The Mentalist: Headed to TNT?

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The Mentalist is among many shows residing squarely on the bubble at the moment.

A few weeks back, CBS renewed 18 shows, yet left this long-running drama off the list, giving fans valid reason for concern over its future.

But Warner Bros TV is reportedly giving viewers reason to hope.

According to Deadline, the studio is shopping The Mentalist to other networks in case CBS does pull the plug. The series is an important property for WBTV, considering its cost per episode and its success overseas.

This sort of deal has been reached before: Law & Order: Criminal Intent was canceled by NBC after six seasons and then moved over to its cable sibling, USA.

WBTV is affiliated with The CW, but The Mentalist would be a poor fit for that network, making the more likely destination TNT, which already airs reruns of the Simon Baker-led drama.

Creator Bruno Heller, meanwhile, will leave after this season to run Gotham, but sources say one of his lieutenants is set to take over if The Mentalist if it were to continue.

That remains a big IF at the moment, but at least there's hope.

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I have my fingers crossed The Mentalist will stay on air. I'm loving this season.


If The Mentalist does get unplugged I hope TNT picks it up


Well I hope they transfer to a new station and renew. The show was treated badly by CBS in the Sunday slot and I think that has messed up the plots, pacing and scripting this season. Even with that, much of this season has been really really good.


Yes, TNT shows 2:00 in the morning. That would have to change if they want to stoke their audience's interest in the series relocation there. Right now, they seem far more interested in Castle. Heller and Co. should have been negotiating with TNT back a couple of seasons ago when The Mentalist was already being threatened with cancellation and TNT was promoting the series big time.


Just end it Red John is gone your fanbase left after you gave them the middle finger so why should we fight for a show that hates us

@ Michael

Hello they still need to give the definite yes or no on the subject of Jane and Lisbon ending up together.

@ perfecto13gurll

That seems like it will be answered in this season/ possible series finale.


As long as this show remains on TV, I'm all for it!


Is the news about Heller leaving correct - I had thought one of his Mentalist colleagues had refuted that on a post, saying Heller would still be overseeing Mentalist production team in addition to Gotham.

@ Just Passing

Maybe they mean that should The show continue, one of Heller's lieuteants will take over the day to day operatons while Heller will still have imput and some type of control but won't be there for the day to day stuff.


The Mentalist Quotes

Tea? It's like a hug in a cup.


As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.