The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: Who Will Die?

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Death is coming to The Vampire Diaries.

This is nothing news, of course, but Paul Wesley and producer Caroline Dries tells TV Guide that those who leave this world on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale won't be coming back.

Ever. For real this time.

The May 15 episode "definitely establishes new parameters in the environment we'll be shooting in Season 6," Wesley says. "They reset things in a way, and the writers have the ability to now change the circumstances and locations of where the show takes place."

Rumor has it that The Other Side will be wiped away completely (what will this mean for Bonnie as The Anchor?), with Dries teasing at least "three" deaths that will occur on the finale.

Will this be major players? Recurring players such as Liv, Luke or Enzo?

Who do you think will die on the finale? Who do you want to die on the finale?

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I hate that they killed Damien off and Bonnie. oh well I guess I won't be watching season six. First Bonnie really did not get a good story line and Damien, well he is just one of the main characters. He should not die. Man Damien is so hott. Since he will not be on the next season. I am not watching it


I can't believe that they killed off Damon . That makes me mad. I will not be watch the next season. I also believe that they killed Bonnie way to many times and did not give her enough story time


Delena brought the ratings down that's just a fact. You know damons (Ian) is coming back for two reasons. 1. he signed a 6 year contract. 2. he makes millions, goes on free trips, free cars and get a ton of free stuff. He'll never have the luxuries lifestyle he has now on anything he'll ever do.


If Damon is really dead and not returning next season as they said then I won't be watching the Vampire Diaries anymore. He is hands down the best character on that show and the most pleasing to look at too! Sorry, but the show won't work without him. They have to know that but if Season 6 is the last season for this show then I guess they don't care.


The characters that can die in my opinion are Tyler (not only did he nearly kill Damon near the end of Season 2, but he killed Stefan. So what if he was possessed when it happened?! It still shouldn't have happened), Markos, and either Luke or Liv. I would say Sheriff Forbes but Caroline still needs at least one parent. Didn't exactly want Stefan to die, even though he's not exactly my favorite Salvatore brother, but still. They've gotta bring him back. Also, DON'T LET DAMON DIE!!!!!! Damon's been my number one favorite character in the show since the beginning so naturally, I don't want him dead.


I think the three people who is going to be killed off are tyle, enzo and either bonnie or liv or Marcos, they definitely wouldn't kill stefan or elena because the network know there ratings wold go down a lot!


@ Dan,,if damon died it would be totally heartbreaking and i trully support that the ratings would go low,,maybe liv,luke and enzo??

@ Alexis

Um, the ratings have never been as low as they are this season because of way too much Damon and Delena. Delena killed this show.


@ Dan,,if damon died it would be totally heartbreaking and i trully support that the ratings would go low,,maybe liv,luke and enzo??


Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline arent going anywhere, I read that Caroline sets her sights on a love interest (Stefan) that jeopardizes a friendship (Elena) in season 6. My top guesses are Sheriff Forbes (who knew she would last so long)
Bonnie (but that's an obvious choice so maybe not)
Matt if he gets killed the ring will bring him back but will that work if theres no other side?
Tyler has been a nomadic Hybrid for a while with no big story line so he's expendable but I hope not cuz the actor is amazing if they would just give him more material.
Jeremy has died twice and been brought back by magic, I think it would be cool (but sad) if fate caught up with him and he died because maybe he should have been dead this whole time.


omg its gonna be stefan or jeremy

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