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The Mentalist: Watch Season 6 Episode 17 Online

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David Ronaldo who was trying to clear Luis Cruz, a friend  on death row for murdering Sarah Feinburg, is killed by a small bomb at a bus stop.

In The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 17, Jane and the FBI team decide to investigate if Cruz is truly innocent before he is executed in two days.. They bring in Sarah's husband, Edward and his new wife May and hold them, tricking them into thinking that Luis Cruz has been executed for the crime. 

When Jane plants the seeds of doubt in Edward's mind, he confronts May. Believing it no longer matters since Luis has been executed for the crime, she confesses that she killed Sarah, not know that FBI has teem bugged. 

Jane seems sad as he wishes Lisbon a good night as she goes out on another date with Agent Marcus Pike. 

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What a joke of an episode! Texas executes its murderers after 6 pm, and death row is not in the small town (not metropolis with mountains behind it in the episode) of West Livingston, but in Ellis Unit right outside of the college town of Huntsville, Texas. Texas media also doesn't do live 24 hour coverage of impending executions. It's like no one is even bothering to do research for these episodes, especially as most of Texas is mountain free (especially Houston and east Texas while central Texas has a few hills). Personally, I'd really like to find and ride in that Airwolf helicopter that flew between Austin and El Paso in an earlier episode in an hour. Texas is a big state and to have these FBI agents zipping between all these far away crime scenes in mere minutes is pure hogwash.

@ peter9

This reminds me of all the times Jane would end up back in Malibu or when he called all of the Red John suspects there. You'd think it was around the corner from Sacramento when it's really about a 7 hour drive. Yet no one batted an eye at making the drive on short notice. I guess since most of the viewing audience wouldn't know that the writers feel it doesn't matter but it can ruin the moment for the ones that do.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Someone just wanted the dead guy dead.


Fischer: You ever wonder what Jane thinks about it?
Cho: Never.
Fischer: Really, why not?
Cho: My brain would explode.

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