The Tomorrow People Review: Hillary Becomes a Hero

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So many things happened on The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 20 that I think I need a drink. And I’m not even really a drinker, so that’s saying something.

In a way, this episode had everything in it that I was hoping would happen when I realized that they had saved Roger.

First, Roger was reunited with his family and they all, including Astrid, had a nice dinner together.

Then there was Roger and Jedikiah working together and Jed become a part of the Tomorrow People team.

After everything that’s happened, it’s not like he could have returned to Ultra, but I wasn’t completely positive the paranormals would have him either.

Oh, you’re dating a computer. I should’ve guessed.


Everything was going great, until suddenly it wasn’t. First Roger wanted to leave his people leaderless once again as part of a plan to keep them safe. Once he saw that Stephen had been put into the Machine, that plan was quickly dumped.

Then the race was on to destroy the Machine. Again, everything was going swimmingly. That is until John decided that they needed Roger back as their leader and was willing to do anything to make that happen – up to and including shooting Roger with a tranquilizer.

I’d rather die than give up Roger.


I understood where John was coming from but his actions put him in a desperate spot. I kept waiting for someone or something to come in and rescue him when they tried to give him the serum to take his powers, but it never happened.

They only believed in Roger because you did. You’re my hero, John.


The fact that it took as many hits as it did and that the room was destroyed by their efforts seemed to prove that John is now completely human. A part of me is intrigued to see how John deals with his plight and the other part of me feels horrible for him. It will be interesting to see which part wins as we get into the last two episodes of the season.

In the end, Hillary showed Stephen and everyone else how much she really cared about him. I wouldn’t have pegged her as the self-sacrificing type but I knew as soon as she gave Astrid that phone number what she had planned.

My whole life, I’ve wanted to be a hero. I’ve finally found a way.


If the Founder is indeed dead, what will it mean for the Tomorrow People? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

My favorite bits:

  • Roger waking up just as Stephen’s mom was thinking he wasn’t going to. Talk about perfect timing.
  • John vs. Roger. That is all.
  • Cara realizing that John was purposely trying to get hurt by Roger.
  • Luca’s reaction to see his father. Running away sounded about right to me.
  • Stephen inviting the perfect buffer over for dinner, aka Astrid.
  • Roger raising everyone’s glasses for them. Now I want to invite him over to my next dinner party.
  • Astrid telling Hillary she better treat Stephen right.
  • Charlie informing John that he was her hero. And now she’s kind of mine.
  • Jedikiah admitting that he enjoyed being the powerful brother while Roger is gone.
  • Jedikiah calling his computer “Love.” Too cute for words.
  • Stephen discovering what the Founder did when he was in the machine.
  • Russell volunteering to take the tracer first. Oh, no!

Has John really become human and if so, can he get his powers back?


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Paulette andria hamilton

ok this show is not getting better the writing is ridiculous and if cancelled we will know why.. Stephen is annoying ,Dad is annoying and jedikiah changing from being evil to being what not? is too soon too quick. This family has done a disservice to others and humans alike mainly John the only interesting character in the show. He was plucked out of bad home life to something worse then foster care raised by jediach and probably Roger but because he was never blood he was used and discarded by this family. prediction Founder is not dead, John's powers was enhanced and Roger will finally become a leader and yes Hilary scarf-iced herself in vain because high-school Stephen will feel no remorse whats so ever for her death. If Jediah is the example of the humans and Roger the example of the tomorrow people then both sides are Grey people because good intentions always leads to bad actions..


There's also a possibility that because of Jed's genetic tampering of John to force-evolve his killing gene that John is immune or highly-resistant to the drug. John's DNA was altered so that he could kill; maybe the drug won't be as effective, or he'll be powerless for only a little bit...


The Founder survived. He's one of the most powerful TP and he's had years upon years to develop all three of his skills, especially teleportation. Hillary gave him WAY more than enough time, by showing him she had a bomb and delivering her last line, for him to teleport out. Founder's totally not dead. Bathory will live on to fight another day.

@ Ace

I don't believe he's dead either. It's just ashame that Hillary died in vain. But ultra is filled with chips that keep them from using there powers I thought?


I could not stand Hillary. Glad she is gone.


This show keeps getting better and better. It's a shame that Hillary sacrificed herself. I really like her character. She was stronger female role and I liked her better then Cara. Hopefully she succeed in killing the founder because that would be an absolute shame for her to sacrifice herself for nothing. Plus it really would of been a perfect time for Stephan to stop time to save her from killing herself. Rip in Hillary

@ Vampbarbie

Perhaps we will have some evolution of Stephens powers to put him back in the 'more powerful than his dad' category by way of perhaps stopping AND rolling back time or some other twist. If Hillary dies and the founder survives the loss will have been pointless (not to mention plain stupid for the founder to survive), yet we would have to ask who would be the bad guy with no founder. It is clear that with the back order for the second half of the season the plot changed quite dramatically with the switch of side for Jed and the almost complete dropping of the 'promised-land' alternate reality/ plane of existence threads.

@ fred

I was thinking they might tamper with time travel. I have no problem with that as long as they don't get carried away with it like in the show Heros. I was also wondering who would be the bad guy if Hillary was sucessful in her attempt to kill the founder. But I hope either she was successful or some how Stephan was able to save her and the founder survives. In this show you can't believe was you see right away. There's been many twists.

@ Vampbarbie

I really hope that somehow Hillary will survive. She became one of my favorite characters lately and it will be a shame if we really lost her. The founder will be defeated eventually, if not now it will be by the end of the season. We don't know if he will die, or he will be imprison or whatever but he will be gone. As for the next bad guy, I remember from some of the previous episodes when Stephen asked about him and if he is really the "Founder" of Ultra, Jed said that he is one of many. So this means there are a lot more mysterious and probably more dangerous villains than him. Also the whole Ultra foundation is just a part of something much bigger, we don't know exactly what but it is related with the government (they said this in one of the first episodes). So there will be much more coming on in the next seasons.
P.S. sorry for my english

@ Vampbarbie

Also You think Astrid would of called Stephan first about what Hillary might of been up too?

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Roger: Not much has changed.
Marla: Everything has changed.

Thanks for bringing me back from the dead.