Parks and Recreation Review: Concept of Time

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Wow! Big news on Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 19! We're going to have a little Knope-Wyatt on our hands!

And I can't wait for Leslie to become a mother - I think that could lead to some really fun scenes on the (likely) final season of the show. And hats off to Parks and Recreation.

They found a way for a couple to be the same page in a unique way. I've seen the old, "I have something to tell you," only for the spouse to start talking about how they really don't want children, etc., but Ben and Leslie are so epically in sync that Ben wanting children the exact moment Leslie wants to share her news feels completely right.

I'm thrilled for them and this continues to reaffirm my love for a series that is willing to show its characters continually evolving and moving forward.

Now, as for the rest of the Parks department, April really shined. I wish she could have been Tom's sommelier. Craig is great, but he's no April. Although April would kill the business.

I did enjoy the appearance of Ron Swanson's counterpart, Ron, but did feel the scenes with Ben were basically filler to stall him from hearing the news from Leslie until the end of the episode.

But, like I said, that least scene between Ben and Leslie was really strong and if the weaker scenes needed to lead up to that moment, so be it. Part of me half expected Ben to say he didn't want children, just to create some drama, but this show jumps those missteps far too easily. I should have assumed!

And bring back more of Andy's kid-party singing, please! I love every single one of his songs.

So, Leslie's having a baby! Boy or girl?


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I loved this episode too. The country singer was cracking me up, especially when he was trying to write his song. It is so much like country singers too, they only talk about 4 things: Trucks, Beer, women/sheep, and the troops. lololol


This was such a great episode! The second the pharmacist told her she wasn't having flu symptoms, I was just so excited. And I completely agree that I'm soooo happy that they didn't use this to try to cause any conflict with Ben and Leslie. It's very refreshing to have a show that doesn't feel like it needs to have conflict between couples to make good tv. I'd much rather watch them get along and grow together. Though it was a bit of a bummer the way it ended! I hope we get to see Ben's reaction a little bit more. And I have to say, even those his scenes were just filler scenes, he plays a hilarious drunk, especially when his mouth is blue the whole time! I also really liked Craig in this episode. He is pretty funny in small doses. And yes, April was as clever and witty as ever! I love when she's just making fun of people. I was thinking that Leslie was just going to ask the lead singer of Land Ho to come play the Unity Concert with Andy or something. People would still come out for that. But yeah, I do hope we get to see more of Andy's kid's party career! I'm so sad there are only two episodes left!


LOVED this episode!!

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