Once Upon a Time Round Table: "A Curious Thing"

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True love's kiss turned out to be " A Curious Thing" on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 19, as it wasn't the kiss that fans expected that broke the memory curse.

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Michelle Calbert and Robin Harry are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide if Emma should forgive Hook, whether we've seen the last of Neal, and if they think the Charming baby will be a boy or a girl...

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Should Emma forgive Hook for not telling her about Zelena's curse?

Jim: She will, it's the way the story goes, after all. Boy hides truth from girl, girl finds out and is mad for a while, then boy and girl vanquish evil. I'm pretty sure almost every story plot written includes this over used, but classic trope. 

Michelle: Definitely. He was only trying to protect her and Henry and wasn't exactly in the most enviable position. 

Gareth: Yes. Hook was trying to do the right thing, but as usual, he went about it the wrong way. He should have just been honest and gone to the Scooby Gang for help rather than brooding over it. 

Robin: She should and I'm sure she will. She was reacting in the moment, having almost lost her son, so I can understand her anger.  But Hook really was in a no-win situation and loves her so much - Emma will see that eventually.

Were you surprised that Regina and Henry were the source of the true love to break the memory curse?

Jim: Surprised and thrilled! Talk about coming full circle, it was AWESOME! By far my favorite OUAT moment to-date!

Michelle: Completely but I LOVED it. I was almost disappointed when I found out that Emma needed to kiss Henry again. It felt kind of boring, so to have Regina be the one to break it was fantastic. 

Gareth: I had a feeling they may go with that since this part of the season has been all about paralleling season one. I loved it. The look on Regina’s face. I don’t think I have ever seen her so happy. 

Robin: Best surprise ever!  Man, that made me so happy.  If Regina has the capacity to love enough to break a curse WITHOUT her heart, can you imagine how powerful her love could be when she gets her heart back? Perhaps that could be a new source of magic for her.

Do you think this is the last we'll see of Neal?

Jim: I doubt it. Even if he only shows up in flashbacks, I suspect we will see him again. 

Michelle: Sadly, yes. I'm with Jim. If we do see him again, it will most likely only be in flashbacks. 

Gareth: I agree with Jim. Neal might be back but it will only be in flashbacks or in whatever alternate history world they cook up for the finale. 

Robin: I agree with everyone; we may see him in flashbacks, but he's not coming back.

Place your bets: Will Snow have a boy or a girl?

Jim: I'm calling boy, Emma needs a little brother!

Michelle: I'm totally on board with a boy. It will be fun to see Emma have a baby brother. 

Gareth: I hope Snow has a little boy. I wonder if the baby will turn out to be somebody important.

Robin:  I'm betting on boy; I would love to see a Charming Junior.  

Rate Glinda's role in the episode. 

Jim: Was she in this episode? I thought that was a preview for a different episode she was in and out so fast. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate her role at about 0.5.

Michelle: Jim stole my line, I was going to say the exact same thing. Was she even in this episode? From the previews it looked like she had a much larger role than she did. I'd give her a 2 at best. At least she did give them the information on how to beat Zelena.

Gareth: Blink and you would miss her! She was Exposition Lady! Hopefully she will have a bigger role to play in the next episode. 

Robin:  I've learned to avoid the network's previews - they're almost deliberately misleading everytime! Her role was disappointingly small - even though she gave valuable information.

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 installment?

Jim: As mentioned above, when Regina kissed Henry and broke the curse. Not only did it break the curse, but it showed that even without her heart, Regina was capable of unconditional love. The ripples from that event could play out for seasons to come.

Michelle: Regina kissing Henry and breaking the curse, for sure. Though a close second was the scene where Neal fought his way out of his father's body and sent the potion to Hook. That was a great one, too. 

Gareth: Regina just chewed the scenery up in this episode. Some of her lines had me crying with laughter. I loved the scene where she broke the curse. It was a real feel good moment. I also loved the Snow/Charming scene where Snow crushed Charming’s heart. It was poignant, heart breaking (literally) and just made for a great emotional scene. 

Robin: While I loved basically everything in the boathouse, my favourite scene was at the beginning, when Regina walked into the room with an infatuated-schoolgirl grin on her face, and the "smitten with Haagen-Dazs" quip she made to Snow.  Adorable and hilarious.

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So does anyone else think that when Snow White and Charming went tg rough the door to see Glinda that they stepped into Narnia?

@ Cole

Omg yess..that totally makes sense


Charming is boring. Snow wears the pants in their marriage. Don’t get me wrong I love both Charming and Snow, give Charming more to do. He had a twin at one time who was bad before he died, make Charming have some twin trace. Next season; have him act like his brother. Let someone who knew them both; make a comment “his brother acted out like Charm doing.


1) Emma forgive Hook? Maybe, but we know the death was Neal, so who's going to be leaving the show. My guess is Hook.
2) Surprised by Regina and Henry? Yes, but it makes sense, and it works.
3) Will we see Neal again? Hoping not
4) Baby Charming. I don't see at this point how it matters either way.
5) Glinda's role. Very small, but a lead up to next episode.
6) Favorite scene? Mother, mother, and son reunited.


1.Emma forgive Hook?
-Yes, they just need to kiss and make up... somehow.
2.Surprised Regina broke the curse?
-Nope, I've been waiting for that since the s1 finale. But I was surprised that Robin Hood didn't get his memories back after Regina kissed him the way Graham did from Emma (Oh, I still miss Graham).
3.Last of Neal?
-I hope so...
4.Baby Boy or Girl?
-I want it to be a boy, but I feel like it's going to be a girl, Aurora perhaps, sleeping curses do seem to run in the Charming family.
5.Rate Galinda.
-I nearly forgot she was even in the episode, but I remember that it's light magic which can defeat her. I also remember back when Henry had to take out his own heart and give it to Pan, which would make sense if he's like Emma, born from true love, meaning he would have light magic as well. I'd like it if Henry were the savior this time.
6.Favorite Scene.
-Regina saying she didn't have time to wait for Hook, the "handless wonder," before the mini showdown with Zelena and, of course, Regina breaking the curse.

Spindae 2o

1.Captain Swan forgivness!?
Of course! I mean Capt. Swan is there to stay! Just as she called him Killian, that was a huge move. I mean things like this have to happen in a SPN relationship.
2.Regina and Henry breaking the curse?
It was a nice touch. And just fitting for the story overall. With Regina's magic killing Zelena's.
3.Baby Charmng?
I say girl called Ozma. ^_^
4. Neal?
Doubt it he cmes back this season. Next we are n Kansas and after that is the final and I'm suspicious we get a flashforward.
Nice but I'm looking forward to the next episode.
7.Fav scene?
Snow and Charmng telling eaxh other goodbye. The best scene of the ep and the only positive thing that night.


I'm so happy it was Regina to break the curse with True Love's kiss. The universe already established that Emma truly loves Henry. It was nice to see it establish that Regina also truly loves Henry because she really does, and it gets downplayed sometimes (mainly in past seasons).

@ Jade

Absolutely... Regina loves Henry


I was surprised at Regina and Henry breaking the curse, that must of been a good surprise for viewers, but then again im like did we need that coz like i already know Regina loves him dearly. And breaking the curse and true love kiss is a Emma/Henry thing you know. But like i say i dont mind it, its just was always a unique thing and special for Emma/Henry to have. Poor Hook, he literally gets his heart broken like every episode it seems... he loves Emma so much, and he is protecting Henry and it all went wrong. And then the last scene of Charmings turning on him. Emma i think deep down knows she still has this trust on him. Rooting for Emma/Hook! I for one never liked Neal (i could never connect him to Bae).. i hope we kinda never see him, coz you know he is dead, he aint coming back! He's done his bit, he was always meant to die - i always had that feeling back in season 1, more so in season 2. Rumple and him were never going to be! Snowing are the EPIC true love couple - enough said!!!!

Ronald simkins
@ Fred

Gee, Fred your linguistic skills are AMAHZING! Come on Fred you really want to have sex with Hook.

@ isoron

grow up!!! or something

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