. He said I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THAT. That's a very negative statement its something we would say when we get a rude remark our way or a gift we don't like. He is telling her he doesn't want just a thing that's meaning less to him. She asked what does his third heart say and he answers I believe raccoons mate for life. I think it was very clear , he just told her he wanted to marry her one day and be soul mates . She smiles and uses the knife to open the box , basically excepting his offer . Notice when she goes for the box he lets out that huge sigh? its like the huge sigh of relieve he let out when she got up from the table at the restaurant in Recovery when he said he wanted to be at his place with her. Same sigh he let out by the ambulance in frozen lake when she finally admitted to their thing. It was a huge relieve to him all three times that she is on the same page as him.. The smaller box inside looks a lot like the box she had in the ncis archives in season 1 episode BANK JOB. It has all her most dearest personal things including her fathers medals. She told him last year that in the box is the thing he wanted most in life . Deeks was always snooping into her personal stuff so this is what he wants most to know everything about Kensi. In the end all will be good with them and she will give him all the things dearest to her.

Tonette marie

I have to admit I wasn't able to read into it all you have blogged about. If the way you are interpreting what was going on is correct then awesome. After taking a poll of folks coming through my line at work (most of whom had no idea about the show at all and must live under a rock - LOL) the others were just as confused about all the "symbols" and lack of actual words. Maybe the interactive sync would have been better to explain to the rest of us what the writers intent was so we could all rest easy at the end of the night that we are watching the "love story" we so desperately want in one of our favorite shows. Please writers don't do this to us again.....Yuck!


I really dug this episode. I liked the guest star, and I'm happy they may bring him back in some capacity. He did a great job with the dialogue between Deeks, Kensi, and himself. Once I saw the guy who played Brunson, I had a feeling that the wife was the one in charge. He chewed up the scenery and it was glorious watching him be hammy. The krokodil story was different because this was the first time I've heard of it being mentioned on a fictional show. Sam and Callen were great this week. I know Brennan talked about how they were going to delve deeper into their friendship and how it makes their partnership stronger. When they go undercover, it doesn't take them long to develop an approach and they can adjust very quickly if the situation sees fit. Hopefully next season they can give us a little more regarding Callen's back story. I know last season was Sam's season pertaining to his family, but we don't know much about Sam's upbringing. I would like to see more of that. Now to the big, season long story. I was extremely happy to see how the writers' handled Deeks and Kensi. For the sake of longevity, this will keep people intrigued. I was never a regular viewer of NCIS, but I think the difference is that Kensi and Deeks WILL be together. Excuse my ignorance, but I don't know if Tony and Ziva ever felt like they were destined to be together. Before the end of this show, barring a cast member leaving (knock on wood), they will end this show together. They may not be married or expecting, and it may just end up with Deeks and Kensi somewhere holding hands and smiling at each other. I thought it was extremely responsible of Deeks to realize that this wasn't the right time. It definitely provided a bit of character growth. From watching "The Frozen Lake", "Fish out of Water" and "Spoils of War", I should've noticed that Deeks would've been the person to hold off on the beginning of the relationship. Finally, Granger and Hetty commenting at the end personally dampened the moment.


I had a feeling that the wife would be the power-half of that couple. The hissing husband TRIED to act like some tough guy but it just didn't ring true for me. I'm guessing the writers had that in mind so that the twist would be somewhat believable. Anyone else wanna talk about THE CASE?


For me to say that I was really curious on what was inside that box would be an understatement - Because when Deeks got up from the chair I did the exactly the same from the couch, but that other box was a brilliant touch and it all screamed Kensi and Deeks wits. I really hope though that the content will be revealed by the end of this season. And don't despair, Kensi and Deeks is still on, they're just in a holden pattern, because the charge/tension between them could power a city block in that scene. Deeks did the right thing, their thing just need to simmer for awhile, it will happen soon enough. (I hope)


Did anyone find deeks face suspicious when callen said that kensi had picked up his hygiene habits? Are they trying to trick the team so they both remain on the team? Maybe I'm just thinking too optimistically about their relationship:/ am I alone in this?

@ Meg

You could be right - And they would never display affection for each other on the job, so it could be a ruse for the others - Just my two cents.


I don't know what's up with Granger, I wear I don't like him. Bad vibe or something. Anyone else feel the same way? I am pretty sure he and Hetty are against them and making sure things don't "develop" between the two,

@ Rachel

I never liked Granger because when he shows up, things get ridonkulously messy and he ends up f*cking with the team's collective heads. As for he and Hetty seeming to be against a romantic "Densi" relationship, I think they're right to be concerned--in their line of work it could be dangerous for them and the rest of the team. Look at what happened in Afghanistan--despite her orders to shoot the White Ghost, she couldn't do it when evidence pointed to it being her ex-fiance.

@ MrWriteSF

Kensi not taking that shot was the whole idea all along... It was Hetty's plan.

@ KeithH

@ MrWriteSF... apparently you missed the dialog in the show where Hetty actually said she sent Kensi on the mission knowing that she would see Jack and NOT kill him... because she (Hetty) was protecting Jack...

@ KeithH

Doesn't matter--Kensi didn't know Hetty's plan. It's still Kensi not complying with an order because of her personal feelings.


JEEZ....I hope there's an Amnesty International for metaphors....'cause you're all beatin' this one to death and it should be reported to a higher authority.

@ MrWriteSF

Yes, the word touche is getting a bit tired. I'm shocked there hasn't been an episode with that title. Though sometimes it's been really funny. "Touche, touche, you cannot touch my tush-ay..."


Just so nobodies kidding themselves, this romance-thing is over.

@ Runaldo

Back burner, very low heat. It ain't over 'till one of 'em says so.


Am I the only one who didn't understand what Kensi and Deeks did in the ending? The 3rd heart & the knife? Even when the agent explained what 3 hearts meant, I was still confused. "The end of a beginning," anyone care to explain it more?

@ Rachel

Deek is scare he will end up like the agent they arrested because he too fell in love with a other NCIS agent

@ Michael

And this agent is?

@ PatrickC

Whoops...back up. I think Michael should have said "Deeks is scare [sic] he will end up the agent they arrested because he too fell in love with SOMEONE HE WORKS WITH." The agent they arrested didn't fall in love with another agent; he fell in love with the wife of the man he was investigating (and ultimately sided with).

@ Rachel

Nice review !
Like said in the review, Deeks returning the knife was like he was givin up on them, because he's scared, he's a mess after what happened in Afganistan. I think he's not ready yet to , "take the step" and start a real relationship. Like he said, he doesn't know what to do next, he's lost. But what he said after let see that he's not givin up, he believes in soul mates, he believes in them. Three hearts, three boxes ( probably !) Deeks was always the one to push, he already show her his second heart. Now it's Kensi's turn. For me, with the box opening, it's like she tell him that she let him see her second heart. She acknowledge her feelings for him. Quite a step for Kensi ! "The end of the beginning" it's for me the end of the "There is no thing" period. Now it's a new journey for them

@ Sosou

That makes sense - Now basically the ball is in Kensi's court to make the new move.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

I would never let that happen to you.


Deeks: What's in the box?
Kensi: Mmm. That box?
Deeks: I mean, is there any other box?
Kensi: Apparently not.
Deeks: You didn't answer the question.