The Mindy Project Review: Behind Closed Doors

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Mindy woke up to start this week's hour long installment, straight up dating Danny.

Over a pancake breakfast, Danny voiced his concerns about taking their relationship public in the workplace. Mindy, lost in a love infused carb coma, agreed. It seemed like a good decision initially.

Their hookups behind closed doors and the elevator scene where Danny told Mindy she was staying at his place gave hope that this charade just might be working out. In the insular world of the practice, it just might have. 

Then Brooke burst the bubble and let reality pour on in.

At the party Brooke began to flirt with Danny and I burst out laughing as Mindy crushed her wine glass. Peter adorably tried to help her and found a whole new respect for the E.T.P.C. he had been seeing. He still has a long way to go, but remembering the girl's name was a good start.

Peter: I want you to giggle like a little girl.
Mindy: (Giggles)
Peter: Like a, like a human girl.

I love me some Morgan, but having him move in to protect Mindy after the burglary was the weakest aspect of the episode. I did like Mindy sneaking in her production tag, though, by having Morgan tell her to "go to bed."

The initial Home Alone reference was a good one, with the door handle and paint cans mention. However, Morgan doing the hands to the face scream, made famous by Macaulay Culkin, was a bit much. To the show's credit, it usually doesn't usually discredit a good reference by using it more than once like that.

Taking the most random moment award was the scene where Betsy confessed her love for Danny to the room, only to be hilariously dismissed by her coworkers.

As we approached the half way point of the evening, things got real. Danny has issues with his family we know. Perhaps it was his parents' divorce that poisoned his expectations for relationships. Issues or not, Mindy was well within her right to be upset and ask him why he even took that first step by kissing her.

There was genuine pain behind Mindy's rejection of Danny's excuse. She knows all too well what cowardly men say when they want to get out of a relationship.

Despite all her self effacing jokes and the care free facade, Mindy is fragile and has been hurt before. Danny certainly hurt her. Which is why I was shocked he couldn't understand why Peter was so against him going out with his sister on The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 18.

Loved that Sally, issues and all. I'm glad the episode began to move away from the relationship drama early on, but Danny should have been a bit more sensitive about making moves of any kind around work and Mindy.

He sure didn't waste much time, though. I mean, there's going for a rebound and then there's Danny ripping it off the glass and slamming it through the hoop.

Anna Gunn looked stunning and it was good to see her play a less brighter role since her final days on Breaking Bad. Although a celebrity doctor can be pretty dark.

I loved when Mindy's star struck reaction to Gunn's, Sheila Hamilton, prompted her to try and name drop as well.

The closest I've ever had to a celebrity patient was, do you remember Trishelle from Real World, Road Rules Inferno? Her mom was a patient.


Sheila started to show her true colors later when she cut off the cookie lady's story about posing as a man to attend Princeton. Mindy happened to be impressed by the receptionist who was a blend of Betsy and Beverly.

Mindy didn't appreciate being pursued as some token woman of color. Mindy's practice isn't all that diverse either, but there is no prejudice when it comes to the butt of her jokes. Race, religion, sexual orientation, nothing is off limits when it comes to this show.

Mindy repeatedly pushes the envelope in an often overly P.C. world.

There was nothing P.C. about Sally sexting Danny, but the work the guys were trying to do in "Spaniard Harlem" was admirable. Poor Jeremy, he had such a time trying to rally the troops.

Why do doctors keep on leaving? Danny the bus! And where's Mindy? God I need a magic flute for you people!


Mindy once again came to the rescue with the aid of Jeremy's translating and not so much Peter's attempts at sign language. As the hour wrapped up, Danny told Mindy he was glad she was staying.

Things seemed to be like they were before the kiss, as the two joked about who would tell him when he needed a haircut.

From here the show can probably move on from their relationship to explore other storylines, but I'm sure we haven't seen the last of these two romantically involved.


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I'm in Africa. Stayed up till 5am this morning waiting for 'Be Cool' to air in the U.S and watched it 18 minutes after it had been posted on the net. I was in a complete daze after the break-up scene. I was/am so devastated. What a waste of our time-making us fall in love with them and ending it so quickly.. Last weeks episodes were the BEST ever. After 'Be Cool' I don't want to watch the show anymore. I'm so hurt.


So I was never really on board with the Danny and Mindy hook up, as I've said before, but they're almost funnier together as a couple. That first episode was just really hilarious. I loved watching them sneak around. I wish we could have seen more of that! I also thought Peter was really great in this episode as well. It's nice to see him care so much and root for these two. The scenes with him and Mindy were really hilarious. If they don't get back into the Mindy and Danny thing right away, I still think it would be kind of fun to see her hook up with Peter. Though then she really would have gotten with all the doctors there, plus the other men in the building. But I kind of like her chemistry with Peter. The second episode was just okay to me. It also didn't make sense that Danny was moving on so fast. If it was pre filmed, they still could have cut a lot of that. It just makes it seem like a slap in the face to what he briefly had with Mindy.


For those who don't know Girl Crush was filmed prior to be cool but Fox messed up the airing of it and therefore the show had to re-write and re-shoot to make it fit the arc of the show. so the scenes where Danny and Mindy are cool with each other ... previously filmed. So just take it with a grain of salt everything will be in line next week heading for a smooth ending. All in all I thought Be cool was the best episode this year.


I think mindy will end up pregnant and a patient at her own practice. she's definitely not in a place to take care of another human being, but i can just imagine the hilarious situations with her, danny and overprotective morgan.

@ yoshitoshi

A baby on this show??? Uuuuuggghhhhh....!!!!!! A baby on any show...

Drea xoxo

SIGH!! Its like Zade all over again!! Why can New Girl have Nick and Jess remain but no one else can! just annoying! they could have explored so much with it!! didn't like the way they broke up but tbf it was realistic....

@ Katerina's Gladiator

Nick and Jess broke up.. Sorry.


Well, personally I like Mindy and Danny. Didn't at first... just didn't see it but now... whyyyyyyyyyyyyy break them up?!! Their scenes together were even more hilarious. Each to their own but I think they're a great TV couple and the comedy aspect of those two together is a refreshing take on the "perfect/sexy/dramatic" tv couple we see in every other tv show. I like them and I think together they add another great aspect to the show.

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Historically breakups do not bring out the best in me.


The closest I've ever had to a celebrity patient was, do you remember Trishelle from Real World, Road Rules Inferno? Her mom was a patient.