The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: Who Will Die?

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Death is coming to The Vampire Diaries.

This is nothing news, of course, but Paul Wesley and producer Caroline Dries tells TV Guide that those who leave this world on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale won't be coming back.

Ever. For real this time.

The May 15 episode "definitely establishes new parameters in the environment we'll be shooting in Season 6," Wesley says. "They reset things in a way, and the writers have the ability to now change the circumstances and locations of where the show takes place."

Rumor has it that The Other Side will be wiped away completely (what will this mean for Bonnie as The Anchor?), with Dries teasing at least "three" deaths that will occur on the finale.

Will this be major players? Recurring players such as Liv, Luke or Enzo?

Who do you think will die on the finale? Who do you want to die on the finale?

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I just don't understand why they have to kill someone ,I would rather if they stop killing any one for a good while and then surprise us of unexpected death .


If it will be for real this time so
Damon Elena Stefan and Caroline are safe
The writers aren't that stupid I mean they are suffering enough low rates this season after the originals leaving I wish it won't be Mat or Enzo. any one else doesn't matter


3 deaths. Huh. I don't see them killing of Damon, Stefan, or Elena they're to important and fan favorites. They could I just don't think they will. I also don't think they'll kill off Caroline or Matt because they're also fan favorites. Tyler maybe he hasn't really been doing anything he doesn't have a story. Bonnie came back and we've hardly seen her and she's still pretty useless even as the anchor so fingers crossed it's her. Jeremy maybe he came back but he doesn't really have a story anymore and we haven't seen him very much. They can't kill off Enzo he's awesome. Liv and Luke will probably get killed off if it's only one of them my money's on Liv but probably both. At least they'll actually stay dead this time that will be a first.

Mike willey

Stefan he want to direct..Cant due both..Tyler no storie line for him and u would say Matt rebeca...


3 deaths? let it be Damon, luke and some weirdo traveler

@ Team Ka

Damon's not dying the writers aren't the stupid. if damon dies this show's ratings will hit an all new low. Damon is a fan favorite and kill him off would be a huge mistake. If its really dead for good for ever than Damon, Stefan and Elena are save

@ steven

Damon should die this season finale and then return next season, as I would love to see everyone's reaction to Damon's death and everyone trying to live in a world without Damon.. Stefan and Elena will be heartbroken by Damon's death.. :'(


i really hope its stefan but i know it won't be. It will be some noone like liv, luke or enzo

@ rick

Why Stefan?

@ mary

I love the actor ever since I saw him on wolf lake but I hate the character Stefan. He is so annoying and horrible. I'm not saying to get rid of the actor he's great but the character stefan needs to die. I wish they had kept Sislis or Tom alive and killed Stefan. I know they won't but I can dream.

@ rick

Look Rick.I adore Stephen m mptr for Stephen cause every one wants Damon.not to nr rude
But Damon is most popular cause he's hot
Stephen will not die off.if you take the 3 main characters Damon or Stephan or winey loose all your viewers. People love Stephen just as much as Damon.Ian who is Damon already admitted he will look dead in finaleso were expecting him to die for now.hes the only one who hasnt died.or had a major catastrophe. Stephen alrrady died I. Safe for months.Elena died cause of Katherine. Now onto Caroline shes in love with Stephen. And this next two shows she tells Elena.n Elena flips out.but Caroline goes for it.she puts the moves on Stephen. Weve been seeing it building. . I just want everyone to be prepared Damon dies.but comes back ne t season.
But will be back next season.

@ rick

I am a fan of Stefan but I feel this way about Elena. She's kind of a useless character, however I loved Katherine. I was hoping they'd find a way to keep her instead of Elena. It's obviously not the actress I have a problem with, as I l she play's both characters.

Sarah silva

My prediction is Liv, Luke and Bonnie will die, the whole for real this time is pretty obvious that it will be her. However it could also been a Vampire dies for real this time.
However I have this sinking feeling Damon will die

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

word up, for some strange reason that character annoys me now.

@ mary

Damon won't die but I find him annoying now as well.

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