NCIS Photo Gallery: Defending Delilah

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The NCIS team has left The Big Easy after two weeks in New Orleans.

And, appropriately, things are about to get pretty darn hard. Both personally and professionally.

On NCIS Season 11 Episode 20 - titled "Page Not Found" and airing in April 8 - Delilah heads back to work at the Department of Defense... only to find they've closed a controversial case.

Never one to walk away from before she's satisfied, Delilah asks the NCIS team for help to find answers.

While they investigate, McGee confides in DiNozzo. He's considering asking Delilah to move in with him. Is it a good idea? Is Tony the right person to ask for advice?

Ponder those questions and click through the following episodic images now:

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In before the "OMG - Delilah is stealing the attention from the rest of the cast"... :)

@ KeithH

Keith no she did not steal the scene. It was good

@ KeithH

I would like to see Tim and Abby together.


Is she still paralyzed?

@ PatrickC

I thought they said it was permanent.

@ Mikey

That's what I thought too, but based on what I saw in the preview, it looks like she can move her legs again.


More Delilah is good.

@ Mikey

I agree Mikey

NCIS Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Jones: If I'd know you were coming I would have stayed and baked cookies.
Tony: Hey. I have to ask.
Jones: Brisco kept me so high I barely remember crawling out of that place on my hands and knees. I found a gun that he left behind and I hid in a storm drain across the street until the drugs got out of my system. Agent DiNozzo, if I was in on this, why would I risk coming back for Melody?

Jones: Agent McGee! We forgot witnesses. Any chance you two could help us out?
McGee: Absolutely.