The Vampire Diaries First Look: Meeting Markos

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Possible trouble for Bonnie and Jeremy. Some shocking news revealed at The Grill.

And the official introduction of Markos.

The CW has released photos from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 and they give us a look at Jonnie having a serious discussion, Elena and Caroline sharing a meal Raffi Barsoumian as Markos.

What does this Traveler want?

Damon will learn the truth and be both "relieved and disturbed" by it, according to the official CW synopsis of "Resident Evil," while producer Caroline Dries told us late last month that the villain has a very calm and unsettling presence.

Get your first peek at Markos below and click through more photos from the April 17 installment: 

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Honestly I've stopped paying attention to the vampire diaries. After Elena and Damon hooked up, it just started getting annoying. First of all, who hooks up with an ex's brother? Like seriously, her n Stefan had just broken up, n then boom she's with Damon. Who does that? Apparently the CW characters do, especially on this show. The storyline has completely gotten annoying and it's more of a who's dating who storyline now. So nobody cares anymore. I agree with the other comments, it's all about Damon on screen now. And Caroline is starting to get annoying as well. when elena was sired to damon and caroline always trying to rain on Elena's parade, but then she does an awful thing too when she has sex with klaus. At least Elena was sired n had false intensified feelings for Damon at first. What's your excuse Caroline? Geeze. N then Tyler being an ass when he found out about the Caroline n klaus insident. Well boo hop Tyler, it's ur fault for walking out n Caroline in the first place. This show focuses more in relationships now instead of an actual storyline that's actually interesting to watch. At least in the beginning when Stefan and Elena were together, it had real storylines and plots that were interesting to watch and see unfold, even with their relationship. They're relationship added to the story and made it more worthwhile to watch. I hope this is the last season of this bull crap stuff, or please just make it the last season all together. Seriously can't take much more of this nonsense. I only watch it now cuz it's aired on the same night as the new CW series Reign.


I've recently re-watched from S1 to S5 and its really obvious that TVD really have declined.
The great thing I liked about TVD in general was Stefan/Damon love hate relationship, preferred more their bonding than actual fighting, Ric/Damon bromance, Stefan/Caroline relationship, The Original siblings, Klaus, great story lines. Now all these are gone. And now we are getting seriously bored with Delena stuff, crappy storylines with the whole Silas / Stefan doppelgangers , Dr Creepenstein Augustine stuff , and The Travellersuck storyline. Though now the nice thing I can see now is Tyler being more prominently on the team, the Hunter/Human/Hybrid trio. I want Stefan to have a sweet and nice girl like Caroline, really nice having them getting cozy, but still dnt think its a good idea, since we've all been stuffed with love triangle and we dont need another one involving them 2 and Tyler. Cant we have something more original than having someone coming after Elena??? And we definitely wont be having a villains on par of Klaus/Elijah ever.


Liked what you said Jenna. I stopped looking at VD when Elena slept with Damon. Might go back don't know. Never been a Delena fan always Stelena, now just a Stefan fan, but don't look even for him. Wished for a Caroline or even Katherine to hook up. Caroline is loyal, she is just going to be best friends with Stefan, she's the new Lexie. Loved Lexie.

@ Donna

I'm a fan of all the characters on the show. My problem is Julie and Kevin has turned this show into there own little Ian show. The Vampire Diaries is NOT The Vampire Diaries anymore. It's the Damon or Delena show. They've lost so many viewers because of that. I'm at the point where I'm getting tired of even reading the recaps little own watching the show.


Lets see if I can guess. Damon gets to be tortured, Damon gets the sympathy, Damon gets to be the hero, Damon is in almost all scenes and when he's not in the scenes they're talking about him. Oh and then show a little of the rest of the group. The show is AWFUL now since they turned it into the Damon/Delena Show. It's funny when reading different sites saying the ratings went down when Delena broke up. Do your research, the ratings went down when Delena got together. They're ruined this show and now they'll make it worse by killing of such loved characters like Bonnie. Ugh I can say without questions that last season and this season I've missed more episodes then I've watched because I don't like and I am bored of the DELENA DIARIES! Julie needs to get a grip and realize this show won't see a season 7. Thank Goodness!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

We can always go kill people!


Stefan: You censor your journal? Pretty sure that’s against journal rules.
Elena: And I’m pretty sure you’re not the journal police.

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