Castle Review: No Happy Ending

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I'm still reeling from Castle Season 6 Episode 23 - but I'll start writing anyway. It's hard to know where to begin, so I suppose the beginning will do...

A Face From Her Past

With three days left until the wedding, the loft was a flutter of activity and it was fun to watch as Alexis, Martha and Castle bonded over venue preparations and tux fittings. 

The honeymoon on a private island in the Maldives sounded divine and it was wonderful to hear Kate open up to the boys that she was nervous about reciting her vows in front of almost 300 guests.

As her pseudo-brothers, they did their best to offer their own special brand of comfort.

Ryan: Just imagine your wedding guests are murder suspects.
Esposito: In their underwear.

Even Gates was thrilled they were finally tying the knot…and that's when things began to go wrong. 

First, a record of Beckett's marriage would have come up when she applied for both her NYPD and Federal positions. I know that the NYPD interviews an applicant's closest family members, so to think that Beckett could go 15 years without knowing she was legally married was simply silly. 

And on some level, I hate that they tarnished Kate being a "one and done" kind of girl for a lame joke.

Still, I was willing to put that aside and enjoy the light heartedness as it played out. Some of it was fun, some of it was confusing and other parts were heart wrenchingly disappointing.

Kit Kat Kate (the coma wife) was priceless and I expected there to be even more teasing from Castle about that.

I understand that Kate was desperate to get those papers signed, but what happened to badass Detective Beckett? Why wasn't she shoving her badge in Rogan's face and ordering him to sign those papers if he didn't want more trouble than he could handle?

Beckett deals with murderers on a daily basis yet she let Rogan O'Leary bully her into committing a crime that could have cost her her career.

Yeah, that bothered me. 

Also, couldn't they have used real dollar bills in the stripper's top? The ones they used looked so glaringly fake that it was distracting. 

On the upside, Beckett's leather jacket was gorgeous and Martha pointing out that all the ridiculous obstacles were the perfect opportunity to move the entire wedding to the Hamptons had me clapping with glee. Thank goodness. I've been hoping for that since Caskett got engaged. 

The only thing that could upstage the change of venue was the destruction of the dress. Ding, dong, the dress is dead and I couldn't be happier. 

Kate's meltdown was completely believable. What bride wouldn't be in tears after having her wedding day turned into such a disaster - but leave it to Rick to talk her down and keep her focused in this Castle quote

What's a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairy tale has them.


Theirs is a great love story but that's about when I looked at the time and realized there was only about 10 minutes left in the episode. Admittedly, if they had tried to cram a Caskett wedding into the last few minutes, I would have been incredibly disappointed. After six seasons, fans deserve better. 

So as Kate wore her mother's dress and Martha gave her those gorgeous earrings and thanked her for making her son so happy, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

And drop it did. 

When I had my interview with Seamus Dever several weeks ago, he said that fans would be "challenged" by the finale. Now I know what he meant because as much as I would have hated a quickie wedding, I certainly wasn't happy with this ending. There's been so much angst in the Caskett universe, I was ready to watch them say their vows surrounded by family and friends as the sun set in the Hamptons.

But that was not to be. Since the show is named Castle and it has been renewed for season 7, I will assume that Rick Castle is still very much alive.

So was it Bracken getting revenge? 3XK come back to ruin their happiness or something else altogether? Honestly, at this moment I can't say that I care. I just hate that we have to go through the summer with the picture of Kate wearing that horrified expression tattooed on our brains. 

That said, I am a Castle fan and in the immortal words of Richard Castle…

You can't give up. That's the deal. We want the happy ending, we can't give up.


So I won't give up. I will believe that our happy ending will come. It's just going to take a little longer than I'd hoped. 

So what do you think TV Fanatics, who has grabbed Richard Castle?


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If Marlowe cannot get this love story and marriage back on track, then NCIS: Los Angeles will bury Castle, because without the love story and marriage, all you have, is another crime show, and the plots are only average at best, certainly not up to NCIS level. I was a fan of Castle until the cheap shot ending last season. I'll give it a few episodes, but my guess is I'll go back to NCIS: Los Angeles and Castle will last only through season 7, and certainly gone by end season 8. Stana/Nathan, love you both very much, but I would get my resumes in order.


Anyone who wants to make a review of Series 6 then e-mail me and I will put it on my tumblr blog without any censorship ( unless you swear!)


Have thought about this episode more and I’ve finally decided that I won’t be coming back to this show. Marlowe has clearly shown he doesn’t care about the show’s fans in the least and the writers can’t maintain the consistency we’d expect from a high school creative writing class. My wife and I have been fans from day one, but she gave up on the show after the preposterous final arc for season five, and this idiotic cliffhanger has done it for me. The idea that a woman who has been through an NYPD background check and a Federal security clearance didn’t know she was legally married was so silly it strained my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. But there were some very funny moments as well as some great scenes between the leads, so I relaxed. Then they started to do everything right, moving the venue to the Hamptons, destroying that god awful dress (though I side with those who favor fire) and then the great scene between Martha and Kate, so I actually started to enjoy the episode. Then as soon as I saw Rick in the car and he tells Kate he loves her, I knew what was going to happen and I almost through my drink at the TV. What a weak, hackneyed piece of garbage to throw at the fans. A new “mythology?” Why not wait until next year? Note that when Downton Abbey was forced into killing off Michael Crawley because of the actor’s departure, they still gave the audience the pleasure of seeing him with his wife and child so the only tragedy we had to deal with was the one forced on the writers. If Marlowe was in charge, Michael would have died in a train crash on the way to the hospital, the news would have caused Mary to miscarry and Mrs. Padmore would have dropped a flambé pan starting a fire that burned the entire house down. A pox on Marlowe’s house.

@ Rotwang10

I meant Matthew, not Michael. Apparently this episode angered me so that my brain shorted out.


Christine, as always, enjoy reading and gaining perspective from your reviews!!! I can appreciate the screwball comedy; loved the CASKETT and family/friends moments!!! I can accept the cliffhanger--I just wanted the wedding--given due time--first!!! IMHO, I did miss BAMF Kate!!! As do we all, CASKETT have pasts, flaws, and coping mechanisms!!! Love that our flawed heroes/DD continue to try and that they continue to evidence their "great love story"!!! Also, IMHO, I did not need the one and done "equalizer"?!!! I appreciate that some actors/crew live tweeted, that AWM and actors have given interviews--and feel that the cast, crew, and team did awesome work!!! Kudos, again, to Stana, Nathan, Susan, Tamala, Seamus, Jon, Molly, and Penny--and guest cast, too--to team and crew!!!


Sorry, but I was disappointed in the finale- too many subplots with Beckett's ex- little too slapstick for me. Too many subplots with the venue being changed, Becket's dress (even though I loved this one and the memories of her mom- but now, she will never want to wear it again). I did love when Castle told Beckett, again, that they will get through all this- I guess after all they had been through as a couple and individually, I had hoped that we would at least see them get married- Plus everyone was their to honor them and enjoy the celebration. They could have had the crash when they were driving away on the way to their honeymoon- I think the writers are again forgetting that less is better; I really after a while didn't care what happened to her ex- just wanted him to sign the damn papers. Really of course, we know that Castle lives, when the show is over and the announcer says look forward to the next season when Castle and Beckett solve more cases together!


Just bogus to keep the wedding from happening. No more obstacles, please. Overdone, ridiculous, unpopular.


I wonder if they could find room in the budget for the final season for advice on how a police department works, including dress codes (high heels? waistlength flowing hair? Sheesh!) and behaviour standards (SWAT team takedown of serving officer with sterling reputation over a lost gun used in a crime?). The writers are making it up as they go along. Lazy.


When I first watched this finale, I was annoyed with the ending. Even though I didn’t expect the wedding to happen until September, I really wanted to see one. After all, we got the dress we wanted (classically beautiful) and the Hamptons house setting; super happy details. Then the end scene is a car. In a ditch. On fire. Like Kate in an earlier scene, I thought “Really?!?” I admit to feeling robbed. Then I re-watched the episode and read Marlowe’s interview and I feel a bit more hopeful. Honestly, I didn’t mind the pre-wedding hijinks that occurred, it was light and fun and I do enjoy seeing this side of Kate (because this season, we’ve seen far more “Kate” than “Beckett”), she’s been happy and open and so clearly in love. As far as the suspension of disbelief for this show goes, the bar is set pretty high, considering the whole premise of the show is that the Mayor has continued to allow a writer to ride along and go to crime scenes with a detective for 6 years. That being said, I was annoyed because the idea that Castle might be dead is ridiculous. I couldn't believe that the writers would assume that the fans were going to fall for such an overdone cliff hanger. Then I remembered how I felt after watching the season 3 finale when Montgomery died and Beckett was shot. At the time, I felt pretty confident that she wasn’t dead. I was, however, curious as to what direction the writers were taking their relationship, considering Castle had finally expressed his love to her. It turned out that we that ended up with fairly decent season of Beckett working on herself and finally admitting her feelings for Castle. Looking back at the Season 5 finale, I chuckle a bit and remember the whole “Will she marry him or will she choose the DC job?” debacle. I can actually see the writers shaking their collective heads and saying, “Silly fans, she doesn’t have to choose, she can have both. Of Course!” Therefore, I think I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt and hope they’re setting us up for another wonderful journey for these two beloved characters. In review of the whole season, there were some fun, light hearted episodes (The Good, the Bad & the Baby, Time Will Tell, Smells like Teen Spirit & Room 147) as well as some heavy, tension filled episodes (Number One Fan, Deep Cover, Belly of the Beast & Veritas). I can’t wait to watch the reruns, because as time goes by, I enjoy watch the lighter, funnier episodes more. And there were some pretty light moments in the finale. I think that’s why I’m hoping when next season starts it’s not Jerry Tyson (3XK). Of the few scary story lines they’ve created, this is my least favorite. In ending, I’ve decided to look beyond the writer’s silly cliff hanger ending. Just like Rick said to Kate, “You can’t give up. That’s the deal. We want the happy ending, we can’t give up.”


just great just on tv news cbs is shifting tines for shows. ncis la will be on mondays at 10 opposite castle!!!!!!! probly making room for ncis new orleans. poor castle!!!!!!


Somewhere I may agree with you anon but at the same time I will never say that this show has lost it's charm. Whatever they are showing is apt for the situation. Castle and beckett are in a relationship,you cannot show conflicts and rule breaking all the time. The wild theories still exist. Caskett are now in a relationship so things have to be different from the earlier episodes. They are now in a different phase. So as a castle fan,I enjoy watching every episode and appreciate what they show.
Now as for the finale, I'd say that the 'already married' plot was a bit odd but enjoyable. It was light and different from the previous finales. The ending,according to me was unpredictable. I knew they will never cramp the wedding in the last 10 minutes but never in my wildest dreams did I expect that they'd show the car crash. But I liked it as it was different and unexpected. Many of you did not like it but guys, do not lose faith in this show. They will give you a fantastic continuation. They cannot take such a big risk of including a plot which made no sense. Something exciting is awaiting us. Unexpected things have always happened here. Rick castle will not bring you down. And as he said" do not lose hope,it's not the ending".

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Castle Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

I'm so happy for you detective, despite of who you're marrying.


Ryan: Just imagine your wedding guests are murder suspects.
Esposito: In their underwear.

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