Chicago PD Review: Rough Justice

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The search for Pulpo continued this week, as Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 14 picked up right where last week left off: with Dawson in the hospital. 

As the installment pointed out, family is everything to Voight.  So much so that he's not afraid of bringing down a little rough justice.

The city, his family and his unit are all extremely important to Voight; they even come above the law in his eyes. And Voight is clear in his demands with Pulpo: justice needs to served in his own way. T

here's no courtroom battle here, just whatever punishment Olinsky and Voight come up with as they take on the roles of judge and jury. 

No one in the Unit is willing to question his authority... no one except for Halstead. Ruzek is just a few short months out of the academy, so there's no way he would ever question Voight's methods at this point.

Plus, Olinsky is such a mentor and strong presence in Ruzek's life that there's no way he would every betray him like that. Halstead's only recourse is going to the one man that is not afraid of Voight and his threats of justice: Dawson. 

Dawson wants Pulpo to get the justice coming to him, but the last thing he wants is Pulpo with a Chicago Necklace on at the bottom of the shipyard weighing on his conscience. Kudos to both of them for not being afraid to question their boss - and to for Halstead going one step further by convincing Voight and Olinksy to drop their crusade against Pulpo.

Dawson would likely be right behind him were he not in the hospital. 

At the end of the day, and with justice truly served, Voight and Halstead share a drink. It's a moment of acceptance and commitment to their jobs and the unit they are a part of.

Halstead is ready to fight for his position, but Voight acknowledges him and is understanding of where he comes from. They both have their convictions, while Voight tries to make the best decision he can in the moment. He's smart enough to see that sometimes his decisions are not the best, but his conviction is clear: Chicago comes first. 

However, Stillwell is continuing his crusade against Voight and having Jin do whatever he can to catch Voight in the act.

Voight using Jin to deliver some evidence about Sumner is just as depressing. I'm a big fan of Sumner and seeing her get along with the rest of the team. Here's hoping that if Jin gets canned when Voight finds out, Sumner's position suddenly becomes available again. With Atwater taking the spot, Burgess is suddenly down for the count twice:

  1. With Ruzek.
  2. With the job she's been vying for.

Finally, Lindsay's past with Charlie continues when he asks her if she remembers that she owes him a favor. I'm sure he's bound to collect on that favor very soon - and I worry Lindsay is in a position that she won't be able to get out of. 

Do you wish Pulpo got some rough justice? 


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Good episode. Part of me is glad that they didn't kill Pulpo but I also wanted to see him suffer a lot more than he did because he deserved a whole lot more than he got. I also want Voight to discover Jin is the mole because it's hard to see him trust him to do things and not know that he's the mole. It seems like Jin doesn't have a choice being the mole after the comment about his father it seems like he's being black mailed almost. I wonder what Lindsay's going to do about that favor she owes Charlie nothing good can come out of it. Can't wait till the next episode.


Dawson couldn't visit her brother because she's in the building that blew up on Chicago Fire.

@ Anon

So was Otis

Sarah silva

sorry comment got posted twice!

Sarah silva

Another great episode!
I had a feeling that Olinsky would give second thoughts to he and Voight killing Pulpo.
While Ruzek did not question what Voight and Olinsky were going to do to Pulpo you could tell that he and Lindsay both like Halstead did not think killing him was the right thing to do.
Halstead going to see Dawson was good because Dawson said that he had to pay but not by being killed as he could not have that on his conscience! Halstead got there just in time and Olinsky agreed that killing him was not the answer. Pulpo will have the rest of his life in jail (hopefully he is in there that long) for all that he has done.
I think I was just as shocked as Halstead was when Voight told him he respected him.
It was nice seeing Otis.
I think it was odd that Gabrielle would not come see her brother in the hospital.
I guess one should not have been surprised when Atwater was promoted. Voight does not like when his team members are romantically involved. We saw that with Lindsay and Halstead forgoing a relationship. While Ruzek and Burgess like eachother they are not dating.
I hope Voight discovers that Jin is the mole soon.
Only bad things can and will come from Lindsay owing Charlie a favor Happy that we get one more episode!

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