24: Live Another Day Review: Necessary Cruelty

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If viewers had any doubt that Margot was willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 4 laid those thoughts to rest, proving the woman is out of her mind.

What sane person starts hacking off her daughter's fingers? I guess the same one who is willing to pimp her out for the cause.

At least now both Simone and Navid must both realize that Mummie dearest will probably kill them in their sleep if they try and betray her. I had to wonder if nine-finger Simone now regrets going to mum instead of making a run for it with her husband? 

As all of that craziness was taking place, Jack still had a mission and getting set up by Adrian Cross and trapped in the US Embassy wasn't about to slow him down. 

I found it morbidly amusing how the Marines opened fire even when Jack told them he had hostages. They didn't seem to care that those communications people were going to be collateral damage in the hunt for Jack Bauer. 

Chloe did her best to help Jack and I kept wondering if Adrian was going to find another way to sabotage her. Funny how he seemed more willing to let the drone attack happen instead of trying to stop it.  I suppose there's satisfaction in watching thousands of people die as long as you can stand on your soap box and say I told you so.

President Heller seemed to swing from one end of the pendulum to the other when it came to Jack. First he insisted on speaking to him directly which led to one of my favorite 24: Live Another Day quotes

Heller: I hear you just shot two people out in front of the Embassy.
Jack: I barely grazed them, Sir.
Heller: How do you know that?
Jack: Because I pulled the trigger.

Even after expounding on how he knew Jack, it didn't take much convincing from Mark to get Heller to agree to let the Marines take him down. 

Of course that didn't win Mark any points with his wife. Audrey was furious. Not only wouldn't he listen to her opinion but he was patronizing on top of it. No wife ever takes that well. 

Now that Kate Morgan has Jack in custody, will she be able to keep him there and will the flight key really hold the code to the drone mystery?

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Should Simone and Navid try and make a run for it or simply be resigned to their fate?


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Navid killing mommie dearest and the other terrorists would work- it would prove the capability to hijack US drones is real and that Jack was telling the truth ( at least about that capacity). It would still leave Jack on a slow boat to Russia. The US would have to launch a massive cover up to hide the fact that their drones are still at risk, giving Cross more grist for his mill, and probably losing the drone base. Heller had the chance to do the right thing here, which is usually the case and he flubbed it, which is also the usual case,


Jack is back! - this new series is just so good and with just 12 episodes should be an adrenalin rush all the way. I've re-watched previous series (what Jack fan doesn't have them all?) and he's lost nothing - maybe looks a little older but this is Jack as we knew him. I just hope there will be another series and that's probably up to the fans - ratings are everything these days.


Navid will direct the drones at their hiding place and kill them all.

@ Stuart Borken

This was my thought last night. He will pilot them to kill them. I think he really wants nothing to do with crazy mommy-in law.

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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Right now the point is that I believe you. From what I can see, no one else does.


Jack: I need a diversion.
Adrian: Bit of an understatement.