Revenge Review: Blood Is Thicker

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Just when the walls begin to close in on Emily Thorne, she finds a way to push one of them down and make herself a new exit.

It's interesting to watch the wheels in her brain start to turn as she figures out just how it is she'll extricate herself from yet another situation where she could be found out.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 18 saw Emily Thorne doing just that as Mason Treadwell threatened to spill his secrets to Victoria Grayson in exchange for a fancy brunch. It was quite the spectacle.

Victoria Grayson wants to get to the bottom of Emily Thorne's extended stay in the Hamptons, so she turns to the one man who might know: Mason Treadwell.

We met Mason Treadwell in Revenge Season 1. He authored the book on David Clarke, a best-seller, which featured interviews with a young Amanda Clarke while she was in foster care. He learned the FauxManda/Emily secret and, in exchange for exclusive rights to Emily's story about clearing her father's name by taking down the Graysons, agreed to go to prison.

But why continue to serve time for a crime he didn't commit when he can parlay Victoria's need for information into an early release, right?

Once Mason decided to go with "Door Number 'G,'" Emily and Nolan helped Mason Treadwell fake his own death so they could sneak him out of prison. I can't decide if this is the most implausible thing ever to happen on this show or not.

How, exactly, did Nolan Ross come to be driving the Coroner's van which ushered Mason Treadwell's body away from the prison? Will there not be any sort of follow-up on why the body didn't arrive at the morgue? Did they find a dead body to deliver to the morgue in Mason's place?

Why do I even care enough to be thinking those questions when this episode was clearly a set-up for the inevitable Jack-Emily pairing?

Oh yes, that's a thing that is going to be happening, Revenge-fans. The writing on the wall is ridiculously clear.

Jack continues to entangle himself in Emily's revengenda, and sure, he has as much reason as she does to want to take down the Grayson family. But at some point, his involvement has become about more than just his own personal revenge. He said as much when he told his mother that after dropping her in L.A. he'd be coming back to the Hamptons to help Emily. 

And then came the most glaringly obvious sign that Jack and Emily are getting together since Emily VanCamp revealed someone was dying in the finale.

[to Jack] Maybe Daniel's right. You love Emily, don't you?


Mother does know best, you guys. Even if she's been boozing it up because the Hamptons made her do it. (Or because Victoria is an evil, evil woman. EVIL.)

And then there were the very, very clear indicators that a Margaux-Daniel pairing are in the works and while those two make more sense than Season 1 Daniel and Emily or Margaux and Jack, could the writers BE any more obvious?

I'll give Daniel credit for the conversation he had with Pascal where he told the LeMarchal patriarch that he wasn't aware of his daughter's talents and that he hoped she wasn't falling for someone beneath her because her father never told her of her worth. That was actually a beautiful few lines Daniel uttered to Pascal, but that's about the extent of my kindness toward Daniel.

I really hoped Margaux would be smarter than that. That she would be able to see through this sort of nonsense.

Sigh. I guess not.

The final sign that Jack and Emily are being written together is Emily's rekindled romance with Aiden.

After helping Aiden in London by visiting his mother and urging him to give his mother some peace about her family, the two had quite the reunion in the beach house. It was pretty intense, honestly, with her breathlessness and his "I missed you, too."

It was a little too intense, which tells me that Aiden Mathis isn't long for the Hamptons and is probably the character we're set to lose--permanently--at the end of this season.

With Stevie Grayson's words ringing in his ears and Margaux and Daniel becoming more than just business partners, Jack will be the one to comfort Emily in her time of grief. 

If I were a betting woman, I'd throw down some dollars on this one.

I would also throw down dollars never to see Victoria rubbing noses with Pascal, playfully or otherwise. (Please tell me you saw that and were as disturbed by how juvenile and ludicrous that was!) 

Pascal LeMarchal is completely uninteresting to me so I can't even be bothered to want to care at this point. 

I also can't bring myself to care that Charlotte is dating the convict living with Nolan or that Nolan is having business partner troubles with him. Or that Charlotte is going to take the MyClone plan to Daniel to get her boyfriend whose name I can't even remember financed by her brother. 

There are entirely too many subplots happening right now with so few episodes left in the season. Let's get on with the Revenging already, amiright?

OH LOOK! Red Sharpie Takedown coming next week! Our TV prayers are being answered.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 18? Did you think Mason Treadwell was really dead? Do you think a Jack-Emily pairing is coming?

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I love Aiden and Emily together but I think that his character will be the one to die at the end of the season. I think that the death will be caused by the Grayson's and it will be the final push Emily gets to finally take them down.


oh Victoria what can I say you are an evil women or should we just call you the wicked witch of the hamptons. I cant wait for you to truly suffer for all you have done. you always try to play the sympathy card, but why would anyone have any sympathy for you, when you are selfish and don't care about anyone but yourself. mark my words you mother of a cow, revenge will be Emily's and you will regret the day you were ever are such a slut bag whore...


I had hoped and believed that in the end Emily would have the ticket to fly to where ever the place is that Aiden has for them. Due to the fact that Aiden has been asked to star in the new show The Visitors and he has agreed to stay on a part time basis for next season if they get one. I guess that is not going to happen. I think they are axing Aiden in the finale and I hate that. He and Emily have the best chemistry on the show. Jack is Em's childhood friend, that is it. I have loved this show but it is not the show that Mike Kelly had in mind when he first started it. This has turned into a bonafide soap. The actors are so much better than the writing they are given. Also, what has happened to poor Nolan? Did they forget about him? He is too smart to have some ex-con living with him and starting a business with. My goodness, who are these writers??????????


"And then came the most glaringly obvious sign that Jack and Emily are getting together since Emily VanCamp revealed someone was dying in the finale." - Really that's your obvious sign? It has been written in the stars since the very first episode that Emily and Jack would end up together eventually, it's no brainer. Aiden with his awful accent makes me sick and I hope he will go away, but I'm still hoping that it will be Daniel to be honest. Watching paint dry is more existing than seeng Daniel interact along with his awful facial expressions. Just to be clear, those that can see or unterstand that Emily and Jack would eventually end up together hasn't grasped this show concept. But you're write about let's make this revenge moving on more swiftly please, it's been at standstill for some time now.

@ Jonas

There is nothing written in the stars for them to be together. If it was, nobody would be watching the show. Jack is a useless character and has absolutely no SL, so they are pushing him into Emily's revenge agenda. he should have been killed off a long time ago. he is devoid of any passion and is so boring that the minute he comes on screen, its a snooze fest. There is no concept to grasp except that the show is about Emily's revenge...there is no chemistry between the two, you can see why they brought in Aiden. The viewing audience practically doubled with him in the show. Its only because the actor who plays Aiden has a new show that they are considering getting rid of him...

@ dani martz

Chemistry this, chemistry that yadda yadda yadda - Christ the Point is when this over she will end up with Jack. Aiden is thrilling as a rock and it gets tenfold over when he speaks with his heinous accent - Oh please, the ratings has dropped with Aiden in it.
Season 1 premiered 10.02 mil - Finale 7.85
Season 2 premiere 9.74 mil - Finale 6.12
Season 3 premiere 8.11 mil - Finale ?????

Miranda wicker
@ Jonas

No. That wasn't *MY* sign that the writers are pushing them together. I, like you, have understood that from the start. But there is a faction among us who think that it won't happen. They would be wrong.

@ Jonas

*exciting and not existing


Gosh, I hope it isn't Aiden that bites the dust at the end of this season. I like the character, and he and Emily have way more chemistry than Jack & Emily. I can't see how the writers would think J & E would be anything but boring as a couple.


This show always seems like the villians are always winning. Its time for Conrad or Victoria go down for good. Emily should be with Aiden more chemistry and the knew who they were since the beg with no lies. Jack is more like a brother type friend that group with her.


I dn't knw wat show u p'ple are watching and y da hate for jack bt da revenge am watching and da only reason am watching it,is da hope dat emily and jack will end up 2gether n finally she will b happy.he is her 1 true love since pliiiiiiiz writers pliiiiiiiiz make it happen.i passionately hate aiden,he's aposser and i jst want 2 aaaaaaaah eeeeewh when ever i see him with emily.but jack my sweet sweet jack yeeeeeeeeeh

@ prettie

I'm with you all the way!


Can we just kill Daniel already? He's just not interesting. He's a cartoon and boring.

@ Meres


@ Meres

You're so right!


Can we just kill Daniel already? He's jus til it interesting. He's like a cartoon!


It's really obvious they're going to kill Aiden off, and the prospect of it is killing my interest in this show. I don't care for Jack and Emily, and I hate what they're doing to Margaux to facilitate it. The Graysons being on top all the time is getting really tiresome too.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

[to Pascal] Ah, I sense the stench of romance is in the air.


As children, we flinch at the sight of blood not yet realizing it means family, loyalty, and is the essence of life. But for all its virtue, there is the unavoidable reality that blood is often the child of pain, and a violent reminder that anything can be taken away in the blink of an eye.