Revenge Spoiler Alert: Who Will Die?

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In a recent interview with Emily VanCamp - who plays Emily Thorne on ABC's Revenge, of course - the actress may have revealed a major spoiler when she mentioned to to The New York Daily News:

"Today, I was sobbing over the death of one of our characters.”

Wait... what?!?

The main topic of the interview was VanCamp's role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but she spilled the above information when mentioning the various emotional states she's been through while filming the Revenge Season 3 finale.

To whom could the star be referring? Which character's demise would drive Emily to tears?

With the finale looming on May 11, we take a look below at who might be meeting the grim reaper before it's all over: 

Which character is mostly likely to meet his or her Maker?

Let the theories fly and don't forget: you can watch Revenge online right here and now if you ever need a refresher.

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My guess is Aidan he is leaving the show so it's probably him who is going to die


It would be funny to see Emily cry over: Victoria, Conrad, Jack's mother, Daniel, who else. The only people she would be devastated by losing are : Nolan, Aiden, Karl, Jack ........certainly not Mason Treadwell.


I just hope it is not Nolan because he and Emily are the only characters ,besides Jack, that make me want to watch Revenge. I tape the program and then watch it on an afternoon with a cup of tea at hand. It's basically so I don't have to watch all the silly stuff going on that interferes with the whole purpose of the original show. I am glad that it has been renewed.

@ Paula Kuiper-Moore

it can't be Nolan they have to keep Nolan and Patrick romance alive they have to be a couple he needs to be alive


I wish Victoria is the one, but we know that is not going to happen. Aiden or Jack's mom

@ Joan

Joan, how silly. Why would you wish Victoria to be the one. That's like saying you wish Emily to die. With either one off the show, the show is no show. If Victoria dies, to me the show is done. She is the main character after Emily. You're silly to wish her gone.

@ Stephie59

Amen!!!!! Somebody who gets it...Emily and Victoria are the main pillars...with Nolan too I think!!


You forgot there is another, what if Karl somehow dies, Jack's baby, or his mom


Well, it can't be Victoria, Conrad or Daniel, because they are all too instrumental to the story; they are Emily's mortal antagonists. I hope it's not Aiden, because I like he and Emily together, and I SURE hope it's not Nolan -- he's one of the more human characters on Revenge. Could be Charlotte -- that would sharpen both Emily's and Victoria's hatred one another.


Its going to be mason treadwell and the detective that's going to annoy Emily will revealed to be the PI that was working for Daniel. Mystery Solved


Good grief why are some of you so nasty.? It's only a telly show.


please not Aiden!!! although i hope it's not jack or nolan either

@ martha

Aiden can go ( Sloane has a new show) and the on/off Emily/Aiden is way passed it's sell by date. It has gotten so stale and doesn't progress the story at all.



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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

Emily Thorne

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