NCIS Los Angeles Season Finale: Submerged

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A submarine to transport drugs? Yes.

On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 24, the team started out looking into the possible suicide of Lt. Hill, but the investigation took a sharp turn to be about drugs and terrorism.

Each step the team took that brought them closer to the truth, the more danger they were in.

Overall, the finale was riveting as the mystery unfolded and the truth was revealed. I had an issue with the premise of the case. If Lt. Hill was such a threat to United States security that NCIS was brought in to investigate his death, why wasn't NCIS already looking into his disappearance? That seems like a big oversight.

The other problem I had with the hour pertained to Deeks, Kensi and Talia. I enjoyed the awkward meeting between the two women at the crime scene and even Talia's "Malibu Barbie" comment was pretty funny. I didn't at all care for the competition that took place back at the boat shed. It was embarrassing and unprofessional.

It didn't feel authentic or in character for any of them. It was just creepy to see Kensi basically hair flipping and then for Talia to take off her shirt. I also didn't buy that Deeks would be quite as distracted by the whole thing either. I hope if Talia's back in the season premiere, there's none this weirdness.

The tracking of information during the investigation was outstanding as usual. Eric is a mastermind. He tracked down the kid who was using his phone during the fire breathing contest. Then, he was able to analyze the car engine noise when Lt. Hill fell to match a vehicle, then used cameras to narrow the suspects down to three. Smooth work, Eric!

When Sam and Callen found the cell phone owner, he ran. They always run! In a change up from normal, this was an extended chase. Running, in the car, and then running again. I enjoyed seeing Callen running, going over fences, garages, and ultimately jumping the kid over Sam's hood.

Nothing came easy on this one. When they tracked down the murder suspect, they ended up in a gun fight and then Sam blew up the house with a grenade. He was quick on his feet when the grenade landed in front of him. It killed the occupants, including a hostage, but he had no way to know that.

Lt. Hill's death led them on a trail to a much larger criminal enterprise. The team thought it was bad enough when it involved billions of dollars worth of cocaine being shipped via a submarine, but what Sam and Callen found was even more dangerous. The submarine was loaded up with Ammonium Nitrate. 

I'm not a fan of NCIS: Los Angeles ending the season with the first part of a two-part story, but I have to give them credit for having a compelling finale. Sam and Callen being stuck on the submarine loaded to explode with two terrorists isn't a great thing. At least, NCIS has a starting place to go from.

Given the small size of the submarine vessel, how difficult will it be for NCIS to track them? At least, they are temporarily safe on the other side of the submersible from the men with guns. This will be a new challenge for Eric to take on. I'm sure he'll overcome the obstacles and save the day.

While the team was working the investigation, Hetty left to go to Washington D.C. to answer for her actions regarding the White Ghost situation in Afghanistan. I'm glad that mission hasn't been entirely dropped. Hetty's decision to send Kensi there made no sense given her connection to the White Ghost.

As Hetty left the building and got into the car, she definitely had the look of someone who never expected to return. She gave Nell instructions on what to do if that happened too. Is Hetty gone forever? We'll have to wait to see what happens, though I fear we won't ever hear from her again.

Until fall ... to be continued!

Will we see Hetty again?


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Thank goodness for PVR. The Blacklist is my new favorite show and I will watch it over NCIS:LA. I wish they were not putting it on the same time, although you can usually watch any show in multiple time slots. I hope they keep Hetty on the show. And please give Callen more solo assignments. Also Callen please grow your hair in a bit more. It is time to change the brush cut.


Not for nothing Hetty deserves to be penalized in some way. That whole fiasco with the White Ghost was ridiculous. Sending Kensi there when she knew or suspected who "White Ghost" was is in a way a bit cruel. But this isn't the first time she's lied to her agents. She knew a lot more about Callen's past and she never told him the truth. Hetty was the best character in the first two seasons. Now I don't think they should trust her.

@ melissa

She sent Kensi BECAUSE of who the White Ghost was. Jack was being hunted by the CIA, so Hetty sent Kensi to not kill him, and give him a head start.


i think i must be the only one hoping hoping hoping that hetty is really leaving. i cant stand that character.
i dont think nell or granger should replace her - they need a new person to mix things up, someone who learns to fit in


does anyone know if linda hunt is under contract for next season? might help the guesses as to if she is leaving


The ending was corny and very disapointing. As soon as I saw the sub I knew they would get stuck on it. Sam shot the guy, didn't need to go down the stairs and if you say he had to make sure there were no other bad guys, I'll say, BS to that. That was just dumb for them to both get locked in. OMG so corny.


My main issue with this episode was Granger. Since he is assistant director he is Hetty's boss, yet did nothing to assist her in her defence after being called to Washington. As she said, might as well be stabbing her in the back. As to the Seeks/Kensi/Talia situation I found it amusing but awkward. Sam and Callan? Locked in the front of the submarine, presumably in an airtight environment with no food or water? It will take quite a miracle from the meercats (Eric and Nell) to get them out of that situation.

@ Aellerica

Oh, this isn't Granger's first fuck-up; an agent he was handling died and he proffered some lame excuse. I don't care about the show's move to a new timeslot (I don't watch Castle or The Blacklist), but if Granger takes Hetty's place, I'm done.


It was an okay episode but one thing they need to do is finally address Deeks & Kensi. They acknowledged they had 'a thing' in the beginning of the season and now it feels like it never happened. Either move forward or get Deeks involved with someone (I'm good with Talia) plus stop with the bloody punches already. Poor Deeks is gonna have bruises from it all. Gonna be interesting how well they do on Mondays against Castle and The Blacklist - not good.

@ Barb

In this context, Deeks, Kensi and Talia are _NOT_ "mature adults". Don't you remember Talia saying she wouldn't let regulations stop her (from sleeping with Deeks) if he were her partner? The move to 10:00 PM might coincidence with a lot more "adult content" (for a broadcast network) in next season's episodes.

@ John G.

I think the move of NCIS: LA was done to give NCIS: NO a boost with the ratings.

@ John G.

I think the move to Mondays has more to do with Mark Harmon hating NCIS: LA, and wanting to give his baby NCIS: NOLA a cushy time slot.

@ Barb

Mature adults can keep it in their pants despite their feelings and carry on a professional partnership until such time as they aren't partners,


why can't the networks leave the shows alone. putting ncis la monday oppisite castle so where mentalist going.


It doesn't take genius to figure that this episode would end with "to be continued" and after the last season finale this was a walk in the park - Deeks was the best as usual and any man would have squirm with two beautiful women competing for his attention and not to mention awkward. So I guess this is it for now - See you all again in 130 days give or take :)


Good show bad writing showing Kensi jealous over Deeks out of character Hetty is a great character ...interesting she gave Nell instructions. Would love to see Nell be granger's boss...stop with the punching very childish. Kensi would not react that way. Good ending .

@ Marie

You know that Kensi has basically always been jealous of any women that would come close to Deeks, so why would that change now in this episode?!
But you're right about the punching, at least not when it's merited - I mean Deeks saying that Kensi was beautiful it was just plain wrong to hit him after he said that

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