24 Live Another Day Review: Jack is Back!

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The clock begins its countdown as 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 1 brings Jack Bauer back after four years and - dammit! - things haven't gone well for Jack. 

Jack Bauer is considered a terrorist... but not to worry. Even though his country wants him behind bars, shipped off to Russia or dead, Jack is still risking everything to save the President of the United States.

Why? Because he's Jack Bauer dammit!

This season looks like it's going to be 24's version of the drone wars, as terrorist take control of US drones on foreign soil and take out an American/British convoy, then plan to assassinate the President of the United States. 

There are plenty of new characters as the CIA in London is now tracking Jack but they seem kind of clueless as to the plot against the President. 

The moment Agent Kate Morgan said the best escape route was the roof and Jack went the other way, I knew his plan was to get caught.  I just didn't know why yet. 

As much as I love actress Yvonne Strahovski, I kept being reminded of Sarah Wynter's character Kate Warner from 24 Season 2 and it was completely distracting. Was I the only one? 

Back to this Kate. In the real world I'd assume that any CIA agent whose spouse sells secrets to the Chinese would be fired immediately whether they knew about it or not, but this is TV so I'll let that one go.

Kate Morgan is obviously the smartest person in the room while Agent Erik has the biggest attitude as he's more interested in shoving her out the door than in doing his job. 

When Agent Steve Navarro pulled Kate off the case after she shared her theory that Jack was really there because he wanted to be, I began to wonder if he was working with Jack. Why not check out her suspicion? Why kick Kate to the curb a week early?

But never mind. Let's get back to the characters we know and love. 

It's been 4 years since we've seen Chloe O'Brian and now she's sporting a goth/punk look as a Free Information Hacker who released thousands of classified Department of Defense documents to the world. A lot has changed.

At one point Chloe snaps at Jack in this 24 Live Another Day quote

You don't get to judge me Jack. Not after what I've been through.


What exactly has she been through? As Kate mentioned and as seen on the extras on the original 24 series dvds, Chloe was arrested after she helped Jack escape at the end of the original series but we have no idea what occurred after that.  From the looks of things I'm going to guess it wasn't good.

The even bigger question is where is her husband Morris and their son Prescott? Neither she nor Jack mentioned them at all in the first two hours and I can only hope they're both still alive.

I've always been a fan of William Devane so I'm thrilled they decided to bring back James Heller as the President. Jack obviously still thinks highly of him but as usual it is the people surrounding the president that may be the most dangerous, especially as Heller appears to be in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's or something similar. 

The return of Heller's daughter Audrey Raines also made me smile as she was Jack's most unforgettable love interest, even if she did end up in a catatonic state after things went badly.

The problem is that Audrey is now married to the Chief of Staff, Mark Boudreau who claims he stood by Audrey's side through three years of psychiatric care. He's not about to let anyone even mention Bauer's name in front of her. As a matter of fact, he'd hand Jack over to the Russians and let him disappear forever if he could.

If he truly loves Audrey it's a little hard to blame him for feeling that way but it's unclear if he's really on Heller's side or running his own agenda. 

On 24, no one can ever be trusted. Too bad Derek Yates never realized that. I figured his girlfriend was probably more than the bimbo she appeared if for no other reason than Derek wasn't nearly handsome enough or rich enough to warrant that much attention.

The knife through the head in the bathroom was pretty brutal though. Looks like Margot trained her daughter well. This is a mother / daughter team not to be messed with and Jack doesn't even know they're out there yet.

The Damn it! and Explosion tallies were pretty low starting out…but I blame the lack of expletives on Jack being silent for three quarters of the first hour.

  • Damn it! count = 3
  • Explosion count = 3

I didn't realize how much I missed Jack until I had him back even if it is for a limited run. Get ready for this summer's roller coaster ride 24 fans. The clock is ticking.

Your turn TV Fanatics, what did you think of the premiere of 24: Live Another Day?


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Please get rid of Agent Morgan. She is hot and all but her character is annoying. It seems like the producers are trying way too hard to show us how smart and good of an agent she is.


I watched three episodes of the original series and then missed one and refused to pick it up again until seeing the missed episode. It never happened and sporadically I'd see one random episode or two over the years. That is, until I ditched cable and discovered Amazon Instant Video last year. Watched all eight seasons over four months Sept to Dec 2013 and regretted there weren't more. My favorite was the last season. This is just effing awesome, to me they've taken all of the things they did right over the years and melded them together and left out everything they did wrong. At least so far! I am VERY happy that we haven't seen Kim Bauer yet and if she does appear hopefully it's very limited. No unnecessary hot bimbo girl running around scared so far and I'm loving the continuation of bad ass female agent on the inside who will undoubtedly risk it all to help Jack save the day. Love it! Jack is back!


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Meh, too predictable a pres with impacted mental abilities and all the yes men making decisions and same ol stuff. I'll wait till it's aired all the way through then watch the end ep ;)
Find it hard to take I~S (cause I don't know how to spell her name) after being chuckified very seriously, she seemed lack luster in the ep and to take on Jack in the pool of experience of which they are on very different levels seems a one sided fight.


It was awesome. Jack is back


It was great to see Jack back in the first hour, but early in the second hour it quickly turned into the same old same old. Listening to the political staff bicker is worse than watching paint dry.
I think the next episode will be the make or break point for whether I continue watching or not.


I have no difficulty dealing with the changes in the personalities of our hero’s. After dealing with what has been on their plates how could one expect different? But if I were Jack or Chloe I would have considered my job for the greater good more than completed. To keep myself from dwelling on what I had lived, done, seen and lost, I would now be living on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean tending bar. I would be the one serving drinks who listens and at times offers words of wisdom, and in the wee small hours spin incredible yarns that would keep my companions interested, but would never believe. Oh, they would say, “He/she had delved into too many works by Jack London”. This would make me smile. I see this as a nice closer for the both of them. Then maybe in a year or two or three they give us a two part 4 hour TV show that brings us to this final. Sort of like “Burn Notice”, but with more Intel. Jack is safe, content and above all happy and healthy. Chloe is there but they act as if their relationship is new. Kim and family somehow fit into the mix. As for what the powers that be think, Jack and company are dead, and in away….. they are. After all can you think of anyone else on earth who deserves a happy ending? Best regard Susan, and by the way Thank You.


I loved every clock tick of this 2 hour episode. Jack is so cool and tough. I was afraid I would be disappointed after the time it has been off air but it was fantastic. I can't remember the Kate character, been too long.


We went back and forth all episode whether it was the same Kate! I think they are different because Jack didn't seem to know her! So glad 24 is back!! Great premiere!!!


I'm so happy that Jack is back! And I loved Sarah Walker---no, no, she's Kate this time. POI isn't my cup of tea but JACK, damn it! I've missed him!

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