NCIS: Watch Season 11 Episode 22 Online

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An Army man faced a court martial on NCIS this week. His accuser, a Navy staff sergeant, suddenly goes missing and the NCIS team is called in to investigate.

Did the Army guy silence him?

There's also a compelling side story featuring Abby, a homeless girl named Emma and a dog named Dave.

Find out how all of these factor in together when you watch NCIS online.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 22 Quotes

Bishop: Lorin Davis, you are under arrest for the murder of Staff Sergeant Martin Roe.
Gibbs: And when we're through with you the FBI wants to talk about the theft and sale of human organs.

Emma: Can I ask you a favor?
Abby: Yeah.
Emma: Will you watch Dave for a while?
Abby: Sure! Why?
Emma: My parents got me a bus ticket to Nebraska.