Chicago Fire Review: A Decent Proposal

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For once, the men and women at Station 51 have a good shift. They find success, validation and courage rather than nursing broken hearts and broken wounds in Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 21.

It's a welcome change after the last few installments of Chicago Fire Season 2

Retaking the Exam

The real drama drives from Dawson's potential prospects as a candidate. Since there's no way for her to be with 51 since she's with Casey, and all prior precedent has fizzled out, if she does pass the test, she'll be at the Austin Station. 

The Austin Station is about as welcoming as a pile of rocks.

The dichotomy between 51 and Austin could not be any greater. The former is welcoming, sleek, modern, and relaxed, while even walking into Austin it's like walking into a different era. The station is older, more rundown and the men there do not even acknowledge Dawson and Shay's visit.

Instead, they decide that it's better from them to go on about the problems the prior female candidate caused them. 

I commend Dawson for trying to find the positivity in the situation, realizing that not all harassment reports are true - something that 51 has dealt with - but from the way the rest of the guys roll their eyes or remark about the Austin house... there's true to be head.

Dawson is going to have a very rough time is she passes her test and land there. 

Casey is still sitting on his proposal to Dawson as he wonders where he'll actually do the proposing, but there's still some uncertainty over what her answers is going to be. She is so focused on being a firefighter she may just decide to hold off on answering until she's past her candidacy. 

Speaking of marriage, Boden's ex-girlfriend Donna's (and now fiancé) pregnancy causes Boden to reevaluate everything as he decides to stay in the baby's life and is even willing to marry her to make the baby's life easier and better.

Her initial shoot down of his proposal brings about a pairing that is really growing and enjoyable to watch: Boden and Mills. Now that they're over their issues with each other, they can actually communicate with each other and offer advice - and it's exactly what Mills does.

He tells Boden flat out that he needs to put himself out there to Donna, giving her a glimpse of their life that is not clinical.

Meanwhile, Shay is finally in a good spot, willing to step up to the paramedic plate now that Dawson is back to trying her luck at firefighting. Naturally, it's the perfect time for Devon to return.

Much like Kelly, there's no real enthusiasm to see her back since she put Shay in such a dark place. Shay even looks to be falling under her spell a little bit as she provides excuses and some of the missing stuff back. 

Maybe there's a chance that Devon is telling the truth, but she's already putting a spell back on Shay. Someone completely ransacking a house is not worthy of trust, but Shay is beginning to give it out again. Hopefully, Shay will reevaluate her options. 

What was your favorite moment of tonight's Chicago Fire? 


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My favorite part was the guys coming to Dawson's rescue so that she could get to her test! How many candidates can say they were escorted to their test via fire truck?

@ Serenity

I thought that was sooo cool and would definitely be my favorite scene !


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Sarah silva

Another fantastic episode!
I laughed so hard when Mills walked into Boden's office and he was watching a birthing video but it sounded a lot like porn and that whole scene was hilarious!
Then I loved when Boden asked Mills to join him for his cigar and he confided in Mills about the proposal and then Mills gave him advice on a better proposal. Boden is a tough guy but when it comes to love and woman he is scared of putting himself out there and being hurt. When he pulled up in Squad truck and he was in his uniform, I had a tear in my eye. The proposal worked way better than the first one and I am so happy for them.
Shay and Dawson's support for one another was great to see, they have always been close and I do like that friendship. I knew Mills would come and take over for her and I loved that Casey and the guys were all there and drove her to her test. We all know she will pass. I just hope she ends up at any other fire house than Austin. However it appears any one she goes to may be a rough road for her.
I predict that Shay will become PIC next season. Derek Haas if you need a partner for Shay I am your girl! :)
I believe Shay that she has no interest in Devon and just wants all their stuff back. I like that Shay did not burst Otis' bubble and tell him the helmet was a knock off.
How funny are Casey and Shay talking about a proposal. I am slowly warming up to Casey and Dawson. I also laughed when Casey asked for Antonio's blessing and he pretended to be angry that he did not ask their father, then could not keep it up and said he was joking and that of course Casey can ask Dawson.
I have this feeling there is something off about Newhouse. I also would not think it was ethical for him to tell the guys about the people he catches with his brother.
I am sad that we have only one episode left this season.
I seem to never get a preview for the next new episode on any show I watch so I did not see the one for next week but I heard last week that something happens with Kelly and got to Erin for help.


I liked the new guy at the house (Newhouse, lol) and how Hermann was very hesitant (and I think for a very good reason, something seems "off")
I like how Severide supports and watches Shays back! (what ever happened with the "lets have a baby" storyline?)
I did notice at Austin Station, they have a nice flat screen tv!!!

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