Nashville Review: The Truth Will Set You Free

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The truth may set you free - but damn will it bring a lot of emotions raining down on you too!

In the end, though, is there really any other option? Nashville Season 2 Episode 22 featured all of our characters facing moments where they just plain old had to stop lying to themselves.

Before we jump in, I have to tell y'all that I watched the screener for this finale when the Nashville renewal news was still on the fence. So imagine seeing that ending and not knowing if you'd ever get a conclusion.

All I have to say is... THANK YOU ABC!

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? It was Will's and Rayna's album launch week. Rayna was on her usual publicity path, working hard. Meanwhile, Jeff Fordham was up to his usual dirty tricks to get Will to the top. Clearly, Jeff needed a reminder that Rayna still had some major pull in the industry.

When Jeff wasn't busy playing dirty with Rayna, he turned his attention to Juliette. After blackmailing her and pressuring her to come back to Edgehill, Juliette broke down and confessed to Rayna that she slept with Jeff.

I just loved the scene where Rayna was holding Juliette's hair back while she puked. How far have these two women come in their relationship since Nashville Season 1 Episode 1? They don't hold back around each other, they pull punches, but man can they still bring down the house!

I love that Rayna had Juliette's back even after everything. Granted, Rayna needed Juliette to help her success, but they were just dynamite in this episode.

When Juliette wasn't killing it onstage with Rayna, she had to face Avery. It's too bad he found out from his friends before Juliette told him herself. I found their scenes to be really heartwrenching.

Juliette: It meant nothing.
Avery: It meant nothing?
Juliette: Nothing.
Avery: God that almost makes it worse, does it ever mean anything to you?

For what it's worth, I believe wholeheartedly that Juliette loves Avery. I just think she is messed up about love and she makes a lot of mistakes. Hey, nobody said it better than she did herself:

I think when I feel like somebody is going to hurt me, I just make sure that I hurt myself first and worse. Burn the house down while I'm still in it.


Will they reconcile? We won't find out until Nashville season 3, but that wasn't the biggest cliffhanger of the evening.

As much as I like Zoey and Gunnar together, there were definite sparks between Gunnar and Scarlett as he sang her that song and told her not to leave. There's no way she's going to leave now and I, for one, hope that she doesn't.

After Rayna beat Will on the charts, he was losing it and went to talk to Gunnar. He told him that first and foremost Will had to come clean about who he was because his secret was obviously eating him alive.

It's too bad he didn't know about those hidden cameras that were in the bedroom...

On to the biggest part of the episode... Luke proposed to Rayna onstage and she said yes. It was an awesome moment and almost everyone loved it. Hell, I don't think Teddy was sad at the prospect of Rayna getting remarried and he does seem to accept Luke, but he saw the way it tore up Maddie and I think he felt bad about that.

Nobody, however, was more broken up than Deacon. When Deacon showed up at Rayna's and told her he wished he could be happy for her but that'd be a lie, I was holding my breath. It was the whole Grey's Anatomy "pick me, choose me, love me" moment. 

With a parting kiss, he left her with a ring that in some ways was worth so much more than the 7 carat sparker Luke put on Rayna's left hand. So who should she choose? And how about that darn finale? 

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As much as I love Deacon, I like Rayna and Luke together, they support each other, talk things out and Luke can be trusted and counted on, he matches Rayna in maturity, it feel like real love and he is romantic! waiting for her all those years and that proposal! Deacon still has a ways to go in those areas.


Please choose Deacon, Ray!!!! Oh, how I love those two!!


Great finale made up for some weak episodes
Scarlett dont come back put us out of our misery
Rayne and Luke.


Just read where the show got an $8 million dollar incentive package to stay filming in Nashville!!!!!! woot! woot!

Sarah silva

Such a great finale!
I am glad that Rayna did not let Juliette out of her contract!
I really liked all the Rayna and Juliette scenes. I laughed so hard when Juliette was throwing up the second time and said "My hair".
I had a feeling that Gunnar and Zoey would tell Avery. I am not at all surprised that he ended things. He loves her but he is very hurt! However I have a feeling that what she said to him when he came over near the end, will change his mind and he will give her another chance. I felt bad for her in that moment, but it is hard to really feel bad for her knowing all the things she has done.
I also loved the Rayna, Jeff, Juliette scene in the dressing room. I actually watched that part twice.
I knew Will would come out to Layla and I knew the show put a camera on their bedroom even though they said they would not.
I want Will to sign on to Hwy 65 so bad! I am sure he will. I also think the Will's trainer is super hot and I am all for a romance with him and Will.
Rayna will turn down Deacon's proposal. The only reason I say this is because Will Chase will be a regular on Season 3. If Luke and Rayna are not engaged there really is not reason for him to be a main character. I do love what Deacon said to Rayna and the whole time I was like : YES. However they will string us all along next season and Rayna will end things with Luke and go to Deacon at some point next season.
I am confident that Scarlett will stay. I loved when Gunnar was singing her the song he wrote. She needs to stay and be a songwriter!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

"If Luke and Rayna are not engaged there really is not reason for him to be a main character." I disagree............especially if the direction they are going with this is a love triangle............................ I agree with you on Scarlett..............


I'm surprised that Luke received 21% of the vote. Sorry folks, I'm one of them. Most people are not feeling Luke because we know nothing about him. However, he has been waiting for Rayna for over 15 years. He waited out Deacon and then he waited out Teddy and then Deacon again. I like him and they keep their business separate and their not afraid to argue it out. Don't get me wrong, I love Deacon but Rayna is a trigger for his addiction and since its a fight everyday for him not to drink. He should leave go. If you haven't noticed, Deacon was only sober without Rayna not with her. The first sobriety after her marriage and the second after her near death. Fifteen years of sobriety up in smoke. Sure they have an epic love, but to me it has failed. He should move on. I don't invest so much in the couples, such as whose going to be the "end game". I believe Nashville is different their is more depth being played out in these stories. Just as Zoey was nonexistent in S1 and appeared more in S2 made her more corporeal than an a "romantic roadblock" as one reviewer put it. Whether or not Gunnar ends up with Scarlett doesn't matter as much to me as the journey to the discovery of themselves. Nashville is good at self revelation of its characters, leading to character growth. They can make any couple seem good together. Remember when EVERYONE hated Avery, now EVERYONE loves him. See what I mean. I am very scared for Will right now. Layla can be a vindictive person and frankly she is too young to understand the inner turmoil of what Will is going through. He also married her and completely lied to her when she honestly thought she loved him. So in some instances, he deserves what he gets. I see country songs popping up for Layla, maybe this will be her inspiration. Now she has something to write about. Finally Maddie, sometimes you forget she is angst ridden teenager. I also forgot that the divorce of Rayna and Teddy's subsequent marriage tore her up. I wasn't reminded until, I saw her heart break at Luke Wheeler's proposal. It broke my heart. It reminded me that children are not okay with divorce at all and sometimes they just smile through it to make us adults feel better. She is looking to rebuild her family, this perfect musical family where they live happily ever after. I am disturbed by this because I believe Deacon is following this same course mostly for her as well whether or not its good for him. He desperately wants to be Maddie's father and give her a family but he doesn't need to marry Rayna to do that. He needs to realize this first.

@ Aykme

"It reminded me that children are not okay with divorce at all and sometimes they just smile through it to make us adults feel better." So then is it better to stay in a loveless and meaningless marriage? If you think kids can't comprehend or understand that mommy and daddy don't get along you'd be wrong...........I'm not for staying married for the sake of the kids.........Divorce happens...........but as the parents of the kids IT IS UP TO YOU to talk to the kids and get them to understand that both parents still love them no matter what and that it is not the kids fault.........

@ Terrie

My point about Maddie is that children do understand that parents divorce and must separate but they are NOT okay with it especially when both parents are respectful, loving and responsible adults. In the long run Maddie will be fine but as of right now, the family that she loved and belonged to is torn apart and she is looking to build a new one. A natural reaction for a CHILD. They are not adults, just because we want them to be ok with divorce doesn't mean that they are. That was shown when Maddie went off about Teddy remarrying Peggy, she felt displaced. Many times children put on brave faces just to make us believe that they are fine when they are not. It is our job to recognize that a child does NOT have to be fine. They can be upset and saddened by the change in their lives and help them to transition. It is clear that Maddie wants to build this idealistic musical family with her biological father and mother where they all go singing off in the sunset. This is a family she will belong to without being a step-anything. A place where she will belong.


I am soooo glad to hear the show has been renewed. I love this show for many reasons. The music is fantastic as well as ALL the performers...I think Rayna and Deacon has such great chemistry they sizzle right off the screen. Luke put Rayna in a bad position by proposing in front of all the fans and I am sure she would not want to embarass him by saying no at the time. It wasn't fair to Rayna to put in that position. I think she has deep affection for him and has been there for her most of the time.....however for a lifetime of committment it needs to be Deacon. I miss Avery on General Hospital but he has definitely found his niche here and has the talent. Scarlet needs to get stronger but I love her and Zooey and Gunner. Zooey is going on tour so she may find another love interest and get involved. Anyway sooooohappy that I will see them all again. Thanks ABC for keeping them especially so we can see how the music world works and all the neat songs.


Avery is the last one to be allowed to judge Juliette for her indiscretion. He dropped Scarlett without a thought in season 1 for the manager, to advance his career. And he also essentially two-timed Scarlett and Juliette for a while. His character has grown the most over the course of the series thus far, and Juliette has shown growth, too, so I hope they end up together. But first, he has to remember that he's done some cheating, too.

@ Suzanne

Yea that's true about Avery. But he's changed Juliette hasn't.


Great season comes to an end! So glad it got renewed....... In looking to next season.......... Will Scarlett leave town now? I think not.............but I also don't think she'll get back with Gunnar....... Will Avery and Juliette work it out? I think so....... Will Rayna choose Deacon or Luke? I think this will be drug out over at least half the season next season..........I read some other comments on the show and some seem to think there's a dark side to Luke that hasn't yet been revealed.............. What will Will do with the public backlash of the revelation that he is gay? No doubt that reality show filmed that and will air it..................


I would not have been happy if Deacon didn't go down without a fight. Deacon and Rayna have too much history for him to just walk away and she needed to hear everything he had to say before she could really decide to be with Luke for good. If she decides to choose Luke then she isn't just settling for him because Deacon isn't where he needs to be and if she chooses Deacon it needs to be for good. No more back and forth.
I couldn't have been happier when Gunnar told Scarlett not to go. Those two have so much chemistry and having to deal with basically a whole season without them has been the hardest thing about this season of Nashville. I personally never got behind him and Zoey so the only reason I will be sad if he leaves her for Scarlett is because Scarlett will have to lose her friend again but even as Scarlett's friend I was never a fan so if she leaves I won't shed a tear. And seriously, we have had to go without a duet between them since Scarlett and Gunnar wrote ball and chain together!? Their duets have almost always been my favorite songs on the show so it has been too long without one.
Avery should know better than anyone that people make mistakes and Juliette was just trying to protect herself. I know that isn't an excuse for what she did but she is trying to change and be a better person and I think she will be smart enough not to make this mistake again.
I can't believe how far Will has come as a character. My heart broke for him when he told Leila.

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Hell no, I'm not gonna get into bed with Jeff Fordham.


Number 2 or lower is not an option.


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