The Tomorrow People Review: Wishes Do Come True

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Jedikiah’s greatest wish came true in the final moments of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 21.

Okay people, tell me I wasn’t the only one who practically stood up and cheered at the end of this episode/

Mark Pellegrino was on freaking fire in this one and seeing Jedikiah get his heart’s desire and become a paranormal was a truly amazing sight.

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Perhaps it’s because I have never wanted to see him as a bad guy, but I don’t see this as a bad thing at all. The Founder has been wreaking havoc with all of the Tomorrow People, but he has yet to face Roger’s own brother all amped up with paranormal power.

Yeah, well, you know what? I’d rather be alive than the blueprint for somebody else’s skin, thank you very much.


Paranormal Jed might just be the thing this group needed to save them.

It wasn’t just Jedikiah’s final moments that put this episode onto my ever-growing list of favorites. How appropriate was it that John lost his powers right about the time that Jedikiah found his?

Oh, and let’s not forget, now that Jedikiah knows how to get powers, he could give John back his. Though I have a feeling it will come at a cost that John may not be willing to pay.

Have you see her eat with a fork and knife? No way I’m letting Irene cut open my noggin.


But I digress. The reason I mentioned John was because I simply adored his storyline in this episode. He proved pretty fast that, though he was powerless, he wasn’t useless. But he wouldn’t be John if he didn’t do something self-sacrificing and that moment came when he left the lair to keep Cara from protecting.

That of course led to the wonderful John/Astrid moments that a lot of us have been wishing for ever since she dug a bullet out of him. They were even more beautiful than I imagined they would be and I have to say that their connection felt so much stronger to me than his and Cara’s ever did.

Astrid, when I kiss you next time. It’s not going to be because the world is ending.


It was nice of Cara to bring Astrid to the lair, but I don’t think she realized what was really up with John and Astrid until that moment. It made me feel sorry for her for a second, but then I realized all her jealousy toward Hillary and I forgot to feel bad.

What does all this mean for next week? I’m sure I don’t know, but I really hope we’re in store for another episode like this one.

My favorite bits:

  • Stephen remembering that nice moment with Hillary.
  • Poor Jedikiah trying to explain everything that was going on and sounding more and more insane as he did it.
  • John pointing out that he was human, not useless.
  • Marla rescuing Jedikiah. She even did it with a snappy one-liner. I am liking her more and more.
  • Okay I have to admit I wasn't on board with the idea of a Human!John at first, but he kicking some major ass in this episode.
  • Irene spotting what Jedikiah was really worried about and telling him that his love was like Romeo and Juliet. Aw.
  • Dang you John, why do you insist on sacrificing yourself? #StillLoveYou
  • Roger stealing a little nookie while training Marla, and the fact that she was able to knock him on his ass after he did it.
  • Jedikiah informing Stephen that he was lurking.
  • Cara referring to Jedikiah and Irene as Igor and Dr. Frankenstein. I totally wanted to know which was which, too.
  • Cara admitting she was scared.
  • Astrid pointing out that John’s powers weren’t what made him special. I loved that she ended her speech by calling him a jerk.
  • The kiss! Whoa.
  • Stephen using a massive TK blast to take out all those guards. Double whoa.
  • John promising Astrid that the next time he kissed her, it wasn’t going to be because the world is ending. That was so hot.
  • Marla coming in and tossing people around like they were dolls.
  • Really, really, really hating that Natalie chick.
  • Stephen asking his brother to take care of their mother.
  • Cara coming to get Astrid.
  • Jedikiah… HOLY CRAP!

Are you happy Jedikiah became a paranormal?


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Good gravy! This was the best episode, yet. I keep saying it, but it's true. This show just keeps getting better and better. There wasn't one moment that I didn't like. Sure, I didn't like blondie turning Russel's eyes and talking him into turning Roger in and therefore, turning on the human race.. but still...Nice to have some layers. I was heartbroken for John, but once again, he proved why he is my hero, as well as Charlie's. I am liking the chemistry between him and Astrid.. and dang it.. like you, I was - for a brief.. brief moment - sorry for Cara. That says a lot, as I usually cannot stand her. Also.. what an ending! Jed getting his paranormal on? I thought I saw a hint of a maniacal gleam in his eyes as he was tossing those vehicles.. but perhaps he needed to get it out of his system. Good lord, CW.. Renew this show for a second season! They deserve it.


Even though Hillary wasn't in this episode. Well she was for a few seconds. This show is so entertaining it almost makes me forget that Hillarys sacfrice was in vain. But this show distracts you with so many other things. That you would never think that Jed would be finding a serum that would make humans into paranormals and him actually becoming one! That's not to ending I saw coming. It looks at the end he was on his way to save his brother. Great show!

@ Vampbarbie

And I have to say my favorite scene is when Marla came to Rogers rescue and started tossing people around. That was truly awesome!

@ Vampbarbie

Yus. I loved that bit, too. I so wanted to her to give them a good beating. :D

@ Whicho

She did kind of threw them around like rag dolls. Lol I wish she would of threw the blonde girl around.


I LOVE Marla she need more to do!!!! The CW need to do what they did last year and renew EVERYTHING!!! cause i love all 3 100, TTP, STAR. i need more marla

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