Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale: Reborn

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S.H.I.E.L.D. is reborn!

Coulson's team put their lives on the line and came out victorious over Garrett and the Cybertek super soldiers. It was a heroic effort. The finale had no shortage of action, suspense or heart. It was as near perfect as it probably could be. I only had one disappointment, but I'll get to that later.

While it's not clear whether the new S.H.I.E.L.D. will be considered legitimate or not, it probably helps that Coulson's team was responsible for rescuing some of the top military brass.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 22 concluded on chapter of the story, while setting up Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 nicely.

The last few episodes have built up to the finale showdown. Coulson's team took out the super soldiers in the barber shop without a problem. It helped that May got her hands on the powerful weapon to demolish the building on top of the enemies. More importantly, Skye infiltrated the HYDRA computer system.

With that mission a success, they headed into the belly of the beast to take out Garrett. The serum combined with his centipede technology made Garrett lose his mind. He believed he was invincible and all-knowing. Garrett's body was healed, but the belief that he was omnipotent was his downfall. He pulled out a rib from the General's body! What the heck was that? Crazy. 

Skye and May rocked out this episode. I loved the showdown with Ward. The women didn't hold anything back against him. He was their enemy and they wanted to take him out. If anything, they hit him harder because of their personal relationship rather than the other way around.

The circular saw! Ice queen! Nail gun FTW! May knocked out Ward.

Ward may have shown his doubts around Garrett and Raina, but with his former teammates he was a Garrett disciple and HYDRA soldier fighting against his enemy. I was disappointed that he chose to fight for Garrett over his former friends when the moment arose.

He may not have said anything in his defense when he was taken into custody, but I still hold out hope that he can find his way out. Redemption won't be easy and it will take time to earn, but I still believe it's possible. With Ward gone, I hope that Triplett sticks around and is made a full-fledged team member. He's a great character and adds some fun that's desperately needed to the team dynamic.

In contrast to all the fighting that was going on, Fitz and Simmons struggled quietly for their lives. It was heartbreaking to hear them give up on life and talk about death. I never for a moment thought they would actually die, but it didn't take away from the emotions they shared.

That was only topped by Fitz's sacrifice to save Simmons' life. Her use of the oxygen wasn't even up for discussion. It was a noble and soul crushing decision when he pushed the button. I can't wait to see the reunion between them next season. Maybe he can get a real kiss instead of just being kissed all around his face!

Their rescue by Fury was outstanding! Fitz's jerry-rigged beacon worked. It was well-publicized that Samuel L Jackson would be making an appearance on the finale, but I never expected to see him fish Simmons and Fitz out of the water. It was a wonderful surprise. He's involvement in the hour was incorporated well.

The final showdown with Garrett was epic. He thought he was invincible, but he wasn't. The banter back and forth between Fury and Coulson about Garrett's perverted "one man" speech was hilarious. It symbolized all that was wrong with Garrett. The serum and centipede altered Garrett didn't go down easily, but he did go down.

Skye's freeing of the "incentive program" people was a smart move and finding Ace was their "Ace in the hole." Deathlok wanted to do the right thing, but he loved his son more than anything. Garrett never saw it coming when Deathlok took him out. An excellent moment, though I immediately wondered if he would heal.

And, he did heal enough to get into the Deathlok machine to be further regenerated with new parts. I was disappointed for a moment, but only moment. When Coulson picked up the gun and pulverized Garrett, it was done. Finally! Garrett was gone. There's no coming back from that. Garrett was turned into particles which would be spread around and become a part of new things.

Coulson and his team saved the day. He also got the validation that he needed from Fury about why he was saved with the serum. It was meant to heal an Avenger and it was used to heal one. The team now has the tool box to start over and "Billy" to help them at their new base, "The Playground."

Fury is leaving them behind, but will be "everywhere." And, Raina and Quinn got away presumably with the gravitonium. She also visited the "monster," showed a picture of Skye and said, "I found your daughter." And, that wasn't even the last one. Coulson woke up in the middle of the night and started drawing the same or a similar diagram to the one Garrett drew. These are several intriguing strands to explore next season.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took a long time to find a compelling story to tell, but in the post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier world they found it. The outstanding questions and set up of restarting S.H.I.E.L.D will bring me back for more adventures with Coulson and his team. I'm sold on the series now.

Who do you want to be series regular characters next season?


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Just binged on Thor: DW, some SHIELD, Capt A: WS, and some more SHIELD. GOTG has had to wait as only just out over here, but REALLY?!?! Could MCU get any more awesome? Mind you, DVR has been the lifesaver of this franchise. I think without being able to watch this progression one after the other, the casual viewer is lost. Can't wait for next season.


As a regular of the Whedon universe, I am glad it picked up pace. However, it makes you wonder about these filler episodes. They could have done this whole storyline in 13 episodes. Networks need to cut down, especially for action dramas. Another show could have been running by now. I am definitely a fan of quality over quantity. AoS is a perfect example of running too too long. Do you even remember half the episodes? Ward and Skye? Hmm...I have know idea what to say about them. I am not a fan. Skye is so boring....she supposed to be the girl with the dragon tattoo but she is boring. I mean really boring. We hope by making her alien she will become interesting but I don't think that will work. I try to remember the other girl next door characters from the Whedonverse and they were not this boring. I don't expect her to be Mei/Black Widowesque but AT LEAST make her interesting as a hacker. Are hackers this boring? Ward could be interesting as a arch villein but I doubt it. He can't pull off the winter soldier style. Sebastian Stan was interesting before he became the winter soldier as Roger's best friend. When he became the winter soldier, he became a frightening menace that exuded a murderous serenity. He barely said a word and he blew us away on screen. I think he had about a dozen lines for the whole movie. Ward's body language doesn't match up to his dialogue which is just bad acting. No way to save him for the series, if they don't fix this problem with better direction. It can be done, he has everything else, the looks and fighting technique. Body language is everything in the acting world. We will see everyone else next year...


NAIL GUN, FTW! In true Whedon fashion, sometimes the most low-tech way to win a fight is the most effective...and most memorable. Remember the "Puny God!" highlight of THE AVENGERS? Don't overthink the resolution. Simple is best!


I saw "The Winter Soldier" this past weekend with the rest of my family and it was a great show. Really good to see Nick Fury alive in well in both the movie and the "Agents of SHIELD". Pretty cool to see Samuel L. Jackson appear in a TV series although SHIELD feels like a movie anyway. Really looking forward to next season. The show has really established itself and its characters and the possible tie-ins to the Marvel movies are limitless. Can't wait for fall.


Can't remember all the awesome lines, but it was a great finale! Fury and Coulson behaving like an old couple while Garrett was babbling about being superevil and invincible was propably my favourite fun moment. Favourite action scene goes to May and Ward. She really WAS angry, oh my! And Fitzsimmons brought tears to my eyes, it was just so sad and beautiful!


I felt exactly the same way in that moment when Garrett got in that chair.. I was thinking "Ugh, really? They're going to keep him around as the new big bad STILL?" So I was extremely relieved to see Coulson just come in and take him out. I was definitely not expecting that. I think that was my favorite part of the episode. Coulson's back and forth banter with Fury though while Garrett was there was pretty funny as well. I loved the fight scene between Ward and May. Though I was hoping for just a little more interaction between Ward and Skye, and yes, a little more redemption for him as well. I am really holding out for him to come into his senses next season! But that would be an extremely long road of redemption for him.... I also couldn't believe though that after Fitz basically confessed his love for Simmons, and she thought she may die, she didn't even give him a REAL kiss! What the heck was that?! That was the perfect moment, I'm pretty sure. I also loved Fury's comment that he basically rescued Coulson because he also considers him an avenger. That was so sweet. I can't wait to see what happens next season!!

@ Amy Lynn

I thought that Simmons was totally surprised by his confession, she never realised his feelings. She was overwhelmed because of the whole situation they were in and finally she had to process within seconds that her best friend was about to sacrifice himself for her.
Imho Simmon's reaction was a perfect mirror of her emotional stress and had nothing to do with her feelings for Fitz.


triplett as a regular … he and coulson are hilarious together !
billy koenig as a regular as well … it is not the first time we see that diagram: it was on the blackboard in eye spy… :D sigh…it is going to be a long summer…


For me, the best moment was when Coulson and Fury had their talk about TAHITI at the end of the episode. When Coulson said that the drug was only supposed to have been used to save a fallen Avenger, and Fury replied "Exactly," the look on Coulson's face was priceless. Yes, Phil, Nick Fury is placing you on the same level as superheroes.


I'm all for Triplett staying, as long as he doesn't mess with my FitzSimmons! They are quickly moving up my list of ships. I love them.

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