Once Upon a Time Review: A Tortured Hero

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Captain Hook became the tortured hero on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 17 as he searched for "The Jolly Roger," but ended up finding a broken heart.

We finally found out what Hook was up to in that missing year in the fairy tale world and it involved pirating…on the open road instead of the open sea. That's because Black Beard had stolen his ship. 

I really wasn't surprised that Hook chose his ship over rescuing Eric. There's still plenty of pirate in that pirate and at the time he was cynical and heart broken, believing he'd never see Emma again. 

Fast forward to Storybrooke and David and Emma were trying to put together the baby's crib while Mary Margaret wondered why Zelena wanted with her baby. 

The number of spells involving baby parts would surprise you.


Eww... I don't really want to think about that. 

It's about time that Emma learned to embrace her own magic. She obviously either doesn't believe enough in her own power or she's too scared to use it. I'm not completely sure which, but I loved how Regina decided to intensify Emma's training by throwing her in the deep end…or off of a bridge.

It was fun to watch everyone vie for Henry's attention. As Regina pointed out in this Once Upon a time quote, it's not exactly a shock that Henry enjoys hanging out with the pirate.

He's prone to violence, impulsive and has a hook for a hand. What about him would a 12 year old boy not like?


I also loved that Regina called Emma out on ignoring Hook's yearning looks. Finally, Emma seemed to be ready to take notice but talk about horrible timing.

I was wondering why we hadn't seen any of Zelena during this episode, although I was happy for the break. A little green goes a long way. 

Poor Hook has been carrying around the guilt about choosing his ship over Prince Eric and Zelena took advantage of it in the worst possible way. 

Now, instead of true love's kiss breaking a curse, it will invoke another. Hook's predicament is rather heartbreaking. If he kisses Emma, he'll steal her powers and Zelena will win. If he refuses to kiss her, Zelena will kill everyone that Emma loves. It's a no win situation.

And it comes just as Emma's opening up to him. She called him Killian, invited him to dinner and told him she was tired of living in the past. Suddenly Hook is Storybrooke's tortured hero with no easy answer in sight. 

Your turn TV Fanatics, what do you think Hook should do?


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he should have told them (Emma and Regina) right away...the fact that Zelena is threatened by Emma's power is the crucial part!!! it's the way to defeat her!


Hook needs to toss the witch in the ocean--let her walk the plank. Everyone knows that's the way to kill her! :)


They killed off Neal to make Emma and Hook work. Sorry. I don't care for that. I like Hook but I'm not for this storyline at all. I'd rather have seen Hook and Queen, Hook and Emma seems forced. And they killed off Bae for it! This show has seemed to lost something. I just don't know what it is.

Drea xoxo
@ CJ

I agree, it's a cheap shot!! why is it when he kissed her nothing happened!! TLK has only one condition, you have to be each other's OTL and obviously they aren't unless emma would have remembered without the potion!!! Stop forcing this union, it's starting to affect my delight in the show. please i would rather have pan writers than deal with zelena anymore!!! it's gone too far now, remove her quickly!!!

@ Katerina's Gladiator

I know you wrote this two months ago, but I just wanted to point out that Charming tried to use TLK on Snow when she had memory loss and it didn't work. Also, Rumple kissed Belle when she had memory loss and that didn't work either. So it's pretty well established on the show that it just doesn't work in those circumstances. But no one told Hook those attempts failed, which is why he tried. I think it says a lot that he tried it. He obviously thinks she's his true love.

@ CJ

Hook and Emma were going to happen whether Neal was alive or dead which was what was happening with having their moments in Neverland and even on the beanstalk episode, there were getting the development (not Neal at all), you know we met Neal in the flashback. Emma wasnt ever going back to him, she never wanted a chance with him, she was just hurt over his abandonment - that was the actual issues that were there and had her walled up. Her and Neal was never going to be!!! She even fell in love in New york she was capable of it.


very great episode
I think Hook needs to trust Regina tell her every thing maybe she could undo this spell or find a way to solve this bad situation

@ sandy

I think so too. I also think that he was going to tell the "Uncharmings" but Emma was home, not them.


Amazing episode ,I felt very bad for Hook ,the guilt was so obvious on his face ,and I wonder if that thing with Ariel is the only thing that he feel guilty about,in the missing year .
I love the sense of humor in every sentence that Regina says . And I am so glad that Emma finally started to learn magic .
I think the second half of the season it's better than the first one and it's getting more interesting week after week .


I thought of a really nasty idea. Hook now has the curse to take away magic from the one he kisses. Now of course we all know it was designed for Emma. However what if Zelena didn't design it properly? What if she made it that who ever Hook kisses had to have magic? Hook comes up with this thinking, and tries to kiss Zelena? Not out of romance, but the kiss detects Zelena and takes away her powers.

@ Symbol1970

Hook took Emma's name... the woman he loves, so Zelena had to make him say her name... hence the curse!

@ Symbol1970

Hmmmm I like that very mucho ! Though the idea of him kissing Zelena... though it's for the greater good... The one that could do it would be Rumpel. She loves him. Now that would be interesting.

@ Symbol1970

that's a good idea because losing her power it's worse punishment than death for her .


i feel so bad for hook. please tell emma and they can work togather on what to do. like this alot


definitely a good episode. a really good episode.


I am waiting for Rumplestilskin to get his dagger back and let the Dark One Looseon Zelenas green butt. I figure two episodes, at least, could be dedicated to him tormenting and torturing her! Also, would like to know who her daddy is? Just curious why she had so much power, even as a baby.


I'm in so much agonizing pain - the good kind if there is such a thing - after the Jolly Roger. It's been hours and the pain still lingers...
I thought it felt very true to Killian Jones that he would desperately try to get back to his old pre-Emma life minus the thirst for revenge. He told Emma at the beginning of the episode that there was no going back, no matter how hard you try - "once you've lived a life with a purpose" spelled in between those lines. But his awareness of that comes only after having tried really hard to prove the opposite. And it's such a testimony to the brilliance of the writing on Ouat and of Colin ODoonoghue's performance that I understood where Hook was coming from when he tried so desperately to fill the void Emma left in his heart by trying to get the Jolly Roger back. He was heartbroken and miserable. Convinced he'd never see Emma again, fighting to shush his broken heart by getting back to what was once good enough. Killian is lost without Emma. But not too lost to realize - even after making the choice to keep his ship instead of helping Ariel find her true love - that not even his home of 300 years can fill that void he feels. Not too lost to realize he made a mistake and to feel remorse and guilt over fighting his better instincts and falling back to old patterns. I found it impossible not to feel for him as he was struggling and deluding himself, subconsciously referring to Emma when he was talking about not being himself ever since he returned to the Enchanted Forest because he lost "her".
It's interesting that Adam and Eddy still haven't told us though how Hook did get to Emma, what actually happened to the Jolly Roger and how he got his hands on the memory potion. I'm thinking about Killian telling Emma he was sticking to his "tale" a few episodes back and how much of that tale includes his guilt over his choice when it comes to helping Ariel and what really happened afterwards. I'm thinking though that this said guilt and Ariel's unwavering belief in love were part of why he set out to find Emma and succeeded. The ending killed many of us of course. Emma is finally taking a step towards him only for him to walk away because he has no other choice at the moment. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Zelena is truly wicked...and just one more on the list of villains who have picked up on Killian's and Emma's feelings for each other. It's interesting that Killian's guilt over hi choice while in the Enchanted Forrest was something that Zelena chose to use in order to find a way defeat the Savior. It's interesting because it speaks to Killian's redemption and truly good heart, and to the fact that Emma and Killian must be each other's true love (not that I had any doubts at this point). Why else use Killian as a means to defeat the Savior? Stellar episode!!! But I'm sure the pain it left in my stomach pit will linger the whole week...which is probably exactly what Adam and Eddy were going for.

@ Ana

Wow.. what you said was so beautiful. I didn't tear up at the end of the episode but now, I don't know if I can hold it any longer ... Hook... I feel for him. All of what you said was so true. The worse was Emma's timing ! Or Zelena's ruse, not too sure at this point. Captain Swan being endgame ? Hell yeah !

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