Once Upon a Time Review: Sharing One Heart

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Things moved fast on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 19 as hearts were broken, crushed, split and shared. Even true love's kiss had an unexpected yet wonderful twist.

Let's start with the fairy tale land.

Remember back when we first found Aurora and Philip? I was so ticked off when they hid what they knew about the Wicked Witch. Well, I kind of felt bad about that when Zelena turned them in to flying monkeys.

That was a tough break. And wasn't Aurora pregnant too? Did she already have her child or is she now destined to have tiny little monkeys?

Regina was a lot snarkier in the fairy tale world, especially with Robin. I suppose she was still reeling from losing Henry, but I did kind of love her sneering at Charming and Snow exchanging flowers while on the hunt for the good witch. Even better was the portal to Glinda not working for Regina because she wasn't pure of heart. 

Snow crushing Charming's heart was positively heartbreaking, even though I knew they both somehow ended up in Storybrooke together. The Charmings have certainly faced some tough decisions as parents, and they've really had almost no time to enjoy their kids. 

Back in Storybrooke, things moved even faster.  The flying monkey attack on the dock was all the better because everyone was involved and they all used their individual talents; Hook and Emma with pistols, Charming with his sword and Regina with her fireballs. 

I wondered if the book would come into play once again and it did. Finally Henry remembers everything. it's been a long time coming and the best moment was seeing his reaction to Regina. You could hear just how much he loved her when he saw her and called her mom.

I was thrilled that it was Regina's kiss that broke the memory spell. Over the past three seasons, the focus has been on Emma building her relationship with her son and their true love was what broke the original curse. It was good to see Regina and Henry's bond not take a back seat and show that there is true power between them as well.

When Regina told Robin in this Once Upon a Time quote

For some reason you're so much more likable here in Storybrooke.


I couldn't help but think that the same could be said about her. Regina is such fun here. She can show her heart without losing any of her power. I suppose that having both the love of her son and Robin Hood has brightened her outlook considerably. And as she told Robin, if he thinks she's a good kisser now, just wait until she gets her actual heart back. 

Emma's magic may have been powerful enough to save Henry this time, but they need to get Zelena's pendant away from her to defeat her and I'm not sure how they'll manage that. 

Poor Hook. He really was the losing party in this episode. He did everything he could to protect Henry and Emma, yet still ended up being the person no one trusts. I do wish he would have gone to Emma as soon as Zelena cursed him but I can understand being worried about what Zelena would do if he had. 

I still question how Hook figured out how to jump realms and get to NYC to find Emma in the first place. Did he pull the Jolly Roger in to New York harbor? I really want to know.

OK, TV Fanatics. Your turn. Should Emma forgive Hook for not telling her about Zelena's curse?


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there's some thing I can't get
If Snow sacrificed charmed for the sick of her child doesn't that means that child is the most beloved person for her . so charmed heart isn't the needed one for the curse and this this heart splitting thing is soooo silly

Marcy lee morris

A Curious Thing was epic, and truly awesome! Loved it! Wish it was longer! The ONLY flaw in this episode was that Hook never said the note with the bird came from Snow White, he said in a previous episode that he THOUGHT the note came from Snow White and even Prince Charming agreed that made sense. And then they said he lied about the note coming from them, but that's not even close to what he said. But I don't think even that was a storyline flaw, maybe it's a character flaw in an imperfect (but mostly awesome) Snow White and Prince Charming, who will eventually realize they pointed the finger a little prematurely and without really thinking about it.

Drea xoxo

Best : Outlaw love!! FINALLY!!!!
Henry finally remember HOORAY Not as much: Zelena, she just irritates me! this whole woe me I should have had a better life chile please! other than that cute episode and happy everyone on same playing field!! but can we please address the beautiful quote shared between Charming and Snow, that I'll probably use at my future wedding! I literally wanted to Cry!!!


I disliked it when Snow and Charming accused Hook in the episode of lying to them because he never said Snow gave him the message. He just said he "assumed". Snow and Charming are so quick to judge others without giving them the benefit of the doubt but when they themselves do wrong things it's "for the greater good". ugh. Sometimes they are so self-righteous. I'm sure Regina agrees with me.

@ Haley

Bah. You are forgetting to see this form the characters POV. We - the audience know more than they do. They reacted the way they should have with the info they had.

Kitanishi h mcdonald
@ Haley

THe hilarious thing is that they were nonchalantly okay with Aurora and Phillip ACTUALLY having betrayed them at the start of episode.


The one flying black hole plotline is the monkey's. Everyone of them gets destroyed with bullets/fireballs, But as we know they are humans under them. So when they get destroyed, doesn't that mean they are dead? So all of the good people shouldn't be able to come back unless some type of wormhole/timeline brings them back.

Kitanishi h mcdonald
@ Symbol1970

By this point, a time-travel retcon is pretty much a safe bet.


What a beautiful episode !!!!! I was so glad it was Regina's kiss that broke the curse ! When he called her mom, the feels !! Glad everyone got their memories back.
Now, I read the previous comments... I can see why some are confused. Some subplots made no sense at all. HOWEVER, in a way, even though it may have been rushed, it actually made sense.
When Snow crushed Charming's heart, I just couldn't... The splitting of the heart scene was too much for my heart ! WOW.
NOW, Aurora and Philip, as much as I despise them, flying monkeys ? A pregnant Aurora, now that was harsh...
Regina and Robin, just love it. Every single drop of it ! Loved it when Henry teased her about it...
I was going to ask how Emma knew what would hurt Zelena, but then again, maybe I missed something. I wonder if we'll see Glinda again...
Poor Hook. He REALLY can't catch a break... He tried to help. Sure it backfired but he tried. Now the way they treated him was not fair. It made sense that it was in fact Neal that sent the potion but it could have been Zelena. However, I don't think she knew what an important part Emma would play. Well now she does !
That baby is coming... I am dreading it and yet feel so excited ! I cannot wait to see how this all pans out !


Emma's last name is Swann; so is Keira Knightley's in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and Hook is a pirate; just saying...

@ jo

:o And Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney thing too!!!


Emma's last name is Swann; so is the last name of Keira Knightley in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and Hook is a pirate...


I feel for Hook- the dude just can't catch a break. No matter how much he tries to show that he can be good, it always backfires on him. If I were Emma I'd cut him SOME slack for at least trying to do the right thing. And by the looks of the preview it seems he might meet his maker next week.

@ Zaida

If he does then sayonara Hook. I like him but that continuous use of the leather outfit just disgusts me


Didn't Zelena, after she got Regina's heart, say something like it got 'better' again? Or am I imagining things? Because that could be an explanation as well, why Snow was able to enter Glinda's realm.
OR maybe you can/not enter it when the actual task at hand either fills you with thirst for revenge (Regina) or hope (Snow). And may I stress Regina broke the curse WITHOUT HER HEART?! I mean seriously, how much love does this woman feel with her soul 'only' if she doesn't need her actual heart to trigger true love's kiss' magic? What bugged me though was when Snow and Charming blamed Hook because of the message he got. He TOLD them that he THOUGHT it was them! Meaning he did never know it for sure! Which was, btw, also a big plothole in the beginning, because he just made Emma - the woman he loves - took some potion he didn't know the true nature of.

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