The Originals Review: Catching Fire

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Welcome back, Original family! My Tuesday nights just aren't the same without the Mikaelsons in my living room. (If only they were really in my living room...)

The Originals Season 1 Episode 18 gave us another New Orleans street party, the Fete de Benedictions, a ceremony where gifts are given to the witches in exchange for their blessings. But as you've probably figured out by now, no New Orleans party is complete without a few surprises.

Genevieve, as a show of good faith in the terms of their treaty, asks Elijah to host the Fete de Benedictions so that the witches of the French Quarter can show that they've accepted their new role in the society. He agrees, seeing it as a good PR move, inviting representatives from the human and werewolf factions.

And it IS a good PR move. Until it isn't.

First, Klaus angers Genevieve by giving Davina a gift after Genevieve and Monique decide to teach Davina a lesson about family and loyalty to her coven. They allow no one to give her gifts, which means she's not allowed to give any blessings. 

When Josh arrives, Klaus gives Davina the gift of Josh's freedom and the spell to create daylight rings. Either he's trying to get her on his good side or he's just unknowingly given her the thing that could bring about his undoing. Marcel is amassing an army and without a witch at his side, he's bound by the sun. 

Now that Josh is free and working with Marcel, might Davina make a move back to his team? It's possible. 

During the party, Marcel and Thierry stage an attack by sending in a band, having them slit their own wrists, and then flipping off the lights in the room causing every vampire at the party to lunge for the flowing blood. When the lights are back on, a pile of bodies is left on the floor and the words "there will be no peace" are scrawled on the wall.

Elijah has a rebellion on his hands, which he attempts to squash by ripping out Thierry's heart while Marcel watches.

That probably wasn't Elijah's best move. 

His best move was telling Klaus that under no circumstances will he continue to restrain himself when it comes to his feelings for Hayley.

Elijah is fed up, completely, with constantly being the one to seek Klaus' redemption. It's clear to Elijah that Klaus doesn't want to be redeemed, that he will always have his own best interests at heart and will always be seeking a way to best his opponents, even if that opponent is his own brother.

Klaus trusts no one. Finally, no one trusts Klaus. 

Now that Elijah is giving himself the freedom to pursue Hayley, we might actually get some Haylijah scenes we can sink our teeth into as long as Jackson doesn't get in the way. But that seems quite likely. A love triangle between Elijah, Hayley, and Jackson. Both men represent love and family since she is uniquely tied to both of them.

Whatever will Hayley do?

The best scene of the night goes to Elijah in the woods telling Hayley's packmate that all he wants is her happiness. While he would love to be involved with her, has been denying himself for Klaus, he would gladly continue to deny his own desires if that would make Hayley happy. 

Elijah is the birth mother in the parable about King Solomon. He would see Hayley with another man than risk hurting her.

Noble Elijah strikes again!

(Also striking again: Daniel Gillies looking hot. The man can wear absolutely anything and look hot in it. The v-neck shirts are nearly as swoonworthy as the suits.)

The runner-up for best scene is a tie.

Cami, knowing there's a good chance that neither Klaus nor Marcel will be able to come through for her, goes directly to Genevieve to ask for help lifting the hex. Genevieve told Klaus she couldn't do it without Esther's grimoire, but when Cami hands her the gift, she softens and seems willing to help. That is, until Klaus goes and ruins it.

He hands Genevieve a box which contains the hands of the witch she sent to steal the grimoire and really, really angers the one witch in New Orleans who might be able to help them right now. Nice!

The good news, if there is anything good about this, is that Klaus knows he screwed up by angering Genevieve and goes to Cami to apologize for the fact that he got in Kieran's way. What makes that a good scene is that he doesn't seem to know that he got in Cami's way until it's too late and he apologizes anyway. He could've just said "to hell with it" and gone to his room.

He's not happy that Cami slept with Marcel, though, and vows that the next time he sees Marcel, his protege, the man he loved like a son, he'll kill him.

Marcel doesn't plan to go down without a fight. 

Neither do the witches who, instead of wanting Genevieve dead to complete the Reaping, now want Hayley's baby.

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 18? Should Hayley choose the vampires or the werewolves? Were you shocked that Elijah killed Thierry? Were you shocked that Klaus pardoned Josh instead of killing him?

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I don't really get why people miss Rebekah...I think she wouldn't have had room in this episode... I am bored of Klaus and his mind game...

Karla baez

This episode was an amazing way to comeback! i didn't even knew how much i missed the original family until i got to see the episode starting... first of all i really need Rebekah back, and i hope the witch hunt against the baby forces her to get back in town i don't care if they even have to recast the part but we need her between her brothers there was a balance between them three, Elijah was AMAZING the hole time, this hard side of him is a breather cause we see he is still caring for his family but he is also fighting for them anyway he can, Klaus has a heart so big and he denies it even to himself he LOVES cami and he is hurt by Marcel by doing her, im still over the moon with everything, Marcel is going to have a run for his money, Josh and Divina are the perfect friendship they care so much for each other, whom ever harm Josh will get her on his/her ass, there's a great balance with this characters, they complement each others needs and what they supposedly lack on their lives. I gotta say that Hayley might be and interesting character also developing i just wish she would be a little less trustful of her beloved prince cause is weird she just meet the guy like 5 minutes ago and now she trusts him even more that Elijah that has proven himself. And finally i gotta say that im dying to see the witches hunt down that baby, is going to be a great thing seeing Klaus and Elijah taking them down just for trying to harm the baby or Hayley...

Karla baez
@ Karla Baez

also i think that Marcel needs a little more motivation, is ok that he wants the town back, and now wants revenge for Thierry, but he supposedly loves Rebekah that must've hurt that his love left town because os Klaus and doesn't even looks like he cares, he is manipulative we know but in some point the guys muy have some kind of feelings and he just looks like a angry kid that got his toys taken away, not a grown man that has lost everything and is hurt...


Oh, and I wasn't surprised at all to see Elijah kill Thierry. I happened to like him though. I'd rather have lost that other vampire that signed the treaty. I liked Thierry better.

Karla baez
@ Shannon

im hoping Thiago is next to go down, he has nothing to give to the show...


I enjoy the chemistry between Cami and Klaus. If he's not going to be with Caroline for a while, then I wouldn't mind seeing him get close to Cami. Marcel sleeps with her, not long after Rebekah is gone.
I thought giving Davina the spell to make daylight rings would have something to do with the werewolves down the road and the making of their rings.
I had no idea that Elijah watched Hayley, but that was a nice scene. Of course he won't make his move now because she seems content, but I hope something happens before the end of the season. I also would've liked to see Klaus try to protect the mother of his child a little more so during the blackout. If she got hurt, so would his child. I don't mean in a romantic way, but he seems like he's the least excited about this baby.


When Elijah was standing in the woods looking at Hayley , I felt for the first time that these two can be an amazing couple , I know that there was chemistry between them but in this scene ,Elijah's look was full of passion ,and it make me really want them to be together .


Great Episode, and I am glad that Thierry died he was a useless B*, I love JOSH I am glad he still around...


I miss Rebekah.... there was definitely too much testosterone flying about in this was like watching men fight over who has the biggest package...boring...marcel should have known better not to take on the originals...just surprised Elijah was the one dealing the punishment...I just hope this show wont follow the same path as vampire diaries where they keep rehashing the same old tired storylines...I am only waiting to see Hayley's baby be born and shake things up in new Orleans...

Sarah silva

I was shocked that Elijah killed Thierry! When he ripped out his heart I said out loud to myself: 'WOW".
I guess it may not have been a shock to some as Elijah warned Marcel to leave and never come back or there would be consequences! He is a man of his word and the punishment for Marcel betraying that by sending an attack and they message on the wall at the Fete, was the loss of his friend Thierry! However that will not stop Marcel and now as we saw at the end, a small army is gathering with Marcel to take down Elijah et al.
Klaus offering Davina a daylight ring, which I am sure was meant for Josh and the spell to make more was a peace offering to her for killing her boyfriend. He also said that Josh if free and safe. However we all know this is Klaus and he has ulterior motives!
Elijah finally reached a breaking point with Klaus and will no longer hold back out of loyalty for his brother. From what I understood that means he will tell Hayley he likes her. However at this point I think it may be too little too late Elijah seems to check in on her all the time and seeing how happy she is with the other wolves, may have made him realize they can not be together. Which is too bad! I would like to her with Elijah rather than Jackson!
Finding out that the Genevieve's life was spared as long as she kills Hayley's baby was interesting, I do not see that happening! Elijah and Jackson will not let that happen.


You just retell the whole episode (we've watched it too you know) and mooned over Elijah....these are not the reviews I come here to read.
On the other hand,interesting episode,there have been better ones. As mentioned I hate that no one trust no one as well,I need a pact that can hold for more than half episode.... Notes:
I hate Monique!!!
Lets have some of that flirt between the blond warewolf and davina again, she could need a sexy man

@ leele

A show review IS just that to review the episode!
That is the main point of this website, to review shows!
If you do not like it then you do not have to go on this site!

@ tvfan

I really like the website,that is why I read the reviews,write comments and give my opinion. But thank you for your kind recommendation,in the spirit - if you don't like my comment you don't have to reply.

@ tvfan

However, to review a book, TV show, concert etc. does not mean to summarize it! And I totally agree, this time the review sounded more like a summary of the episode!


I don't trust Jackson for one second!! Watch your back Hayley! Oh, but the scene in the woods....with Elijah THE BEST! He's so sweet! Even Eve knows he loves her.

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[to Cami] I believe the words you are looking for are 'thank you.'


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