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Game of Thrones Review: A Mother Is Not Enough

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

But at Tommen's coronation, we saw how most of the pressure is on those who are tasked with ensuring that head remains atop his shoulders for as long as possible.

The Lannisters have a firm grasp on the throne, but not a pot to piss in. Tywin explained to Cersei just how in debt they are and why their alliance with the Tyrells has never been more vital.

Cersei's focus on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5 wasn't on her family's finances, but on her children. In her world, though, children are often the most valuable currency. She longed for her daughter who, was dealt away from her to keep the peace.

King Him
Tommen is now in charge on Game of Thrones. Except that we all know Cersei and Tywin are really in charge.

She also put aside her differences with Margaery and spoke to her as an equal about her son's future.

Margaery played the part of the mourning widow well, but Cersei pretty much let her off the hook with regard to Joffrey so she could focus instead on Tommen.

Cersei: You still mourn for Joffrey?
Margaery: He was my husband, my king.
Cersei: He would have been your nightmare.

The most telling moment of their conversation was Cersei admitting to just how affected she was by her dead son's actions.

Cersei: You never love anything in the world the way you love your first child. It doesn't matter what they do. And what he did, it shocked me. Do you think I'm easily shocked?
Margaery: No.
Cersei: The things he did, shocked me.

Tommen is different , however, perhaps the only man to actually deserve the throne in 50 years his mother remarked. Cersei knows she needs Margaery's help to protect Tommen, that a mother's love is not enough.

The Stark kids have been without their mother's affection for some time now, but are still surviving with a little help from their "friends."

Poor Sansa. She escaped from Joffrey's house of horrors only to be taken to her Aunt's castle of crazy. We had to suffer along with Sansa, as we listened to Lysa's screams of passion, but thankfully we were spared another breast feeding scene with Robin.

Man, someone needs to make that kid "fly." We learned a great deal more about just how twisted a woman Sansa's aunt is and how Baelish has been pulling her strings - and then some - for quite awhile.

Baelish is taking steps toward the throne, but Dany's path was put on pause this week after she learned about the status of the land's she previously liberated.

What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?


Cersei said it, but her words also seemed to reflect Dany's decision to turn back and rule first over those she had set free, ensuring their survival. This showed how far Dany has come as a leader. What good is the throne if no one is glad you sit atop it?

This move will only endear her more to her people and will also give those babies of hers more time to grow.

Speaking of which, Bran's warging of Hodor raised some questions with regard to them. It was said earlier on Game of Thrones Season 4 how dragons can never be fully tamed, not even by their mother... but we also know they can be ridden.

Could Bran eventually use his power to sit atop one of Dany's dragons? That sure would beat having Hodor carry him around all day.

It remains to be seen, of course, but one thing's for certain: Bran using Hodor to break Locke's neck was one of the best deaths of the show's history. Jon Snow also made a case for most phenomenal fatality of the season as he put his sword through the back of Karl's head like the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Rounding out the episode were updates on Arya and Brienne. The former remains firm in her pledge to kill the Hound despite all they've been through. Oberyn won't be too happy if the two of them beat him to punch and killed the Mountain, but perhaps a moment like that will change how they both feel toward each other.

Brienne was back on the road, this time without Jamie, but not alone. Pod can't ride and can't cook, but he earned her respect with his story about saving Tyrion's life. A guy like that will come in handy, not just taking off armor, but also when Brienne reaches Sansa I have to think.

Weigh in with your thoughts on which death scene trumped the other and what is next for our various characters.


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First episode without Peter Dinklage I think. Missed him for hearing some wise cracks in episodes. Not my favourite episode but still better than most tv series.


I thought Jon's kill was the more epic kill. It left me mouth open and on the edge of my seat. I wish Jon had saw Bran, but I understand why Bran had to keep moving North. Jon and Ghost are reunited! I hope Dany's storyline is more interesting in the show than it was in the books. I was actually hoping they would just make her character head towards Westeros. Peter Baelish is a master at the Game of Thrones, I don't like him but I respect the way he plays the game. I think at some point Sansa will be forced to kill him. Can't wait for the next 5 episodes.


This episode was awesome ! I agree with you Chris, Bran "killing" Locke by warging Hodor was intense. And Jon killing Karl the way he did left me with my mouth hanging opened ! That was quite a show. Don't know which one trumps the other. They were both fantastic !
Cersei and Margery's talk was unusual. I seriously thought that Cersei was going to say something vile to her. But nope, she acknowledged the fact that Tommen needed more than his mother. Now, I could see Margery bracing herself for some verbal bitch-slap, but none came. Best part was the "He shocked me" line.
Oberyn should watch his back. I too noticed that Cersei was sweet talking him as he is one of the judges in Tyrion's trial. Same for her dad. They are broke, not a scoop, as Tyrion figured it out when he was made Master of Coins.
Pod and Brienne were funny. At least she acknowledged him.
Baelish is a force to be reckoned with ! That Lysa, we knew she was crazy, now how much is what we didn't know ! I was so glad we got spared the breastfeeding scene. But, unfortunately, as Sansa did, we had to endure Lysa's passionate screams. Cringe-worthy that was. Sansa will need strength . That woman is paranoid AND crazy, bad combination. So Baelish made her poison her husband ? I remember her being oh so depressed over his death. LOL !
Bran and co had me worried. I wanted Jon to see him but as Jojen said, he would never let him go. Loved it when Jon and Ghost got reunited.
Now Dany made the right decision. She needs to rule and take care of things before going to Westeros. I cannot wait to see how that will go.
I can't believe we are halfway through season 4 either!!!!


I didn't realize, after watching GOT episode 5...
**** Spoiler ****
A besotted Lysa, with a request from Petyr Baelish added drops to Jon Arryn's wine, meanwhile also following his instructions per a secret letter addressed to Catelyn. (Pilot episode) Thinking about it, this whole mess started with Jon Arryn's death. I just don't recall that tidbit from the books. (Do I need to be corrected?) Great episode tonight, probably the best well rounded episode of the series, intrigue, humor, suspense. I agree with Chris, best death of the series was Locke. I can't believe that after this weeks episode, we are half-way though season 4.

@ rush

*** SPOILER *** In the book, Lysa says this to Baelish when Sansa is near or can at leat overhear them, though she's quite distressed due to the moondor thing. So this is quite an interesting switch: in the book, Sansa knows this VERY important puzzle piece of the game, in the show she doesn't - yet. *** SPOILER END ***


One very interesting information that I know now.


Tommen doesnt deserve the crown, because, "he learned that rule is a right, not a responsability" jejeje
Cercei and Margaery, "bitches are crazy"
Poor Tywin, the source of his power is dry as a bone, ... or as a crossbow
Nice ending for Karl, nice release of Ghost, i love the moment Jon and Ghost meet again
Bran, the strongest Stark in millenia, continuing his quest on a frozen hell
Locke die too fast for me, and Bran killed him

Paulette andria hamilton

OK I swear Jon snow kills Ramsey, but I will have to watch this episode again to find out for sure.. yes seeing bran ride a dragon would be good for team stark and bad for the laanisters...1 by one the banisters will get what they deserve

@ Paulette Andria Hamilton

Dragons cant be tamed like that.They are as far as I remember tamed with whips and magical horns in Valyria.Daenerys is the only who tamed them without anything.

@ Alip

Dany never tamed them, as stated by Jorah in episode 1 this season. The baby dragons loved their mother - they propably still do - but know they hit puberty (kind of) and go their own ways.

@ Alip

Thats my theory why Danny will need a Stark on his side, to teach her how to "warg" a dragon (assuming that those powers can be learned, beside being pass to children)


One very interesting information that I know now.


One very interesting information that I know now.


I'm so over the Eeryie. It's a distraction.

@ fudgefase

You do realize Baelish is about to become one of the most powerful men in Westeros without a single battle? How could anyone call that distraction? Dany and her dragons are more likely a distraction.

@ San

Well said!