Grey's Anatomy Review: Cristina and the Chocolate Factory

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Preston Burke made his highly anticipated return on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 22.

Like most Grey's Anatomy fans, I wondered if it would play a role in Cristina's upcoming swan song. And it sure did.

Coffee, Cristina?

I'll admit it: A tiny bit of me wondered if the infamous Dr. Burke was back to rescue Cristina. However, I knew there was just no way this could be possible simply because we are talking about the Dr. Cristina Yang. She is no damsel and will never need rescuing. 

Like many of you, I've been curious to find out why exactly Cristina is leaving. And now, it appears that the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. We likely have our answer as Burke made Cristina an amazing offer: the keys to his hospital.

Though we can't exactly be sure she'll pack her bags and move to Zurich just yet, I think it's safe to bet that the final two installments are going to be incredibly pivotal.

By the way, I loved every bit of Cristina's scenes with Burke. In fact, I realized that I actually missed him. Even after seven years, the chemistry between Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington was totally undeniable. When Burke revealed that he was married and also a father, I honestly was a little crushed.

I could never see her back with him, but I couldn't help the way I felt. After all, there was once a time when we rooted for this duo.

I also liked that their conversations brought on Cristina's ultimate goal - to someday print a functional human beating heart. I wasn't all too shocked when Burke said he was leaving and the institute was hers if she wanted it.

I laughed at the Willy Wonka reference as the institute and the astounding offer was definitely kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One more thing, Burke's hologram heart was so freaking cool!

Back at the hospital, Derek and Amelia teamed up on a very difficult surgery involving conjoined twins. The surgery also required assistance from several of the other doctors including Callie, Jackson and others. I thought it was an interesting case, but it was also very heartbreaking at the same time. 

Lastly, Jackson and April were (thankfully) tired of fighting. With Webber being kind of jerky to Jackson, April rightfully called him out on it. It was nice to see her stick up for Jackson and remind Webber that Jackson deserves some respect and wasn't to blame for Cristina not winning the Harper Avery Award.

More importantly, Jackson is making a compromise for the sake of his marriage. Kudos to him!

Other Thoughts:

  • Arizona's baby name plan backfired as Callie's considering Agamemnom. Seriously?!
  • I liked the brotherly and sisterly scenes with Derek and Amelia. I want to see more. 
  • Jo overheard Webber and Hunt talking about firing one of the residents. Who do you think they were talking about? 
  • I'm glad that Stephanie realized the truth about Bailey's bubble boy case. Will the parents or anyone else find out?
  • Be sure to join our Grey's Anatomy Round Table next week to discuss Burke's return and much more.

All in all, I thought "We are Never Getting Back Together" was absolutely incredible.

Oh was flawless. Burke's return made it a very strong and unforgettable episode that lived up to its hype. We'll never be ready to really say farewell to Cristina, but I can't help but feel very happy for her now that she has a promising opportunity at hand. 

Which resident is getting fired?

Here is your first look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 23, as Cristina's farewell tour continues. With a proposal?


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I found it weird that he had to give up his dream position to move to a country that is just an hr's flight away. Yes Milan and Zurich really is very close. A man with his means and income should be able to afford an hour or two commute each morning and evening..


I really don't want Cristina take over any opportunity from Burke, according as the character of Cristina maybe have forgave him, but she shouldn't forget the humiliation


Cristina does not belong with Burke and Owen. I much preferred her with Burke though when they were good. At least Burke didn't shag some random woman in an alley just for the sake of "revenge" Cristina....

@ Guest

at least Owen married Cristina and took good care of her when she had PDST , you prefer Cristina with someone who run away at her wedding day??? can you endure humiliation ? unbelievable !!

@ joy

How about when Owen married Christina and she woke up and freaked out. How humiliating is it to have to talk someone down when they panic about having married you. OR better yet how humiliating when you have to hold the hand of your wife while having an abortion of your child.


I find that your analysis is very good. Burke understood Cristina better than Owen.

@ Catherine

Burke is meant and selfish!!
why he didn't mention about Cristina's help when he got H-A award ?he only love himself!
if he never understand her, he run away because he found out that marriage could be wrong for him ,he needs a wife who can stay home !!
he offers Cristina the whole hospital, just because he knew Cristina focus on heart research,not the chief, now he needs someone who guard his hospital ,once his mother-in-law died, he can return and take over, that's !
Cristina said Burke doesn't know her anymore, she changed a lot!! Owen , Derek ,Alex, Weber, even Ross know Cristina more than Burke!!


Since when is Amy a nickname for Amelia? I hate that Derek calls his sister that!!


I loved the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory line. But I found it annoying that Burke only parceled out pieces of information to Cristina—like the big piece that he would be leaving! I always found Burke narcissistic, and he was patronizing to Cristina; I was surprised she put up with it.


I couldn't have been more happy about this episode (well maybe a little more happy if Burke hadn't been married and him and Christina could have still ended up together but I realized that wasn't realistic lol). I was going to be extremely disappointed if Burke came back and there were no feelings left over there. They never had closure on their relationship and I think it needed to be showed that their connection had been real and deep and this episode showed that perfectly. When he said he was married and that she was the love of his life my heart broke a little. I think in reality that yes in the sense that she is the one he married and who he chose to spend his life with that yes she is the love of his life but I think in some ways Christina really was the love of his life, and he hers. The problem with Burke and Christina is that they could never work, no matter how much they loved each other. Neither one of them was willing to give up their careers and their passions. I think that people forget that when they talk about Burke leaving her at the alter. Burke knew that Christina was making a sacrifice that if he really loved her he couldn't ask her to make. He knew that she would go through with it if he let her but she would never be happy with the life he needed a wife of his to lead. That is the difference between him and Owen. Burke walked away from her because he knew that no matter how much they loved each other they couldn't give each other what they wanted, where as Owen ignored that and pushed to try to change her. I know some people may not agree with me but if you think about it wouldn't have Burke and Christina ended up in the exact same place as her and Owen if they had've gone through with the marriage? I think Burke knew that leaving her the way he did would hurt, it would hurt both of them for a very long time, but if he had've stayed after he called off the wedding they would end up doing the same dance her and Owen are doing, they know they can't be together that they want different things but they let their love make them forget that too often. A clean break was the only way for both of them to get what they need and Burke made that choice and it was the right one. Christina is about to get everything she ever wanted because of what Burke did that day. I COMPLETELY lost it when Meredith realized Christina is leaving. It was that moment that finally made it real that Christina will no longer be part of the show soon, that the twisted sisters won't be part of the show anymore. I am not gonna lie, I don't know if I will be able to get past her departure. Their friendship, as well as between all the original interns, was always the heart of the show for me and with George and Izzy gone, Christina leaving might be the final thing that pushes me away from the show. As much as I love the show still it isn't the same show I fell in love with, yes I know I am being dramatic. And don't get me wrong Meredith and Derrick was also one of the things that originally hooked me but let's face it they are an old married couple and as happy as I am that they got their happy ending they are just not as exciting as they used to be. If this ends up being the final string of episodes of Grey's I watch, I am extremely happy with how they are going. Amazing episode.


I bet Amy is going to replace one of the main cast is leaving...sooooo sad! I love Sandra Oh playing Cristina...and nothing else, you said it all in the review, I agree 100%!!


I am disappointed that Baily gave the boy the shot. She was a pillar for the hospital and understood the rule. She was being groomed for webers job. Now it seems she is acting like a young intern. That's not Bailey.

@ Annette

Some pillar. Bailey is self centered. Her behavior is often childish: She got angry when her gorgeous husband left his program to be with her because of his loss of "status"; she was jealous when Christina was nominated for the Harper Avery.


I am going to miss Cristina and her friendship with Meredith. I always thought that Burke understood Cristina very well and we saw it in this episode. I was glad to see him again. I too liked their chemistry, the coffee, the dance, the dinner and the apartment of Cristina scenes. They belong to the mythology of GA. An other think I appreciated with Burke, he liked Meredith more than Owen, and accepted better her friendship with Cristina. The problems on the end of the third season were only written by the writers because of the departure of the actor. Nevertheless, they cannot end together, because they both moved on in seven years, Burke wanted a family, as does Owen and it a bit difficult to forgive a man who left you at the altar… Otherwise, I loved to see Derek with his sister and hope Amelia will remain for the next season, because it's still things to tell with them.

@ Catherine

You liked Cristina behaving like a 3 year old trying to get "Daddy's" attention and "Daddy" sternly scolding her? BARF! That's what their "chemistry" was for the 3 seasons they were a pair. Cristina and Burke were mismatched from the get go. I'm happy he is married with children. No way do they belong together. What a complete waste of an episode bringing him back after 7 years, rewriting history.

@ Kelly

Burke practically BEGGED Christina to get married. You forget that he wanted more from her. He wanted a relationship, an apartment together, to get married. She always had to be TALKED into something with him. And he was patient. He was kind. She didn't even tell him that she was pregnant. She behaved like a 3 year old but a stubborn 3 year old that you had to bribe to take a nap or a bath. He left her at the alter and he had every right. That man put himself out there for her and when she didn't come down the isle as scheduled he thought that she wasn't going to come. Who would marry someone that they had to always talk into something or constantly reassure them or hope that they didn't change their mind. So yeah he left. And I didn't blame him one bit. He always begged for her attention and he couldn't dare put himself through a lifetime of always begging someone to consider him in their life.

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You said Amy and that makes me sound like some sorority girl tagging along on your brain surgery when in fact, I am your co-surgeon.


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