Chicago PD Review: Return of the Pulpo

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The Intelligence Unit's worst nightmare, El Pulpo, returned on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 13

Along with Pulpo's list of demands came a shocking cliffhanger, as the CPD made a deal with the devil to catch the rest of the drug cartel. 

Much like the series premiere echoes, the losses are paid in blood. Pulpo is given free reign to do as he pleases from the cell and is able to easily manipulate one cop into making sure he honors his word. This leads to the deaths of officers, along with Dawson bleeding out on the street. 

It's unfortunate that in a room full of cops, no one could see Pulpo reach into his baby mama's jacket, nor did anyone acknowledge the possibility of Pulpo continually pulling all of these strings right under their watch.

Relying on emotional appeals with Pulpo will not work; the man has shown that he's going to do what he needs to do no matter what the human cost. 

Stillwell is back in the picture, bringing along quite a few reveals. The first is that Sumner is not the mole, yet Jin is. With Jin not having a very big role in the series as it is, this is finally a chance to see him integrate with the rest of the stories.

It's an explanation for why he keeps his distance from most of the unit, too. We've always been assuming that Jin has a different role and office within the unit, but part of the reason he's kept his distance is because he's the mole. 

The other big reveal does involve Sumner: she and Stillwell are enjoying quite the affair. What's interesting is her conversation with Stillwell ends up pushing him towards Voight's shady dealings.

She knows he's going to go lose a lot of cash in his divorce and it pushes him to taking a cut of Voight's extracurricular activities. There's a moment after Voight exits Stillwell's car that up that a hint of a smile flashes across his face. He now has the ammunition he needs. 

Aside from the case, Ruzek's fiancé makes the decision to end their engagement. She's certainly right, he's changed since the academy; he's a man that has started to find his footing and his confidence and he's shown to be incredibly loyal and supportive to the members of the team.

It's good, though, that one of them did decide to call it all off before they jumped into something that was harder to fix. 

Finally, a man named Charlie from Lindsay's past comes to pay her a visit. For what, no one knows yet, but Voight is not happy to hear he's back. 

Is Dawson going to make it?


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Great episode!!
1) how many lives does Dawson have? Between the bullets he's taken on this show and his almost death on chicago fire... This may finally be it for him. It would also make his "I love you" scene way more foreshadowing. Also considering on chicago fire he just gave approval for his sisters engagement... Not looking good for him.
2) I think we all saw that coming with pulpo : (


This was one of the best episodes in a long time. Jay and Erin finally talking, him being protective over her. Erin's past coming back to haunt her. No fireman. Antonio and Alvin bromance. Ruzek and Burgess. Love when it just focuses on CPD

Sarah silva

This show is so freaking awesome!
There were three things I did not see coming tonight!
1) Sumner is not the mole! I was so sure that Sumner was the mole, some say it was too obvious and it was because we find out that it's Jin!
2)Was the reveal that Sumner is having an affair with Stillwell and told him they are through until he leaves his wife!
So Ruzek tells Burgess that he is giving it a go with his fiancée, only to have her come and tell him she is leaving and that he has changed. We did not see academy Ruzek but I really like Ruzek and he can do way better than his fiancé! I am sure that Atwater's warning to him to stay away from Burgess will not last.
3) Was Antonio getting shot. I knew that Pulpo's girlfriend handed him something and I knew he would escape but I did not think he would shoot Antonio. I am find that Lt. Belden was killed, he was super annoying. I hope Commander Perry realizes he was stupid when he made the deal to get Pulpo temporarily released and I hope he is the one held accountable not Voight! I hope the team catches Pulpo and he they do what they need to, to him.
Olinsky telling Antonio he loved him was cute and then he said he had to tell him back or he was going to look like a fool!
Voight saying if they ever went to Karaoke his song would be My Way, I can totally picture him singing that. Halstead turning to Ruzek and Saying "What you expected him to say Love Shack", was super funny.
I also laughed when Stillwater commented about Voight's raspy voice.
Yes Charlie looks like nothing but trouble.


I thought last nights episode was incredible. I figured Pulpo was going to try to pull one over on them, but when they played the threaten the kid card I thought we were getting a helpful Pulpo. Not so much. The last scene with the cops getting shoot was really unexpected at least for me. One of the best parts of this episode was how Atwater stood up to Ruzek. That was great, it really showed the protective bond between partners, and as much as I am feeling a Ruzek/Burgess pairing I don't want Burgess to come running because Ruzek snaps his fingers.
To find out that Jin is the rat, was a jaw dropping moment. All those questions about who had eyes on Halstead a few weeks ago were finally answered.
This show gets better and better every week. I look forward to Wednesday nights!!! :)

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